Pick The Right Product To Promote As An Affiliate – Affiliate Marketing Decoded

affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Pick Products To Promote as an Affiliate – Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

If you’re in affiliate marketing then I’m sure you know how crucial it is to find the right product to promote as an affiliate

Because if your product isn’t right then no matter how much valuable content you are producing, how many clicks or views you are getting, you won’t make a sale

and the point of affiliate marketing is to make sales so that you can earn commissions

There are different ways people use to pick the right affiliate product and today I’m going to share mine with you

This is a simple roadmap, a checklist I use to find the right product to promote. I have been using this for the past 3 years & I’m making decent commissions

So let’s get started

5 Factors To Consider While Selecting The Product to Promote as an Affiliate

Before we move on to my 5 main factors to choose the best affiliate product, I’m gonna share some common/usual factors that are crucial & you need to consider like

  • The product should be relevant to your niche
  • Nice commissions, preferably recurring commissions
  • Payment mode
  • etc….make sure you consider these as well

Now here are some important factors that are really important when picking an affiliate product to promote

Number 1

Sparks Your Interest

Yes, the product you are promoting should be something that catches your attention, it should be something you’ll be interested in
when you are promoting an affiliate product, it is important that you provide a content that shows your product as a hero which can provide solutions to other people’s problems and you could do that only when you yourself can find the value in the product

Now sure why? wait for number 2

Number 2

Know Your Product

There is an old debate on whether you should promote a product you haven’t used or not..well I’m not finishing the debate

But from my experience, it is really very important that you know the product you are promoting

Usually when you’re promoting a product especially if it is high ticket product then people who are interested will reach out to you

Whether to clear their doubts or just to know about the product, they will approach you. so, it is really important that you’re familiar with the product

Of course, I’m not saying go out there & try every product you are promoting by yourself because let’s be real

If you’re a full-time affiliate marketer, you’ll be having a lot of products. so, trying out every product by yourself isn’t practical

so what? try to do a bit of research on the product, try to reach out to the people who are using that product

For example, each & every product that I recommend on my blogs, I connect with them

Either I have used it for myself or my clients or someone in my mastermind has used it & most importantly they are satisfied with that product

This not only makes you feel good & proud of the product you are selling but promoting it becomes 10X easier

Because you know the product, you know its use case, so talking about it, pointing out & resolving the pain points of your audience becomes easier

Number 3

Genuine Product

No matter how much traffic you get, valuable content you post. If the product you are promoting isn’t genuine it won’t convert & the point of affiliate marketing Is for your audience to convert into customers so that you can get a commission

And if some of them do convert & if they end up regretting it, chances are high that in the future they would be skeptical about your recommendation

The golden rule of affiliate marketing is to create a database, a group of your target audience who trusts you, who love your content & will definitely buy the things that you recommend

But if the product you are promoting ends up being a scam or a waste of their money, you’ll lose a potential recurring customer

As you know there are tons of products on many marketplaces that claim really big things but in reality, they are just scams, so be careful while picking a product to promote

So before associating yourself with products make sure they are worth your reputation

Number 4

Market Demand

The most important thing which decides the fate of a product is its market.
so always ask yourself this question “are there people looking for this product? Does this solve a problem that people are looking solution for?”

Sometimes people try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist & selling that kind of product is just a waste of your valuable time & remember time is money

so always do a bit of research, see if the product is in demand, will it help your audience & when the answer is yes…pick that product

Number 5

Customer Support

Many people overlook this but I feel this should be one of your priorities because if you refer someone to a product & if they end up having a bad experience then it will reflect on you & chances are super high that next time when you refer something they won’t optin in for that & the success mantra of affiliate marketing is building a set of audience who will trust your recommendation without a doubt

For example: If I recommend a web hosting that has pretty crappy customer support, then people I refer might end up being miserable with that service & some might not even purchase (if they approach customer service for any queries prior to buying)

So next time I recommend a service or product they’ll be really skeptical to trust me because they’ll think I’m just recommending it to make money not because the product is worthy

So pick a product you’ll be proud to promote & be associated to

I hope this helps & if you have any more queries feel free to get in touch

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