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increase sales

How to Get More Sales – Sell Your Own Products or Affiliate Products Easily With This Hack

Sale – The main goal of every business

Whether you are offering free trials, lead magnets, or your core product the bottom line is you want to make a sale

People invest so much time & money doing SEO, Building Email List, and Investing in Paid Ads like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads but even after all of this make businesses fail to get sales

And today I’m gonna share with you a simple trick, a simple hack that you can use to increase the number of sales

This is pretty easy & requires hardly any effort so let’s get started

Increase Number of Sales

Whenever you are selling something, you drive traffic to your landing page i.e the page where you are talking about the product

People use n number of ways to get traffic to this page like SEO, Paid Ads, SMM, email list, etc

Even if they succeed in getting the traffic most of the landing pages fail to convert because they lack one thing & that is scarcity

I know you might be thinking that this isn’t right

We always use words like going away soon or limited-time offer. I’m sure you do but the thing is

People no longer fall for this

This “offer valid for a limited period only” is just another sentence on the landing page

It fails to create FOMO. It doesn’t leave an impact that creates a sense of urgency in your visitor’s mind

And that is the reason people don’t take action, they don’t convert

Landing Pages That Converts – More Sales Tips

Whenever you are designing a landing page make sure you design it in such a way that it is simple, clear, and explains your product but doesn’t give away everything

Also, make sure your CTA is Visible & appealing on all devices

Keep your landing page informative, talk less about your product & focus more on how it can help your audience & then here is the master tip

Creating Landing Page Master Tip

While designing a landing page make sure you create a sense of urgency

Create a fear of missing out on them which will give them the extra push they need to take action

The words like “limited time offer” “going out soon” and “early bird discount” works in rare cases because most people know that even if they open the same page after 6 months there is a chance that it will show the same thing (usually)

So rather than using those, use numbers.

Display a timer on your landing page, a countdown that will make your visitor feel that if they don’t buy now they will miss out

These Countdown timers work like magic & they are pretty easy to set up & they are automatic

Now if you are thinking this got to be expensive or you need to buy a script or write code or even hire a freelancer then hold your horses

Because today I’m gonna show you how you can do it for FREE

Add a Countdown timer to your Website Free

Whether you want to add a countdown timer to your landing page, sales page, affiliate website, eCommerce store, anything you can do it with ease with just some clicks

As you know today is Tuesday & our tools Tuesday series is live today I’m gonna share with you a website that will help you to add a countdown timer to your website for free

You can also use a countdown timer for prelaunch to create buzz

How to Add Countdown Timer To Website

It is that simple…go ahead & try it now

Get Free Analysis of Your Landing Page

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Let me know if you need anything else

Take Care & Stay Safe

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