How To Increase Email Open Rates? Write Powerful Emails Using Ai for Free

increase open rates on email

How To Write Email Subject Lines To Increase Open Rates

Tell me something, how many emails do you get in a day? & how many do you open?

For me, if I get 100 emails a day (just for an example…real number is crazy) I will probably open 3-5 max 8 emails

Now if you are someone who is using email marketing to grow your business which is best by the way, then I assume you know the pain

You write a well-crafted high-value email to your subscribers, but open rates suck…why?

No matter how much amazing, value-filled email your send, until someone opens it they don’t know what the hell it is

Then how to get them to open your email? the answer is to write a subject line that hooks them on the spot

And today I’m gonna share with you some tips, some quick hacks that will help you to increase your email open rates

Tips To Write Perfect Email Subject Lines


Never underestimate the power of FOMO. When they feel like they are missing out on something, time is running out, they will likely hop on

So craft your email subject line in such a way that they will be missing out on something amazing if they ignore your email

Spark Their Interest

Write a subject line that immediately catches their eyes, and makes them curious. like grab ebook, gift for you, free access, etc

Join a Conversation

This is something I learned from my mentor when I first started digital marketing, he said people are always in the middle of a conversation,

there is always a conversation going on with themselves where they are constantly trying to find the solution or their problem. join that conversation

For example: If I’m a blogger who isn’t getting much traffic on my site & I’m finding ways to fix it
and if you send me an email with subject lines like ” up your SEO game to get more organic traffic” or ” how to leverage social media to get more traffic then I’m most likely to open that email

Now you might be thinking how to do this, I’m not a mind reader, how the hell will I know what the other person is this

This becomes way easier if you know your target audience if you have a customer avatar ready

For example: are you tired of being stuck in your day job?
have you tried everything & can’t lose weight?

Follow Up

How did you get their email address, did they optin for your newsletter? did they download your lead magnet? use it

Follow up on that & get their attention

Example: hey did you read the ebook I sent you?

Reverse Psychology

We, humans, are complicated beings, we like to do what we are told & we LOVE to do what we are told NOT TO DO. so we are using it

Use reverse psychology to grab their attention

start your subject line with something like Please don’t open this, men stay away from this email – if your reader is a woman they would like to know what is particularly special about the email & if your reader is a man he would most definitely check it out to know what is so secretive about that email

There you got your readers…

Use Numbers in your Email Subject Lines

We all love numbers, we are running after numbers

If you’re an affiliate marketer you want more sales and bloggers? more number of hits? YouTuber? more number of page views? author? more number of readers…you get the point

so everyone likes numbers so use them to our advantage. use numbers in your subject line

for example, you know 29k tried this & love it,
90% of people fail to do this

Use Humor in Your Email Subject Lines

let’s be honest our life suck, its boring, routine so every now & then it would be nice to have a good laugh, just a bit of humor

we all crave it, so use it

add a bit of humor in your subject line that gets your reader’s attention

for example, Santa wants to know what you want as your gift


Using Emotions is the best way to connect with your readers, so either write an emotional subject line or use emojis

just to convey your emotions to the readers

Refrain from using complicated, lesser-known words in your email subject lines

I know many people recommend using lesser know words because then the readers will feel intrigued & open your email but I personally feel quite differently

People are short on time & if when they see your email with a subject line they don’t understand chances are high that they’ll feel you are just another scammer & skip your email

Every day one single email account gets almost 1k spam emails so if they don’t understand your subject line, they will ignore it so refrain from using all your creativity in your subject

KISS – Keep It Super Simple

Complementing the above point, keep your subject line simple and easy for anyone to understand. don’t try to fancy it up or beat around the bush. keep it short, simple & straight forward

example: a quick way to make money with affiliate marketing using ai

Add Value

If your email is just another promotional email or sales pitch it might get lost in the crowd of those unwanted spammy emails so make sure you provide value & do it in your subject

for example, xx made 10lakhs from Podcasting, here is how he did it, 40 Most Selling Print On Demand Profitable Niches Ideas

These are some of the key factors that help in getting more open rates on your emails

Write Professional Subject Lines With Ease

Coming up with subject lines that sound interesting to your readers can be tricky or time-consuming for some people that is why I’m sharing with you today a tool that will help you to write

Powerful subjects that will increase subject lines & that too for free

Check this out, this is a ai.writer that writes professional powerful subject lines that will definitely increase your open rates & the best thing is you can use it for free

Free Ai.Writer

If you want to know more about Email marketing, let me know

Important Tip

You can create a free email marketing sequence using try it out if you want

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