How To Create Coloring Books Online Using Ai tools

Create coloring book pages using ai

Create coloring book pages using ai

Create Your own Coloring Books for Free

Selling books online is one of the best passive income sources to have right now & if you to amazon & search for coloring books you’ll see more than 80+ search results & the best-selling books have around 30K+ reviews & this is just one main category.

There are many niche coloring books like coloring books for adults relaxation, coloring books for teens, coloring books for kids, coloring books for elders, etc.

This is a great market that has an insane amount of potential & the best thing is it is just one-time work.

If you are selling a coloring book on amazon & and it ends up getting a decent amount of sales then that would be the money you’ll make on auto-pilot, in other words, it would be your passive income

But let’s be honest, even though coloring books are one of the best & fast selling activity books online they are pretty hard to create.

A decent coloring book needs to have at least 30-50 coloring pages & TBH creating coloring pages is hard.

Unless you are an artistic genius who can draw coloring pages/per hour it would be hard to create beautiful pages with limited graphics present online & not to forget it is time-consuming & tiring if you ask me.

The easy solution would be to hire someone who knows this stuff but then it could be expensive & not to forget.

You also have to pick the right freelancer to create your coloring pages, if you don’t. you might end up with someone who lacks quality & the art might be subject to copyright.

Or you can go to creative fabrica & buy the coloring pages from there but of course, this product won’t be having exclusive rights because many people before & after you will also be buying those exact coloring pages to sell on amazon

So what is the solution?

Well, I have one.

As we know today there are ai tools for pretty much everything & these ai tools are the ones we will be using to create beautiful eye catchy & intriguing coloring pages & the best part is these ai generated coloring pages are created solely based on your prompts so there is no scope for them not being original.

So, I’m gonna share with you a detailed training where you’ll learn how to create awesome coloring pages using ai tools none other than midjourney.

Create Coloring pages using AI
Coloring Pages Created Using Ai Tool

Here you’ll see & get access to everything – the prompts, the setting & pretty much everything that you’ll learn to create coloring pages online for free

But this is an exclusive training, in no way or form will I be able to share it all with you in this article & to be honest I’m not an expert in this field, But I know someone who is & he’ll be the one training you to excel this make your own coloring book online technique.

Try this, understand how the system works, get hands-on training & create your first coloring book using this training, publish it & if you want, do share it with us on social media. we will be glad to you a shout out

So here is the training, go sign up – It is a limited period training so get it asap.

Because it is definitely worth it.

Once you figure out how to create coloring books there are n number of ways how you can make money with it

Very Important Things You Should Know

In this training, you’ll learn how to create coloring books but that doesn’t mean just go ahead & create random coloring pages, please don’t do that especially if you want to make good money by selling coloring books.

Coloring books have been around for decades now & there are already some players out there – the plain coloring book is too saturated. you need to dig deep & find a perfect niche for yourself.

I would recommend using a tool like book bolt that makes niche research super simple, this is the tool that I personally use to study the market & find my niche.

But if you want, keep searching on amazon, try different keywords & find a niche that has good demand & less or at least medium competition

Create Beautiful Coloring pages

As I said this training makes it super easy to create coloring pages but you need to know what exactly you want the design to look like or at least have an idea about what your designs should have.

Here are some coloring pages created using this training, see the result for yourself

Animal Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages Animal Designs

Coloring Books for Kids
Landscape or Nature Coloring Book for Adults

Different Ways to Make Money with Coloring Books

Sell Your Coloring Books on KDP aka Kindle Direct Publishing

One of the most effective & easy ways to make money selling coloring books is to sell coloring books on amazon.

It is completely free & super easy, if you are new to kdp there are tons of videos to guide you on how to set up your kdp account to start selling, check them out. If you want me to create a guide on how to do the same let me know.

Selling books on kdp is easy – just sign up, enter your book details like title, description, author/creator, and price then upload the kdp book interior & cover (use canva or hire a freelancer to do it) then publish it.

It will take around 2-3 days for your book to be reviewed & approved. once it is live, you can go ahead & promote your book

Sell Coloring Pages on Etsy & Creative Fabrica

You can sell your coloring pages on Etsy & creative fabrica – there is huge market demand for this & you’ll end up earning quite some decent money out of this.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Access to the Training Now

Create Coloring Pages – Full Video Tutorial

Attend KDP Masterclass

Are you looking to just make some extra bucks with KDP or do you seriously want to launch a successful KDP business?

If you are here for the long run, if you want to build a successful KDP business then do check out this Masterclass.

In this masterclass you’ll learn basically everything you need to know – like how to find right products, amazon seo, book creation – interior & cover, pricing everything.

What is included?

Here you’ll get access to 80+ videos, 100+ resources, 2 premium tools & a private Facebook mastermind group with hundred’s of successful KDP authors

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