Marketing Mantra -How To Convert Leads Into Customers

How To Convert Leads Into Sales

Basics Of Marketing

Marketing – Marketing is an evergreen field that is growing tremendously every day. I said evergreen because it has been & it will be in demand for ages

There are many AL programs that are taking over many fields but marketing? Nah…it is not gonna happen. AL can be used to enhance marketing, to make it simpler & easier but it will never completely take over it.

Marketing is a field that many people are leaning towards nowadays but before you get into marketing there are somethings that you have to know

What is Marketing

Marketing means selling something that your target audience really needs, providing a solution to their problem.

There are many definitions of marketing out there but today I’m sharing with you two simple & really detailed definitions that really stood out for me

Marketing Definitions

Marketing is about understanding your customer so well that the product you create will sell itself,…-DigitalDeepak

Marketing is telling People why you have what they need & listening to what they care about – Mike Osswald

Both these definitions focus more on customers than their own product.

if you understand your customer persona right, you can create a product that actually your customer needs, then selling that product would be 10X easy.

Marketing is not something new

it has been around for ages, just the medium & techniques have changed but the soul purpose is the same…to serve your customer

Now let’s see how Marketing has evolved over time

Evolution Of Marketing -Difference between Traditional & Digital marketing

The way marketing was done before & is done today is quite different but similar in ways…confused? 

Evolution Of Marketing

Back then marketing was all about Offline – Tv, Billboards, Magazines, Posters, Radios but today it’s all digital.

Techniques are the same but the medium has changed.

Traditional Marketing V/S Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Earlier Marketing was to create a product & then sell but now businesses are more focussed on customers’ needs.

You don’t create a customer for your product but product for your customers

Back then there were direct mails like in posts – Brochures, Pamphlets, 

And now we have Emails -Promotional emails

Before people use to refer Magazines for reviews, top 10 lists, recommendations, latest trends, etc but today we have blogs for that

Today before making any purchase decision people refer to blogs & social media 

In fact, according to stats of 2019, 60% of purchase decisions are made on what people have seen online on blog posts & Social media.

Yes even today Billboards, Tv commercials, Radio ads, etc work but the marketing industry is exploring & leaning more towards Digital marketing

Through Digital Marketing, it is easy to find the right audience, To target & influence them to take the action.

We are living in the digital era where Direct mails are getting replaced by emails, Tv by YouTube, Networking that used to happen in Social events is happening on Facebook. 

Radios are getting replace by Podcasts & newspaper & magazines are getting replaced by Blogs

People are hanging out in Digital space more as compared to before so we got to reach out to them digitally.

Digital Marketing has not only made marketing to the right people easy but it has also made retargeting possible.

For ex: How many times have you searched for something on google or online stores then came across ads of the same thing while surfing net or watching a video? That is retargeting

There are pixels, cookies that make it possible to show you what you need.

To understand more about Marketing evolution & working marketing strategies read Dotcom secrets by Russell Brunson

There is No Luck, Just Good Marketing

How many times have you watched someone successful & thought “man how lucky are?” “Wish I had luck like that” but in reality, It doesn’t work like that.

Marketing isn’t a game of luck, Amazon, Coca Cola they didn’t get lucky, they just had a super amazing marketing team that put their effort into making the company what it is today.

There is no luck, just good marketing

There is no luck, just good marketing

You can just see the success that they are riding on but not the struggle they went through.

There are many startups/products that had potential but due to bad marketing…they failed

Marketing isn’t just advertising, marketing research, marketing timing, demand etc. there is so much that needs to be taken care of for a successful marketing campaign.

Why Targeting the Right People is So Important & How Word Of Mouth is still one of the Best Marketing Technique

Marketing works awesome when you are targeting the correct audience when you are pitching your product to someone who actually needs it.

Today I’m sharing with you my personal experience where I actually saw how much effective word of mouth is & how much it is important to target the right audience

Do you know? Almost 70% of purchase decisions are made based on Peer Recommendations

This incident happened back in Feb 2019, I was an affiliate for a Digital Marketing event & to promote this I create beautiful engaging graphics & blog post

I got engagement – Views & clicks yes but no sales & then in march I got invited for a Digital Marketing get together. I’m an introvert, mingling with others is a bit difficult for me,

So when I met people there I mentioned that Digital Marketing event, I wasn’t looking for sales or anything. I just needed a common ground, a common interest topic to actually engage in conversion but I ended up getting good sales.

