7 Best AI Art Generators [Paid, Freemium, Free]

best ai art generators

best ai art generators

Best Ai Tool to Generate Images

As you know text-to-image ai tools are getting a lot of attention these days, these ai tools have become a boon for designers, artists, graphic designers even for people who love to create art but su*k at it.

These ai tools generate images that can be used in n number of ways to make money online.

If you want to know how to create ai art & different ways to make money selling digital art or how to use ai generate art to make money online then I recommend you read these 2 articles where we have shared step-by-step processes of generating art using ai as well as 8 different ways to make money ai art.

Along with that we have shared a detailed tutorial on how to start a print-on-demand business by just using ai tools.

Now let’s get back to the topic…

Today we are sharing with you a list of the 7 best ai tools to generate images, these are text-to-image ai tools that create beautiful ai art for you.

You can use these tools to bring your imagination to life

In this list we have included ai tools that are paid freemium & absolutely free to use.

Let us know which one is your pick…

7 Best text-to-image ai tools

Paid Ai Image Genrator


This is probably the most familiar one on the list, there are tons of videos on youtube about creating images using midjouney. if you are new & want to know how to create beautiful images, and creative art using midjourney I recommend you check them out.

I personally don’t use midjourney. It seems a bit hassle for me, I have to download discord, and join midjourney & I don’t use discord & TBH I just can’t create good images on midjourney.

Midjourney Pricing

You can create the first 25 images for free .for the basic plan costs around $10/monthly

One-Time Payment – Free Forever Ai Art Generators

AI Graphics Kreator

This is the one I have been using for quite some time now, it helps you to create stunning images by just using words.

Not only does this tool helps you to convert your text into images but it also has an inbuilt library of 50M+ royalty-free stock images, videos, 3d renters & photos

Creating art with this ai art generator is super easy & you can create many images within minutes.

Right now it is a one-time payment @ a cheap cost. but the prices will be going up as soon as sales go up.

So grab the tool as soon as possible.

AI Buddy

This is more than just an ai image generator…this is a complete package ai tool that does everything. this ai tool creates content, writes code, solves math problems, creates art & also designs creates sales funnels & web pages.

So, if you are an entrepreneur or an online business. this is the tool for you.

With this tool you’ll get access to so many things & the best thing this is just a one-time payment.

This is an ai tool that can replace chatgpt & midjourney.

Ai Buddy is just launched, so you can grab this at its lowest price but as soon as the launch is over.

This ai tool will be converted to a subscription-based tool…so rather than paying a small amount now & getting access to it forever, you’ll be paying a hefty price monthly

AI Unlimited

This one is recommended to me by my client. he uses this ai to create images for his brand on social media as well as offer this service as a freelancer.

I tried this ai tool through him & I love the results.

You can use your own photos or your clients to create stunning images.

Let your imagination run wild with these ai tools.

You can also use this ai tool to create coloring pages for kdp, creative fabric, or create stunning stock images

All you need to do is pay once & you’ll be able to use all these ai tools for free for life & you’ll get access to all their upgrades for free

Now we are done with freemium & paid ai art generators… let’s move on to the best ai art generators free

Free ai art generators

Right now there are many out there but the results are not up to the mark but not these two.

I use these ai tools on regular bases & even though these are free the quality is top-notch.

Playground. ai

This is my top pick when it comes to ai tools to generate images.

It is pretty easy to use & the quality of the images is really good.

make sure you learn a bit of prompt engineering to get the best results.

You can create up to 1000/day for free & I feel that is more than enough, unless you feel you might create more than that, then feel free to upgrade.


This is another good ai tool for designers & graphic designers. just give the input & it will give you results.

Nightcafe works on a credit system, every day you’ll get 5 credits & the number of images you can create depends upon the number of credits you’ll use for each image.

When you select the time of image you want, you’ll be able to see which type of art uses maximum credits & based on what you need & how much you are willing to use for one image…take your pick

Hope this article is helpful…if you want me to cover any particular topic about ai do let me know.

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