Create Self Updating Automatic News Website Using Chatgpt

Create automatic news website using chatgpt

Create automatic news website using chatgpt

Easy Online Business To Start Using ChatGPT

Presenting the second article in our list of best online businesses to start using AI. if you want to read AI-based Business idea #1, here is the link. How To Start A Print On Demand Business Using AI

Now back to the topic.

AI is ruling right now, people are launching & scaling new online businesses every day using ai, more specifically ChatGPT

And if you are someone who wants to do it as well but is just not able to figure out how? then don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

You no longer have to feel like you are missing out because you are unable to figure out a way to build an online business using chatgpt, because we have done that for you.

Presenting to you, one of the easiest & fast ways to build a profitable online business using chatgpt & the best thing is… you don’t need to do anything.

Yep, you heard me right. but that doesn’t mean this is some get-rich scheme.

Nope, this is a real genuine online business, just the thing is… all the heavy lifting will be done for you by AI tools.

So what are you waiting for? let’s see exactly how can you build a profitable business online by using ChatGPT.

Build An Automatic News Site Using ChatGPT – Auto Blog Tutorial

Do you know the news industry alone generates almost 38.6 Billion traffic?

Do you have any idea how much popular news websites like CNN News, and Fox News is worth?

let me tell you – CNN news is worth around $249M, BBC News is $317M, Fox News is worth $100M & the Huff news website is $803,520.

Now, these are some big players, who have tons of experience, money to burn on traffic, high-quality backlinks, etc. so you won’t be competing with them but this should clearly give you an idea about how much money is there in the news industry.

And not to forget you have an advantage that they didn’t & that is to build a fully automatic self-updating news website using AI.

Today we’ll share with you how exactly you can start your own news website using ChatGPT & we’ll also give you access to the tool that will build your news website for you

Create Your Own Automatic News Website in Seconds

To create your own news site all you got to do is go to this website & sign up

You don’t need to download or install anything, just sign up & log in to your dashboard.

Once you are in, you need to enter your news website type – you can create a general news website that covers all topics or you can create a niche news website ( highly recommended ) like a technology news website, sports news website, celebrity/entertainment news website

Case Study

One of my clients has used this tool & has created a technology news website mainly targeting Artificial Intelligence & machine learning & we can already see money coming in.

Not only is he earning from ad revenue from his technology news website but he is also doing affiliate marketing.

I’ll ask him if possible to post a detailed case study – it will be sent out in our newsletter so if you are interested, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.

To create Your Automatic News Website

Enter the niche, select the theme of your website & let the system do its work.

The AI will scrape the web & will generate new fresh content for your website on auto-pilot

You can also insert your affiliate links in the news articles to generate more revenue

Now, when we are talking about revenue, let’s talk more about

Different ways to make money using this ai tool

There are many ways you can make money with auto-blog or automatic news site tool

Ad Revenue

As I said these News websites drive insane traffic & one of the best ways to monetize this traffic is AdSense.

There is already an AdSense revenue model installed in the system, all you need to do is activate it when your site goes live.

Affiliate Links

Along with AdSense, you can also make money with Affiliate Marketing, you can just insert your affiliate links or you can use the DFY affiliate funnels that you get access to when you sign up for this tool.


If you go and check Fiverr…there are freelancers charging from $200 to $5k to build a news website. and they charge extra for SEO

You can offer the exact same freelancing job but you can offer a better deal, you can also include the SEO of the website because the tool takes care of it too

Sell Your Products

You can also use this website to sell your own products

Sell News Websites

Your automatic News Website is sure to grow because everything is done by AI.

The tool uses Proven techniques to rule SEO & which is why it is sure to bring in traffic.

Once your News Website starts getting 10k-20k traffic, you can easily sell your website on Flippa

There are news websites on Flippa selling for 5-6 figures, you can do it too

You can start a News Website Agency

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of news websites with this tool & you can leverage that by creating a news website agency.

Create self-updating news websites for your clients & charge whatever you want for it

Resell The Software

Now, this is a conditional advantage – the tool is recently launched & for a limited amount of time, they are giving out reseller rights.

Yes, if you sign up now you can also resell this tool & keep 100% for yourself.

So if you want that grab the tool asap

What is amazing about this Tool

Create an automatic news website using chatgpt
  • First & foremost – it creates fully automatic self-updating news websites for you.
  • This is a set it up & forget kind of business where you just need to set it up & sit back & see money coming in.
  • To create news websites – you don’t need any domain or hosting.
  • Not only your one website but all the websites you create using this tool is getting a lifetime domain & web hosting for free. you don’t need to pay even a dime.
  • You can also create & translate your news website into more than 150 languages
  • SEO is completely taken care off
  • AI is in the driver’s seat, so it is its responsibility to make your journey as smooth as possible & to help you reach your destination i.e 1st page on google & ai does that.
    • AI uses the web – to analyze different successful websites & use those proven SEO strategies to rank your website on google.

There is more

When you sign up for this tool, you’ll also get access to

  • 20K Professional logos for News Websites
  • 15k Social Media Templates that you can use to grow on Social Media
  • 50K Premium fonts that you can use
  • Case Study on How To Reach 663K Views Fast on YouTube
  • 17K News motion Graphics
  • 3k Animated Graphics
  • 20+ High Ticket Affiliate Programs Approval + DFY Funnels

How To Start Your Own Automatic News Website

  • Go to the website & Sign Up
  • Login
  • Enter Your Niche/Keyword
  • Select The Theme & Wait for the system to build your website

You can watch the full tutorial here

Watch Full Demo


Well, this is not a free tool but it just costs you pennies.

As of now, the tool costs around $17 – just a one-time payment & you can access this tool forever & you’ll also get access to all its future updates for free.

For just $17 you get access to a tool that will create unlimited automatic news sites for you – if you offer this service to even one client – he’ll pay you around $100-$200 for this (bare minimum).

you’ll be earning way more than your investment. and mind you, you can create unlimited websites as well as resell this tool & you’ll be keeping 100% of the earning.

And all your websites have lifetime free domain & web hosting.

But this pricing is for a limited time only – as soon as the launch period is over

This exact tool will cost you $497/month.

So take your pick

One-time payment of $17 or $497/per monthly

Get Access

Free Training By Top Affiliate

Learn exactly how you can earn your 1K affiliate commission from one of the most successful affiliate marketers & that too for free.

This training is worth $1k but for a limited time & for a few people, this training is made free.

So do sign up right now

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  1. Hi. I am a tech novice and would like to purchase the self updating automatic news website. Kindly explain to me what (is it the code?) I will be purchasing) and how it can be implemented. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi.

      Actually, the self-updating news website aka AISmart News is an ai powered app, basically, it is a done-for-you system(software) & not a code. the ai creates content in real-time thus it keeps updating fresh news on your website. all you have to do is sign up & enter the topic of your news website & select the layout aka theme of your website & then publish your website. the rest is handled by the software
      You can get the AiSmart News here.
      use this code “AISMARTNEWS5” to get $5 off.
      If you have any questions, please let me know

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