How To Turn Your Blog Into Full-Time Business 

make money with your blog

Why Free Blogs Are Stopping You From Success

Ik many bloggers think I’m just starting out, I want to work on a free blog and make money from blogging & with that money I will launch my free

This is understandable, if you can’t afford it if this is the only way then go for it

But if you have at least Rs 3-4k to spare, if you can afford it yet if you are settling with the free blog then it means you  don’t want to be successful

Don’t get me wrong there are many good free blogging sites out there. Even I have posted a lot about them

You can check it out

And honestly, free blogs are acceptable if you want to try blogging for fun, pursue it as a hobby to showcase your talent, or share your thoughts

Even if you want to make some bucks on the side

But if you’re serious about blogging

If you want to quit your job & do blogging full-time

If you want to make 6-7 figures with blogging then you need a paid blog

Here is why

Why Paid Blog is the way to make money from blogging

We humans never value anything that we get for free

Free blogging platforms have made starting a blog a piece of cake

Just enter your email, and password select a blog name & wallah you got yourself a blog

As easy as it is to create a blog, it is also easy to ignore your blog

Trust me I’m talking from my own experience

How 2 Years of My Blogging Went In Drain

If you go to my blogger account you’ll see 12 blogs that I have created & never posted more than 4-5 articles on any of them

While my paid blog has almost 1083 articles right now

I think I created free blogs on almost every niche in my blogger account

Blog on making money online, online trading, health and fitness, event blogging, yoga, diets, cooking, entertainment, my personal journal & so much more

And all those blogs are right now sitting proudly in the junkyard of the web

I never took those blogs seriously, I never had accountability towards those blogs

I started blogging in 2017 & until 2019 I didn’t even make $100 from my blogs, do you know why???? 

I didn’t work on my blogs seriously, 2 of my blogger websites even got AdSense approval in Aug 2018 but I didn’t even work on them

Only when I started my first paid self-hosted blog in Feb 2019, did I start taking blogging seriously

Why Starting A Self-Hosted Blog Was The Best Decision I Made for My Career

I started working on my blog consistently. Today I have 6 blogs running effortlessly

When we invest money in something, we know its value, we automatically feel a need to justify the Money we spent & we want to use it as well as we can

When we create a blog by investing money, we feel the urge to make it work

We find ourselves being accountable, we want to get the ROI

And this urge will help you to stay focused & stay consistent

And trust me when you’re being consistent, when you’re working & putting effort you’ll see the results

Today I make money from my blog, not by just AdSense but through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, paid collaboration, selling my own products

It wasn’t a cakewalk or an overnight success

I didn’t just one day, get up and change my working style & started making Money

It took me time, there were many times I wanted to give up & try something else

Trust me it happens especially when you have nice jobs available

Sticking to blogging as my full-time career was difficult, scary but definitely worth it

That is why if you’re thinking of making blogging your full-time career please do yourself a favor & start a paid self-hosted blog asap

And it doesn’t even cost that much money, guys you spend more on your video games & girls it is cheaper than your shoes

Trust me investing in a self-hosted blog is probably the best investment you can do for your business

Paid blog not only makes you take your blog seriously but there are many benefits to it

When you have a custom domain name, when you have a website of your own, it helps to create an authority & makes you look professional

It also opens up a lot more opportunities for you to monetize your blog

If you want to build a business, your brand image & value is important & self-hosted blog will help you with that

But here is a warning

Just because you start a paid blog doesn’t mean you’ll be making 6 figure income

Just like any other business you need to do work

Choose the right hosting, Create quality content, do keyword research & proper SEO, be consistent, promote your work using free traffic sources like social media, and forums, and build your brand, your audience

Then trust me you’ll see money coming in on the autopilot

Why Blogging As A Business Is Great?

Blogging isn’t just another income source, it is one of the best passive income sources

Out of my 6 blogs, there are 2 which I’m hardly working on but the older content is still making me money 

It is bringing me ad revenue as well as affiliate commission

Don’t you want this? Making money while you sleep is actually achievable here, this is how you can do it

All you have to do is make an effort

Here is how you can start a self-hosted blog

  • Go to Namecheap and get yourself your domain name
  • Now go to Bluehost & get yourself web hosting
  • For beginners shared hosting is more than enough
  • Now when you get hosting from Bluehost they also give you a free domain. So if you want you can skip it.NameCheap & use the Bluehost domain name. That is completely fine 
  • Anyway, after registration Bluehost gives you DNS that you need to add to your domain registrar 
  • Then go to Cpanel of your Webhosting, install WordPress, select a theme, add plugins like site kit, rank math, etc & you’re done

( step by step guide is here)

Here are certain links that you’ll need for your self-hosted blog

Best Cheap Domain Registration

NameCheap PromoCode

Best Web Hosting At an Affordable Price

Bluehost Web Hosting Discount Price

Best WordPress Themes

Recommended SEO Plugin For WordPress

RankMath SEO Plugin

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Free Ai Writer – Helps you to come up with new blog ideas & blog outline

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