7 Ways To Make Money From Your YouTube Channel

7 ways to make money from youtube

How To Earn Money From Youtube

YouTube is one of the most loved platforms to make money online, today people are making money from YouTube by following their passion, doing the things they loved

So why can’t you?

You can start a YouTube channel for free & you can showcase your talent, share your knowledge/expertise on particular topics, can talk about anything & everything – there are YouTube channels talking about health, fitness, cryptocurrency, stock market, make money online, digital marketing, self-development & whatnot

If you’re into entertainment – you can create comedy skits, you can create your music or song covers, you can review movies/web series

There are people on YouTube who are getting paid for roasting movies (I love them)

If you have a skillset of something like home decor, painting, cooking, crafts anything 

You can share with the world & make money from it

So that is why my most recommended way to make money is YouTube… but how

That is why I’m here for you

Today I’m going to share with you not 1 or 2 but 7 ways to make money from YouTube

Before we talk about different ways to make money from youtube let’s discuss how to start a youtube channel & what you’ll need

Things You Need To Start A Youtube Channel

Starting a youtube channel is completely free & easy. All you need is an internet connection & a decent camera

If you are just starting out, tight on budget you can use your phone camera, webcam, or laptop camera. That is enough. No worries

But if you have a budget, you want to provide good quality videos then you’ll need a good camera, mic & light ring ( camera & light ring are needed if you are going to be on camera)

If you are making tutorials, screen sharing videos, whiteboard, or any other kind of videos just the internet & mic are enough

If you have ebooks, articles, or text that you want to convert into videos, or if you want to create videos without coming in front of a camera try this AI text to video converter

You can also use this website to create videos for your youtube channel

Let’s get started

Different Ways To Make Money From Youtube

AdSense – YouTube Partner Program

This is probably the most usual & first way many YouTubers make money.

You know when you watch youtube videos & ads pop up those ads pay the YouTubers. Now not all the channels on youtube get ads so how to get ads on your youtube? 

There is a certain criteria that you have to meet i.e you should have at least 1000 subscribers & have more than 4000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months

Now when you have ads running on your videos doesn’t mean all your videos will be monetized. You need to maintain quality

If any of your videos might seem controversial, or copied

in short if it violates any of the youtube policies your video will be demonetized

So make sure you read youtube terms & conditions, policies carefully

Affiliate Marketing

Here is the second way & my most favorite way to make money from youtube & i.e affiliate marketing

My regular readers know that I love affiliate marketing & from my pov youtube is the best possible way to do affiliate marketing

You get a lot of exposure, & you can do it on autopilot. Let me explain how

Today regardless of the topic almost all the YouTubers use youtube to do affiliate marketing. Do you wanna know how?

Let me explain

  • If you have a cooking channel you can promote ingredients, kitchen appliances, etc
  • If you have a self-care/beauty channel then you can promote cosmetics, special ingredients that are needed in skin or hair care routine
  • If you are from the fashion industry promote clothes or accessories
  • You have a make money online channel/Digital Marketing channel then you can promote software, tools, or even platforms that people can use to create an income source online
  • If you have a finance, crypto or stock market channel you can promote training & platforms 

You get the idea right? No matter whatever the field you are in, you’ll get the products you can promote

And do you know what is the best thing about doing affiliate marketing using YouTube?

You just need to create the video once & as long as your video is on youtube & the affiliate program is active you can get sales. So why not use it?

Sponsorship/ Paid Promotion

Tell me something, how many of you see your favorite YouTubers promoting things like the CashKaro app, binomo, or relevel programs? You have. Haven’t you?

Well, that is called paid promotion i.e they are getting paid to do it. 

