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Write Professional Cold Emails To Grow Your Business – Beginners Guide

If you’re into digital marketing writing emails is something you need to get used to.

whether you are a content creator, affiliate marketer, coach, author, business owner, drop shipper, seller, or freelancer anything, writing emails is a part of the job.

These emails can be for outreach, brand collaboration, newsletter, selling your products, or just to build a bond with your target audience.

But when it comes to writing emails most people get cold feet because either they are not sure how to structure it, what to write or they aren’t quite confident about their command of the language.

Now this is completely normal & almost everyone goes through this, so today I’m gonna share with you a quick hack that helps you to overcome this & that is using an ai writer

Here I don’t recommend trusting ai writer blindly, don’t just copy-paste & send the email crafted by aiโ€ฆit would be a wrong move.

Instead, use it as a writing assistant, and get the ball rolling.

Ai writer would craft a draft for you, read it, tweak it, add essentials, delete unwanted unimportant stuff & there you are good to go.

I personally started using ai writer to write emails to brands’ collaboration.

That is one area where I struggled because I wasn’t sure how to move forward, or how to respond. Now, I’m good at it but I wasn’t always & this ai. writer helped me a lot

Even today If I had to respond to an email or do outreach & if I’m not in the mood to write an email myself. I do use ai writer & just edit it according to my liking.

Now let’s see which ai writer I’m talking about & how you can write professional emails using this software for free.

Write Well Structured Professional Emails without Any Writing Experience

First, go to the website & sign up

Then you’ll be redirected to this page, here you have two options

Write emails using Ai.writer

Now let’s see which one to use & when

If you have a database of your target audience a dedicated email list of people who are interested to engage with your content then I recommend using email V2.

If you are sending cold emails to get a backlink, sponsored/guest posts, collaboration, become their affiliate, or any other scenario where you are reaching out then I recommend using cold email v2.

Write Professional Emails using Email V2 [Writesonic Ai Writer Tutorial]

Click on Email V2, then you’ll be directed to this page.

Writesonic Email V2 – Write emails fast & better

As you can see you don’t need to do much.

Just give a name to your project, it is just for your reference so doesn’t matter. then enter the recipient’s name, position, and the agenda of your email, select the language & then click generate emails.

Now ai will write a pretty professional email for you, read it out loud, and make changes that feel right to you. and there you have it.

Your email is all ready to be sent out

Write Converting Cold Email using Cold Email V2 [Writesonic Ai Writer Tutorial]

To send out cold emails using writesonic here is what you need to do

Write cold emails using writesonic

Enter details like from, to, agenda & little insight of the reason behind the email & then select language & click generate the email.

Here ai will generate 3 cold emails, you don’t have to use them just as it is. You can mix & match, add & delete according to your liking & then your email is ready.

I hope this article is helpful.

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