How To Drive Traffic From Quora To Your Website/Blog

how to Drive traffic from quora to your website

How To Get Good Traffic From Quora To Your Website

Quora is one of the biggest public forums on the web, it has an insane amount of people on its database & daily so many people come on quora to find answers to their questions

If you go and check, you’ll find questions on almost every niche possible on quora

so regardless of whether your website is on finance, technology, health, entertainment, travel anything you can use Quora to drive traffic to your website

Here is what you can do

Get Traffic To Your Website From Quora

but before I share how you can get more traffic from quora, here is what you should not do

Mistakes you need to stop making when it comes to Quora

When I say drive traffic from Quora to your website I don’t mean just spam quora with links to your website

If you spam quora, here are the problems you are gonna face

If you keep spamming quora, they will keep removing your answers & will suspend/ban your account, so all the effort of copy-pasting will be worthless.

When you post your links on quora & if quora keep removing those links and marking them spam, it might increase your website’s spam score(red flag) & we don’t want any of these, do we?

Now here is what you can do instead

Best way to drive traffic to your website from Quora

First I recommend, optimizing your profile, adding your credentials, your expertise, and your interests so that people can find you to ask questions related to your expertise.

Also when you have credentials people tend to value your answer

Once you are done optimizing your profile, the next & most important thing is creating authority

and that will only happen when you provide value

Go to quora’s search bar, and find questions relevant to your niche by entering keywords when you find the questions, go ahead & answer them

Ik our goal here is to drive traffic to our website but that doesn’t mean just asking people to check out your website for answers

never do that

Instead, provide value, give them an answer that actually acknowledges their problem & provides them a solution & then let them know about your website & ask them to check it out to know more

Until & unless your answer provides a solution to their problem no one is gonna click on it

Also if your answer is proving a solution & if someone searches google for it, you might even end up on Google search results & trust me this means a lot of traffic

Even if your actual blog post is ranking on google’s 5 or 8th page your quora answer could still get you traffic from the google first page. so be sure to write Quora answers that are full of value

How to Use Quora Answers to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

First – You can use small snippets of your blog post/article. post it as a quora answer & then add a CTA directing to your website

Write Quora’s Answers Using Free Ai. Writer

Second – Use Ai.writers to answer quora’s question, this ai. writer has a feature to write Quora’s answers, so you can use this to write answers & it is completely free ai writer so it won’t be a problem

Are You Skeptical About Answering Questions on Quora?

many people are skeptical about writing in-depth answers on quora because they think if they share everything here, what will the readers read on their website, do you think the same? if yes do this instead

find questions that are relevant to the website/blog post you want to drive traffic to

let me explain with an example

for example, If I want to drive traffic to my article on converting text to video then I would find questions regarding people who want to start youtube but don’t want to come on camera

In that quora’s answer, I will share how they can start a youtube channel without using a camera like they could use whiteboards, screen sharing, voiceover videos, outsourcing, etc

and in that detailed article I will drop the link to my website asking to check it out if they want to know how they can convert plain text into professional videos for free

In fact, if I have any articles on creating whiteboards, outsourcing, or even voiceovers I can link them as well

Hope this is clear

Here are something to keep in mind when it comes to Quora

as far as I know, quora don’t allow bitly links, so refrain from using those

If you are using Quora to get traffic to affiliate products, make sure that the website doesn’t have high spam score

many times when posting affiliate links, quora does remove the answers

Don’t write 1-2 line answers with links, either your answer will be removed or ignored. It won’t benefit you

Be informative, many people just for the sake of answering questions, makeup stuff without checking facts & sometimes end up being on the receiving end of readers so please write what you’re sure about

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