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Digital marketing Internship

Learn Digital Marketing from DigitalDeepak

Hey guys I’m here today with an AMAZING opportunity for you.

You guys could work with DigitalDeepak i.e Deepak Kanakaraju one of the best & finest Digital Marketers of India.

He is my mentor in fact, he is the reasong why I’m in Digital Marketing

Back in 2017 I was a fresh graduate, I had a software job at hand but I wanted something different.

Something of my own, I don’t want to go away from parents, I didn’t want to work for someone else.

And that is when I came across DigitalDeepak blog.

I got to know about Digital Marketing & from then the journey has been full of surprises.

I had done many courses of his like

Deepak Kanakaraju Courses

  • Digital Marketing basics
  • 100 days blogging course
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • FB Ads Mastery
  • Content Marketing

Have read tons of his articles & ebooks & man he knowns his stuff.

Some of his popular Ebooks that I have read

He is like knowledge mine – just interact with him once & you’ll know yourself.

I got an opportunity to meet him at one of the conferences in Bangalore & that has been one of the best experiences of my career.

Not only he heard my silly doubts(was a fresher at that time) but he gave amazing insights that helped me a lot in my career.I actually had a fangirl moment 😉

By my own experinec I could quarentee you that if you get under his wing, success is a sure shot for you….given you make the effort.

To anyone who wants to succeed in the Digital Marketing field have to go through this training

You have an amazing opportunity to learn so much not only theoretical but this is hand downs full practical experience

This internship will give you experience & knowledge that can give you a job in any big Digital Marketing agency or better makes you ready to start your own brand.

In this internship not only you’ll be given insights & working secrets of Digital marketing but also you’ll get weekly assignments that will give you real experience

Not Only It will make you ready to handle real clients & give you real work experince.

But you’ll also get paid for assignment that you complete.

More details about how Internship works, what all is included, how much value it provides & everything is explained here.

The Internship is staring from May 16 so Take Action Now

Update : If you are looking for an internship I’m sorry but the registration is Closed

Registration for the internship is closed & I’m very happy to let you know that some of our readers have enrolled in it & they are already realizing the worth of it.

If you have missed it…Don’t need to be sad.

I will let you know as soon as this kind of opportunity is avaliable

For know here are some knowledge bombs by Deepak that you can check out.

To know more about Digital Marketing.

Deepak Kanakaraju Ebooks

Edge Of Sanity

How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur without Losing Your Sanity

Edge Of Sanity By Deepak Kanakaraju

How To Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job

A step-by-step guide to get your dream job in the digital marketing field.

How To Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job

Blog Rockstars

5 Bloggers Reveal Their Secrets to Successful Blogging 

Blog Rockstars

Product Launch

How To Create & Launch Your First Product In 5 Simple Steps 

Product launch

Do you need anything more?

———–Previous Post—Registration for Batch 3 Is Now Closed——

You are practically Get Paid To Learn Digital Marketing

And that too from an expert.

There are many fake gurus out there, selling DM courses for as cheap as Rs 99.

But are they even worth it?

In starting I have enrolled in so many courses some paid & some free but most of the time, the courses are nothing but a bundle of info that is alreday avalible for free on the net.

Resulting they being dumped midway…I learned it hard way that not every course is worth signing for.

But here what I’m sharing is an golden opportunity not worth missing.

You’ll practically get paid, get tons of knowledge & experience moreover the connections that you’ll make through this Internship program can literally land you some high paying clients.

Learn Digital Marketing – Online Digital Marketers Community

Did you know Deepak Kanakaraju has a Facebook group called Learn Digital Marketing…It is one of the biggest facebook communities.

Once you enroll in the internship, you’ll also get access to his private Facebook group meant only for Digital Marketing Interns

You can get connected with established Digital Marketing experts as well as freshers that are just starting out…who knows if you guys click you can ever start something together.

There is a golden opportunity to skyrocket your career just one click away…I’m sorry to say but it would be a stupid move if you miss it.

Don’t trust me? You don’t need to

Why Do You Need To Pay Money To Join this Internship?

You are paying a fee for commitment.

lets be honest, we never value anything that is given to us for free.

We just take it for granted…I can bet taht if this program was free.

Out of 100 only 30-35% of students will actually take the action & complete the assignments.

Because that is how we are…We just grab the courses because they are free & never bother completing them or worst… taking any action.

This is why this internship is made paid.

So that you value the program & in order to get your money back with extra credit you will actually take the actions & complete assignments.

That will make enrolling in this program worth it.

If you think about it

This internship by Deepak Kanakaraju is actually free

Because you won’t be losing a penny…yes full amount that you are paying will be given to you back by the end of Internship.

As I said you’ll be given assignments & upon completion you’ll be paid.

And by the end of the Internship not only you’ll be getting your paid amount back but you’ll also make some extra money around Rs 2000. More than what you have paid.

So isn’t it exciting? not only you’ll get the money back but also you’ll get tons of experience & knowledge.

Also, you’ll be given many bonuses like courses, premium themes, also access to a Private Facebook group meant only for his interns.

This Internship will force you to take action…Stay dedicated, learn & Implement

And with that there is no way that you won’t succeed.

Already 2 batches of Digital Marketing Internship are down & now he is rolling out Batch 3 of this Internship program.

And for you here is a chance to be a part of this.

Limited time offer as the batch is starting soon so you got to make a choice soon.

You have nothing to lose but the value you can get from this is unlimited.

My personal recommendation is just Go For It.

I have talked to some of the previous interns & you’ll be amazed by their experience.

Check out their testinomials/ Internship program Review

This is one of the first of this kind of Internship at least in India…This is something new that Deepak Sir is trying to do so that more people can get benefit from this.

A great Work from home Internship in Digital Marketing Field.

This is an Internship for students, freshers, part-time job seekers, stay home mom/dad, bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, entrepreneurs anyone can do this.

You just need to be ready to dedicate yourself to learn & implement & if you do that success is yours.

Here is a link to the Internship Program launch webinar. Make sure to watch this.

So that you can dedicide whether to go for it or not.

Wether you sign-up for the Internship or not make sure to catch the webinar so that you understand how much value it can provide.

I’m not sure if I did justice in explaining it or sharing with you how much exciting & important opportunity this is

So make sure to Reserve your seat for the Launch event

Got any doubts? feel free to get in touch.

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