I engaged with 12 people there & I actually got 7 people to register through my link.

No sales, No planning just an honest opinion, I knew about the event while others didn’t.

We were of the same field, we held the same interest & bingo I made money without trying.

Now the question here is why didn’t my blogpost work? I posted it on the Digital Marketing niche blog, then why didn’t it work?

What Got Me Sales?

Let me tell you WHY. My DM blog was for beginners, my target audience was just trying to understand the basics, A B C D of Digital Marketing…they were completely new to it

And the Digital Marketing event I was trying to sell wasn’t for the beginners – the marketers the event included were popular in their field but my audience wasn’t familiar with them & the topics included were a bit intermediate topics which aren’t really much of the use to the beginners.

It was paid event, they weren’t sure thus they didn’t convert into leads.

while the people I met at the get-together, they knew the field, they want to learn more so I got leads without trying

That is why it is so important to target the right audience, to expose the product to those who really need it

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT is a marketing funnel used here to give you a simple  equation on how marketing works, how to get wealth through marketing  


CATT Marketing Funnel
CATT Marketing Funnel

N- is your niche.

Niche selection is very important for your success because it is basically the foundation 

While selecting a niche always target a niche that you are familiar with, Of which you have knowledge that can be valuable to others & most importantly people are searching for it.

Don’t blindly follow others & select a niche that you have no idea about.

C- is the Content that you create

Content can be of any form – blogs, Podcasts, videos, ebooks anything but the content has to provide value.

It should target your audience problems & provide a solution. 

While creating content make sure that it understands & meets the customer’s needs.

A- is Attention

Attention is also known as traffic. Traffic plays an important role in your product success, because even if you have an awesome product but no one knows about it then that is of no use.

Now how to grab this attention? How to make people check out your content?

There are many ways like SEO, SMM, Paid ads, a shoutout from Influencers, word of mouth, use a lead magnet, etc

T- Trust

Trust is an important factor in marketing. if you have your audience trust you are already halfway through the sales.

To build your audience trust you gotta make a connection with them, that can be done by always listening to them, focusing on their problem & providing solutions not just forcing your product in their face.

T- is Transition If you have a product that provides a solution to their problem, chances are high that they trust you & will always look for more from you.

Gain their trust once, just focus on providing value & then you have a solid lead who will always be their your customer

Marketing isn’t all about just getting leads or 1 time customers but to gain their trust So that they will stay with you for the long run

To summarize 

Select a niche in which you can make a difference in, now create a quality content that provides value, be it in any form.

Now drive attention by using various methods to your content

When you have their attention turn it into trust by creating a connection, get personalized with them through emails, listen to their pain points & provide solutions & this will help you for their transaction from leads to happy customers.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing includes many things – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising etc

All these are subcategories of digital marketing – Some people use SEO to rank their site & some focus mainly on building their social media presence to drive traffic & sales.

Some people put a lot of effort in building their email list while others spend alot on paid advertising (Google Ads, FB Ads, Instagram Ads, Quora ads etc)

While all this might get you traffic & sales but it will take more time & money but when you interlink all these together, you’ll get the benefit of all within less time.

Integrated Digital Marketing
Integrated Digital Marketing

This might take some time to set up but once you get this going, it will be great for you in the long run.

This is called Integrated Digital Marketing, where you’ll connect all aspects of Digital marketing to one another, you’ll use one to enhance the other.

Like you can use Social media to not only build your social presence & traffic but you can also use it to build your email list.

Email lists are a gold mine because those are your customer base, the more you engage with them , build your connection the more sales you are likely to make.

You can use your email list to build your brand on Social Media, ask them to join/follow/like your social media profiles & pages

Paid ads – your email list is your customer persona based on that you can create your ads, also you can use paid ads to build your email list…Offer a lead magnet through paid ads & get their email in exchange & through email you can convert them into customers

Personal Branding

Personal Branding…what is Personal Branding?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room…Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon

If you want to be known as an expert, to influence people you got to create your personal brand, it is basically how you present yourself to the world.

Benefits of Personal Branding

People will trust you, You’ll be the go-to guy for your area of expertise, you’ll be considered an expert of your field that will give you more opportunities to influence people & grow your business

But is building a personal brand difficult?

Honestly No…But it is not easy either.

