Get Hired For Your Skills not Degree -Job Opening

Get Hired Based On Skill Not Degree

Skills Based Jobs – Get Hired in 15 Days

Unemployment is one of the common & crucial problems of the world & today I’m sharing with you a way you can land your dream job

Unacademy is one of the popular educational portals & now they have launched a platform called Relevel that helps to find your dream

Now you might be thinking there are many websites like, shine, etc where you can apparently find a nice paying job

So what is so different about Relevel

What Is Relevel

The one thing that makes Relevel different from any other job portals is that here your degree, your resume means nothing

You don’t need to upload your resume/cv here

On Relevel there are tests that are to rate your skills & on the result of those tests you will get hired

Here you don’t need an excellent report card, a degree to show off just prove that you have skills & get hired

There are many testimonials backing this, you can check it out

And it is not like some random companies will be hiring you


There are many popular, top companies that will be hiring you through relevel…here are some examples

Companies that will hire through relevel

some of the companies which are gonna hire you through Relevel

Relevel - Job Hiring

Tests to Show your skills – Jobs available on Relevel

Tests that are available for Job Hiring

Currently, these are the tests available on the relevel, they will be adding more soon

  • Business Development Test
  • Business Analytics
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Full Stack Development

How to take the test?

Just go to the website, sign up with your email id & basic details.

Then you can see all the tests available, select the one you want & register

How to Prepare for Relevel Unacademy Tests?

You will not go into this blindly, they will not make you take tests without any preparation

Thye will provide you with the syllabus, code of conduct & some important instructions that will help you in taking the test

Check out this website & get your dream

And if you do, let me know

Not a paid promotion

Important Update

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