6 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

ways to make money from blogging

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How To Make Money From Blogging?

Blogging is one of the best, reliable & flexible career options that you can choose.

Not only it is exciting & inspiring but there are n number of ways with which you can make money from blogging.

But before we get into that I hope you got your blog set up?

If not get your Domain & Hosting here & start creating your blog as discussed in the previous post How To Create A Money-Making Blog

In that post, I told you how to create a money-making blog

And also told you techniques on how to create a blog with minimum investment

Now today we are gonna discuss different ways with which you can make money from blogging.

There are many different ways you can make money from blogging but today we will be discussing the best ways to monetize your blog

6 Different Ways To Make Money Money With Your Blog


The most usual way to make money from blogging is Adsense.

Google Adsense is an ad network, here google pays you to display ads on your website.

Almost 70-80 % of bloggers, start their earning from blogging through Adsense.

It is very easy to earn from Adsense…Once you have a decent amount of traffic & you have posted some valuable content on your blog

Google Adsense For your Blog

Apply for Google Adsense & once you get approved.

You can display ads on your blog & every time someone clicks on those ads, you get paid.

I personally use Google Adsense on 2 of my blogs & I earn quite enough.

So Google Adsense tops my list of Making Money With Blogging.

As it is a perfect earning opportunity for the beginners.

Need Help Getting your Website approved? I’m here to help for Free.

Details at the end of the post <3

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favorite & main source income.

Affiliate marketing is really a game-changer if you get it right.

Is it really easy & free to start.& It can be done by anyone.

You can do it from anywhere, trust me it is the best online business model. that I personally use & recommend.

There are many affiliate marketing programs that you can join & start promoting their products.

You can be selling physical products, digital products, services anything.

Many successful bloggers are earning passive income by using these affiliate programs.

You can do product reviews, how to list & top 5, top 10 lists.

And share your blog post to your email list, Facebook groups any social media

How to do affilaite marketing with a blog

In simple words – share your affiliate links to earn money, whenever someone clicks on it & makes a purchase you will get the commission.

Affiliate Marketing through Blogging is one of the easy, effective & cheap methods to make money online.

Here is a Free training on How-To Create A 6 Figure Income

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Sponsor Post

Sponsor posts is another amazing way with which you can make some good money.

Now You might think that you aren’t popular/established enough to get sponsors…right?

Trust me. It is not true.

You don’t have to be a full-fledged popular blogger to get sponsor posts.(thou it helps)

Get a decent amount of traffic & bit of social media influence & you are good to go.

And it’s not like – only they have to approach you. you can make the first move too.

Approach people whom you want to sponsor.get in touch with them, let them know how you can be beneficial for them.

Sponsor Posts

Be genuine & please don’t make false promises.

Get the numbers right, be humble with your approach & you might land yourself some important clients

In fact, there are many platforms where you can easily get sponsor posts,

Will cover it in upcoming posts <3

Selling Ad Space Directly

Well, this is similar to Google Adsense but still very different.

Even here you’ll be paid to display ads on your website, but unlike Adsense here you can decide which ads you want to display.

Here you’ll give Adspace on your website for rent, Companies will display ads on your website & you’ll get paid.

There are no 3rd parties involved here. You got to approach the companies thus you will have all ad revenue.

Selling Ad space On Your website

But As I said- it is a direct contact between you & the companies so you got to make efforts to get in touch.

Or better you can create a page called “Advertise” & let companies know that you are up for allowing Advertising.

Or you can get in touch with companies & offer them a good deal.

Guest Posts

Guest Posts – You can benefit from this in two ways.

First, allow guest posting on your blog. That means someone else will write a piece of content for your blog to get a backlink or reach more audiences or to get their name out.

You can use this to your benefit, you can allow paid guest posting on your site.

Second, Bit difficult but works

If you have made some name for yourself in your niche.

Make money with Guest Posts

If you have an audience build then you can use this to your advantage.

You can do a paid guest post, i.e you’ll do a guest post on someone else’s site & get paid for it.

For beginners, I will recommend trying the first way of guest posting.


This is more for advance bloggers than beginners.

Here you create a membership or subscription fee for your site.

Where you can provide exclusive content for your Subscribers.

It can be weekly webinars, Ebooks, extra perks, Cheatsheets, courses or Consulting calls anything.

But keep it in mind to make it worth it…People are paying you, It’s your duty to provide value.

make money with membership blogs

This can also be done by beginners, not like it is prohibited or something.

It’s just I won’t recommend it.

Because you are new- people don’t know about you or the quality of your content or your previous work.

Getting subscribers will be hard for you as there is so much content already available for free on the net.

So they paying you, without knowing about you is a bit too much to ask.

If you want to start a membership site then I will recommend you to first keep it free or provide a lead magnet for free.

So your audience can get to know you better.

Once they see you have quality, you’ll get their trust then you can offer exclusive memberships.

But keep in mind while giving something free make sure to maintain its quality.

If you are interested in creating your own products then I will strongly recommend you to check this.
it is a step by step guide on how to create a winning product Simple Blueprint To Create Successful Products [Free Webinar]

Don’t make this mistake while creating a lead magnet

I have seen some people doing this – They are creating lead magnets just for the sake of it…

As they are giving it for FREE, they are not putting any effort into it.

There is no quality, It is repetitive & most importantly it is just random copy paste put together.

Please don’t do this…Whether you are creating an online course, product or service. please maintain the quality

Don’t forget that even if you are giving it for free.

It is the most important content that you are putting out because it will help you to create your brand.

Get you a real audience.

If your lead magnet fails to impress your audience then “sad reality” you aren’t getting any subscribers at all </3

So put your best content out there for free, that will make your audience to trust you & based on the content quality of your free magnet. they will anticipate your paid content,

Google Adsense Approval Problem

I have seen that many people face problems while getting Google Adsense approval.

Honestly getting approval is quite easy, but there are some tiny mistakes that beginners make which get them rejected.

Although I will be posting an article on How To Get Your Blog Approved from Google Adsense.

But For now. I thought I will help you out.

If you are facing rejection from Google Adsense post your URL, I will check it out & do free website analysis for you.

I will give you pointers on why your blog is getting rejected. so that you can get approved & start making money 🙂

Need any help please feel free to get in contact.

I just want to help you all to start making money <3 <3

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This is it for today. Hope you like it.

Also, let me know which way are you gonna follow to start making money from your blog?

Let me know which one you want me to go in depth-first.

Until then take care also please be safe from Corona Virus.

Stay Indoor & Be Clean…And those who are suffering Get well Soon <3 <3

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