How To Get High DA Backlinks for New Website


How to Build High-Quality Backlinks

Link building is one of the common & most effective techniques of SEO

If you get  high authoritative Backlinks for your blog/website it will up your SEO game & will boost your rankings

Building backlink wait… good backlinks take time & there are many ways & today I will share with you a simple technique that you can use to get Backlinks from websites with high DA

Today the technique I’m sharing is easy & effective but it requires time & work

Here we will be using a free backlink tool so you don’t need to worry

So let’s get started

First, select your niche it might be the topic of your blog or just a particular blog post

Then search the topic aka keyword on Google

Then note down the top 5 of your competitors exclude the ads & videos

Now open each one of your competitors’ websites. Take a look & their content & analyze how you can provide something better

Now come up with content better than your competitors

Now open the free backlink checker tool by Sermrush 

Put in your competitor’s website & check from where they are getting the Backlinks

Out of those backlinks select, the one with high DA that you feel will be interested in your content.

Go to their website, get their contact information, reach out to them tell them how your content can be helpful for them

Tell them it will help their Audience & all you want from them in return is a backlink

Reach out to as many websites as you could, not everyone will respond & even if they do, not every response will be a yes

But if you do this, chances are high that you’ll get at least 4-5 high-quality backlinks… given your content is full of value

Also, you can mention that if they don’t want to directly connect to your article. You’re ready to do a guest post on their website for no cost in return for a backlink

This trick works like a charm

As they have seen your content they know you can provide value. And as long as their Audience are getting benefit from your content that too for free they won’t mind giving you a backlink

Trust me this trick will not only get you a backlink but it will sometimes also be the beginning of the new collaboration

I have tried this technique for one of my clients. Not only they got a backlink from a high DA Website but they also ended up building a course together & now they are both making good money through their course funnel

So reach out. People are willing to help only if you could reach out

They wanna share valuable content with their audience & if you can help with it. They won’t mind helping you out in return. Sometimes they even give you a free shoutout

Along with this, another easy technique to build a backlink is answering questions on Quora

Quora has high DA, it is really easy to get Backlinks from Quora so it won’t be such a big deal but definitely a plus

How to Get Backlinks from Quora

Don’t go around posting your link on Quora, they will remove your post & if you keep on doing it. They might suspend or ban your account

So what can you do??

Find relevant questions regarding your niche, answer those questions. Not just one or two words

Not like telling them to go ahead & read this post this will solve your problem. 

Never do that

Any answer whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to another site is often removed by Quora instead do this

The right way to drive traffic from Quora

Pick the question relevant to your niche, answer the question as detailed as you could. Provide the value as much as you can 

And in the end, add the CTA

Just add to learn more check out this site or get more details or something like that

Make sure your answers provide a solution, it is not just a promotion

Link to the free backlink checker

Backlink Checker Free Tool

Building Backlinks – Never Do This

The most common way many people use to build backlinks is to buy backlinks, please don’t do this

Mostly when you buy backlinks either they are no-follow which doesn’t help your site ranking as much or many times the backlinking sites are absolute junk. In fact, sometimes they are just spammy sites that will affect your site badly

So my recommendation is to never buy backlinks. If you are buying a backlink from a particular high DA website, it is ok but never buy backlinks in bulk

Link Building Services – Freelancing Gig Ideas

If you are a freelancer then you can also provide link-building services. The service is quite a in demand. So you can include it as a service as well

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want me to write about any specific topic

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