Google Link Spam Update- Must Read for Bloggers And Affiliate Marketers

Google Link Spam Update

What is Google’s new Link Spam update?

Google has updated its algorithm & this algorithm is really important for bloggers & affiliate marketers. The new Google algorithm update is focused on outgoing links.

Here is the official statement

“In our continued efforts to improve the quality of the search results, we’re launching a new link spam-fighting change today — which we call the “link spam update…

Sites taking part in link spam will see changes in Search as those links are re-assessed by our algorithms.”

What does Link Spam update mean?

Apart from display advertising the most used & effective way to monetize your blog/website is either affiliate marketing or hosting sponsored/guest posts

People who have knowledge about SEO often tag these outgoing links as no follow so that Google won’t track these links but it is no longer enough

According to this new update you have to tag every link that you are getting benefit from as a sponsored link whether it is an affiliate link or a guest post or even paid backlink you need to tag it as a sponsored link

You have 2 weeks until the algorithm fully rolls out. In this time make sure to change every affiliate link so that your site won’t be 🎯 by the update

Google also adds that – it may issue manual actions when it finds sites that fail to qualify the above types of links appropriately.

This update will take approximately 2 weeks to roll out completely.

So make sure you add sponsored rel in all your affiliate links to stay safe.

I know it is difficult if you have many blog posts but you gotta do it

Google Link Spam Update…What you need to do

How to add sponsored tag to your affiliate links In WordPress Block Editor

If you’re using WordPress & that too block editor it is pretty simple for you. Just click on the link & you’ll have an option to tag it as sponsored

If you are using a classic editor on WordPress or any other platform

How To Add Sponsored Tag To Affiliate Links In WordPress Classic Editor

You have to insert this below code to mark the link as sponsored. Just copy-paste it with your link & text & you are done

html code to add Sponsored tag to any link

 Make sure you make the changes asap so that your site won’t get hit with this new Google algorithm

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