7 Proven Ways To Make Money With PLR Product

how to make money with PLR products

What is a PLR Product?

PLR products are pre-made content or products that you modify & rebrand to sell online.

In this blog post, we will talk about

  • Different types of PLR Content
  • How to find high-quality PLR products
  • 7 ways to make money with PLR products
  • How to make your PLR product more valuable
  • 2 Profitable PLR products to sell right now

Using PLR Products you can easily create a passive income source for yourself.

What are the different types of PLR Products?

There are many different types of private label rights (PLR) products available, including:

Ebooks: PLR ebooks are pre-written books that you can modify & sell online under your name. You can use it as is or edit and customized it to fit the needs of your business or brand.
You can sell it on marketplaces like Amazon, Gumroad, etc, or on your own website

Articles: PLR articles are pre-written pieces of content that can be modified and used as blog posts, social media posts, or email newsletters.

You can also sell them to a client or websites that pay you to write.

Videos: PLR videos are videos that you are allowed to use as you please

They come quite in handy to promote & grow your business.

Graphics: PLR graphics are graphics that can be used for things like social media posts, blog graphics, digital products, KDP, print-on-demand, or marketing materials.

Software: PLR software is software that can be edited as well as sold as your own. a great way to create a passive income stream is by selling the software or by offering it as a free or paid download.

Courses: PLR courses are pre-made online courses that can be used to get leads for sales funnels, your consulting, or easy…do affilaite marketing.

Things to consider when you choose a PLR product to promote?

When it comes to finding quality private label rights (PLR) products, there are a few key factors to consider:


It’s important to do your due diligence and research the reputation & quality of the PLR product.
Don’t go around using any PLR product you can get for free because already thousands of people are using it. make sure the product you pick is a quality product that won’t harm your reputation.

Check the terms of use:

Make sure to read the terms of use for the PLR product to understand what you are allowed to do with it.

Some PLR products have restrictions on how they can be modified or used, so it’s important to be aware of these limitations.

Look for reviews or testimonials:

Consider looking for reviews or testimonials from other users of the PLR product to get a sense of its quality and value.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of finding quality PLR products that will be valuable and useful for your business or brand.

How To Make Money With PLR Products?

Private label rights products can be a great resource for making money online especially passive income. Here are some ideas for using PLR products to generate income:

Create and sell a course or training program:

You can use PLR products, such as ebooks, articles, videos, or graphics, to create a course or training program that you can sell online.

This can be a great way to create a passive income stream and share your knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

Repurpose – Use it to create different forms of content

If you have a blog or you are active on social media, you can use PLR articles to save time and effort in the content creation process.

Create social media posts, stories, Quora/Reddit forum posts, etc using PLR products.

Turn PLR ebooks into print books or Kindle books:

Tweak it – read > edit > remove > add >proof read > publish

Sell these ebooks on marketplaces or your own websites.(enjoy royalties)

Create and sell a membership site or subscription service:

You can use PLR products to create a membership site or subscription service that you can sell to customers.
Charge them for the premium content that you can easily create using PLR Products.

Use PLR graphics or videos to create social media posts or marketing materials:

These come really handy. Use them in shorts, reels, stories, etc to grab more eyeballs. You can also use the graphics to create KDP books or digital products

Use PLR Products to get more leads

Give away the PLR product as a free lead magnet to attract more leads for your sales funnel. Some PLR’s have restrictions about giving it away for free. make sure you are allowed

Use PLR Products to make money on YouTube

You can use the PLR content to create Videos for YouTube. Use the premade videos or use the ebook, articles, etc & this AI tool to create professional-looking videos for YouTube.

You can also use the PLR Content to create YouTube Shorts…

YouTube Shorts monetization is starting in Feb 2023, this is a great time to hop on the train.

How To Make Sure Your PLR Products Sells?

Customize it to match your style:

While PLR products can come in handy, it’s important to customize and personalize the content to fit your brand and audience if you want to get the benefit of PLR products.

Follow the terms of use and give proper attribution:

Make sure to carefully review the terms of use for the PLR product and follow any guidelines or restrictions. It’s also important to give proper attribution to the original creator or source of the PLR product.

Add value and expertise to the content to make it unique and valuable:

While PLR products can be a great resource, it’s important to add your own value and expertise to the content to make it unique and valuable to your audience.

This can help differentiate your content from other PLR products and increase the chances of your content resonating with your audience.

How To Find The Right PLR Product To Sell

As I mentioned if you really want to make good money from PLR make sure you pick the right one.

The ones you get for free are usually already being sold by thousands of others. so, if you want to stand out, make your PLR different.

Use Ai Writers to modify your PLR. so, that even though the PLR is the same product as those, it does provide something that other products don’t have & that is your knowledge bombs.

To sweeten the deal you can also provide a checklist, cheatsheet, tool kit, etc.

Also, I highly recommend you change the cover, you can easily design one yourself by using Canva or go ahead & pay someone on Fiverr $5 & get yourself some eye catchy cover.

2 Most Profitable PLR Products To Sell Online

My Recommend 2 Best PLR Products to sell right now.

My clients are actively promoting this PLR product & the results have been great & these PLR products are not on many PLR marketplaces. so, only a minimum number of people have access to these Products. So, If you want to get a head start…here is your chance

PLR Product 1

Self Improvement & Personal Growth PLR Product – Think Big

This niche is blooming right now – coming out of the pandemic, a scare of the new pandemic hanging around, new year what else do you need?

People are desperately looking for ways to improve themselves & this product does that

use this PLR for your membership blog, blogs/articles/social media posts, or create courses, training, etc

You’ll get full reseller rights as well.

Pro Tip

Click on the promote PLR button & you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll get all the details you’ll need to sell this product.

  • What is the PLR Product?
  • What all is included?
  • Who are your ideal customers & where to find them?
  • Different ways to sell this product to make money online?
  • Access to the full sales funnel
  • Get email swipes that convert like crazy
  • Get bonuses that you can give away when someone purchases your PLR

2 PLR Product

Health has always been a priority, weight loss is a popular demand that is never gonna go away

And our next PLR is a product designed to target this problem &i.e weight loss at home.

Yes! people can lose weight by joining a gym or doing pilates but how many of the people who are looking to lose weight actually have the privilege & time to do this

That is where our PLR product—weight loss at home comes into play.

People will get what they want right from the comfort of their home

Just Get your PLR & use it just like mentioned above.

Pro Tip

  • What is the PLR Product?
  • What all is included?
  • Who are your ideal customers & where to find them?
  • Different ways to sell this product to make money online?
  • Access to the full sales funnel
  • Get email swipes that convert like crazy
  • Get bonuses that you can give away when someone purchases your PLR

These 2 are solid products to make money with PLR this year.

In my next blog post, I’ll share how exactly you can create your own PLR website with 20,000+ Ready to sell PLR Products.

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