Today many businesses are preferring using social media influencers in their marketing rather than celebs because people connect more with social media influencers like YouTubers

Sell Your Products/Programs

Youtube gives you massive exposure & many people are cashing on it right. If you have your own products or programs/training that you wanna sell YT is best for that

Let me explain –

  • If you have a health channel like weight loss/weight gain etc you can sell personalized diet plans or personal 1 on 1 health building training
  • If you are teaching about a topic like trading, digital marketing, hiking, painting you can sell your training
  • If you have a channel on the POD or Graphic Design you can sell designing courses etc, you get the idea right

Here you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising & most of your viewers already know the amount of value you got to offer, so the conversion i.e getting sales & long-time customers become easy & that is why you got to create awesome videos full of value on youtube. If you want 

If you want to start a youtube channel but don’t want to face a camera then do this

How to create captivating High-Quality YouTube videos without Coming On Camera

Try this website, it is an AI video converter that you can use to create captivating professional videos without being on camera

You just have to prepare a script, upload it & then the AI will automatically select the best possible visuals for your videos according to the text & then it creates high-quality videos for you 

How To Create Your Own Programs

If you want to create your own course or a digital product but if you don’t know where to start then check out this webinar, it is a free training that shows how to create & sell your own courses

It has been a great help for me, so I would strongly recommend you to check it out

Now let’s move to the next way to make money from YouTube 


Here you won’t make money from collaboration but you’ll make money with collaboration

Let me explain how

When collaboration happens on youtube, it is mostly between 2 youtube channels with decent following & when these 2 channels collab that means double exposure

That collab video with drive traffic from both the channel’s subscribers & usually this will lead to increase in the subscribes of both channels, & not to forget the ad revenue on that collab video & IF they have any affiliate products in that collab video that means an increase in sales


When you become a popular YouTuber & if your skill comes into the spotlight, you’ll get many offers to provide a service

Let me explain it with an example –

I know a youtube who has a graphic designing youtube channel & then he was hired by a platform to conduct a class on Graphic Designing

Another YouTuber who used to share his music on youtube was hired by an OTT to provide music from a web series 

In short, if you have talent, then you’ll get different opportunities to make money from Youtube

Now let’s move on to the last way to make money from youtube

Of course, these are not the ONLY WAYS but the ones I love & I recommend

POD/Sell Your Merchandise

When  youtube channel becomes popular when you become a brand people will love to flaunt your products 

You might have seen in some youtube videos just under the video you can see some products mostly like mugs, T-shirts, etc

These are their merchandise that they are selling through YouTube, another awesome way to make money from youtube

If you want more detailed blog posts on how to make money from Print on demand let me know

Now you know how to make money from youtube BUT how to start a youtube channel, how to scale it? How to get that first 1000 subscribers

How To Get 1000 Subscribers?

If you want to make money from youtube then it is important that you start your youtube channel right away, scaling your Youtube channel to get that 1k subscribers & watch time is important because without it you can’t monetize your videos, can’t get affiliate sales or do any of the above. So

How To Start & Scale Your YouTube Channel To Get Those 1000 Subscribers

If you want to learn 

  • how to find your Youtube channel Niche (topic),
  • how to get traffic, 
  • do YouTube SEO
  • when & how to apply for Youtube Partner Program
  • How To Do Affiliate Marketing or Sell Merchandise on your YouTube Channel then check this out

All your questions will be answered here

Youtube Money-Making Secrets 

And if you are someone who is really serious about starting & growing YouTube Business then check out this Challenge

Most people who start a youtube channel fail because either they are trying too hard to create a perfect video(which never happens) they procrastinate waiting for that perfect time to update their perfect video which leads to a dead-end or because they don’t know how to go with it

The process of starting a youtube channel & scaling it might seem easy but it is not & this is a reason that withholds many people so what to do

If you really want to be a full-time youtube – to grow a booming youtube business then try this

A 30 days Challenge Set Up A Scalable YouTube Business in Just 30 days without Showing Your Face

If you are serious about youtube this is all you need, it is a challenge that will keep you on track, it is full of valuable content that would be enough for you to start & get your channel to monetize

This has so much potential, Just go & read what they have to offer & I’m sure you’ll be signing up

Are You Ready To Take The 30 DAY Faceless YouTube Challenge?

So that is it for this blog post, I hope this is helpful for you. let me know if you have any queries

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