Easy & In Demand Freelancing Job That Could be Done Using AI Tool

Best Freelancing Job For Beginners

Best Freelancing Job For Beginners

Best Freelancing Job for Beginners with NO Experience

If you are thinking about starting an online job or career, freelancing is the first step.

Hear it from someone who started their online career freelancing,

this could be the best thing you do which will help you to build a profitable online career.

by doing freelancing not only will you be able to earn money you’ll also learn essential business skill sets like

– being organized, getting clients, delivering services, managing finances, coping with deadlines, overcoming competition, etc.

Now, most people would love to start freelancing but the question is…what services can you offer that is easy to deliver & gives you good money in return.

If you are the same & struggling then do check out the freelancing series where we share some of the most in-demand freelancing services that are even well-suited for beginners.

And addition to that list is….our today’s article where we will be sharing with you a

High Paying Freelancing Job That Could Be Done by Using AI Tools

No matter what industry you are in – whether you have a business online or offline, you are a digital creator, coach, or have affiliate marketing, dropshipping, e-commerce, or any kind of online business.

It is really important that you create a solid online presence…

You need to be on all the platforms where your ideal customers are.

Every platform where there is a chance for you to reach your audience you need to have a presence…

but as awesome as it might sound. it is super hard to maintain especially if you are targeting 2-3 platforms.

Creating ideal content for different platforms & on top of it all being consistent is not only time-consuming, tiring & overwhelming but to put it bluntly, it is super boring.

I remember when I was doing this –

first creating content for my blogs & books & then creating dedicated content for different platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I kind of lost it.

It was so overwhelming because I have 6 blogs & all blogs have different social media accounts along with that I have some ebooks that I’m working on as well…

It became so difficult that I just gave up

– I stopped posting on social media, even If I did, it was inconsistent & I was uploading the same images for both IG & Pinterest.

This backfired, I used to get consistent 5-8 followers on IG daily which kinda ducked & to put it in short it was bad.

And that is when I hired my first freelancer – now she handles all my main social media accounts, and she is the one who creates content as well as maintains consistency.

And this is the exact freelance job that I’m asking you to do as well.

Don’t worry

You don’t need to do any work, you don’t need to create content or anything

Because today I’m gonna share with you a simple freelancing job,

a gig that is getting super high attention right now & the thing is you don’t need to do any work at all & that the freelancing service is repurposing the content

This is highly targeted at YouTubers & digital coaches…

basically what you do is take the content let’s say a YouTuber has created, now take that video content & use it to create content for many other social media platforms like youtube shorts, Instagram reels, TikTok, Snapchat, etc

with short-form video content taking the first seat, this freelancing service is blowing up

There are so many creators who have their hands full with their long-form content but they don’t wanna miss out on the exposure & earning that the short-form content can offer.

So they are looking for freelancers who will help them with this – Repurpose YouTube Log Videos to Create Short Form Videos

& for that, they are ready to pay you as much as you want…given you deliver the results.

Now if you are wondering this isn’t for you…

you don’t know how to edit video content & make it appealing for other platforms..don’t you worry

I got you covered.

There is an AI tool that does all this for you.

All you got to do is upload the long-form content & click some buttons…

The ai tool will repurpose the content for you.

It will create beautiful, enticing content for every social media platform you want within minutes.

Just download the content & you are done.

Does this freelancing job really pay?

IK there are many YouTubers who claim to share the best freelancing services/jobs but most of them don’t really have any demand or have an existing audience.

That is why before sharing this gig, I went to Fiverr – one of the most popular freelancing sites & saw how much people pay for repurposed content.

And here are the results.

Repurpose content freelancing job

As you can see there are people charging from $5 to literally more than $500 for this exact freelancing job.

I won’t recommend you charge that high – given you are a newbie Fiverr seller with no reviews as well as you are just using a tool to do the work.

Charge a medium price, get some reviews & when you become familiar with the service as well as get some reviews, you can charge higher.

Hope you got a clear idea about how to start freelancing, and how to offer freelancing services for repurposing the content

The AI tool You’ll need

I said you’ll be using an AI tool to do the freelancing job, I failed to mention the tool

Well, the tool is called Repurpose.ai. It repurposes any content you want & creates well-suited content for different platforms

Click on this link to get free access to this ai tool

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