While creating personal brand people often try to be everything to everyone, they try to dominate all the fields but they end up not owning anything

To Build Your personal brand you need to choose one area/one niche that you want to make a mark in

How To Create a  Personal Brand – MASSTRUST Blueprint

Creating your Personal Brand will give you an edge over other marketers, it will differentiate you from your competition.

Now how to create your Personal Brand

Personal Branding
MassTrust Blueprint


Learning is a basic foundation for everything. even to create your personal brand you first have to learn. 

Select what you want to be known for, understand that skill, implement that skill & then you’ll be master of that skill

 â€śBe a master of your craft, skillset or industry before starting a personal brand. Then your content will help amplify who you are.”…Justin Wu, founder of CoinState


Implement what you have learned, the best way to master something is to work on it. Use what you have learned as much as possible until you feel you got the hang of it & you are ready to teach it to Others


Blogging is the best way to learn, I have learned everything I know about Digital Marketing through blogging. You learn something, you try it & then blog about it so the others could get the benefit from it.

If you feel you are just learning, don’t know if you are ready to teach others…don’t hesitate.

If you have tested what you learned if you know it works, it is right, go ahead & blog about it.

You don’t have to know it all, nobody does. You just have to teach others what you know & what they don’t know.

For ex: If you are a 7th student you can tutor 1-6 graders, to tutor them you don’t have to finish 10 grade right? 


Once you have established your blog, you got a name in the field you can take up consulting.

And gradually Consulting could be turned into Mentorship & then you could launch your own startup.

Do you know there are influencers who invested 1-2 years solely on just building their brand, either through a blog or YouTube even social media & then they launched their own startups & today they are successful entrepreneurs.

Here are some points to build your Personal Brand

Personal Brand
  • Be Focused & stick to one niche…select one area, one niche & build your brand around it.

I understand FOMO & you feel there is potential in all fields & try to conquer all but in reality. You won’t be focusing on anything really

According to science multitasking is not recommended, it will tire your mind (referenced by the book Ikigai), in the same way, if you work on many niches you won’t be able to build an authoritative brand in any niche. 

The narrower & more focused your brand is, the easier it is for people to remember who you are.

  • Be Genuine & connect – Tell a Story

Being genuine & honest is a must. When creating your personal brand don’t try to fake it people are smart, there are n number of examples where people tried to fake it, project something they are not to create their brand but ended up getting trolled.

Being genuine about your brand isn’t just important but it also makes maintaining your personal brand easy, because your brand will be reflection of you, so it will be easy for you to build your brand

Have your actual lifestyle and brand be one and the same.

It will also help you alot to connect with your audience, because people connect with people not brands.

So to build your brand, to gain their trust it is really important to connect with them & the best way to connect is tell a story

Create a story around your brand that people can engage & relate too. 

You can use Social Media stories or live chats to engage & relate to your audience

  • Be Consistent – Consistency is a key to success in any field, for personal branding, it is an important factor.

Be consistent with your content, post consistently & maintain the quality. Engage with your audience on FB/Twitter or Insta regularly so that the connection is still there

Social Media For Marketing
How To Use Social Media To Build Your Brand
  • Be Ready For the Worst that can Happen

This is last but definitely an important point, in not only personal branding but everything….Be ready to fail, Be ready for the worst could happen.

Don’t always expect success, everyone has to face failure & in fact it’s good to hit some hard points in life so that you stay focused & not fly up in the sky.

Failure is a part of learning, my dad says always hope for the best but be ready for the worst

Also when you reach a certain point while you are getting your deserved share of recognition, they come a point when you got to make a choice…either you can crush others, burn bridges & go up or create a community around your brand, help others to grow together.

Ex: Avi Arya promoting DD Internship, I follow them both but when I got the mail from Avi Sir about the DD Internship, it felt good to see they are supporting each other

Here is a blogpost to understand more about Personal Branding

10 Golden Rules Of Personal Branding – Forbes


To convert people into customers all you need to do is understand their pain points, provide them with solutions. 

Focus on the quality of your content, always focus on providing value rather than just sales. In simple terms grab your audience’s attention, create a desire for them in your product & make them take action.

The most important thing about marketing is the product, provide high-quality products & use SEO, SMM, Ads & Influencer marketing to grow your business.

Never let marketing be more important than the product

To understand more about Marketing & its strategies read DotCom Secrets book By Russell

For Entrepreneurship Read – Edge Of Sanity by Deepak Kanakaraju

To Understand how to dedicate yourself to work & live a happy stress-free life read Ikigai

If you want, check out DigitalDeepak Internship Program

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