How To Do SEO For A Website – Complete Beginners Guide + Free SEO Plugin

How To Do SEO For A Wordpress website

How To Do On-Page SEO For An WordPress Website For Beginners

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factor responsible for the success of your blog

In short it is the driving force of your blog, but not many people understand it right

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization means optimizing your website for search engines. based on the content of your website & your SEO score your website, your articles will get ranked on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc

Although there are many factors that influence your ranking on Search engines but these two i.e your content & your SEO are the basic foundation

Now when you know what SEO is the very next question should be

How To Do SEO

When it comes to SEO the most important thing is Keyword Research, Yes! many youtube videos & blog posts will tell you the same thing

and some times the beginners who have just started blogging they see this as well & start doing keyword Research & the interesting thing here is

They won’t even bother to know what keyword research is & how to do keyword Research

They just read & listen to bits & byres & come to the conclusion that they need keywords, lots of them

doesn’t matter the type of keywords, their quality, their potential. nothing they just need keywords

for that they go to Free keyword Research tools like Ubersuggert, or Keywords Everywhere (google extension) & they just collect bulk keywords

And then comes the fun part, they stuff all those keywords in the content. they do this keyword stuffing so much that the piece of content no longer makes sense

Trust me I have seen this happen a lot, they just stuff the keywords in the content without bothering to add any sort of value, the content is nothing but just a paragraph of keywords connected together with random words

And then they take the rest of those keywords & add them to tags

This is not Keyword Research…this is called keyword stuffing & this will in no way help your website

Factors to consider while doing keyword research

There are many factors that you need to consider while selecting the keywords for your website like their search volume, their keyword Difficulty, their CPC, etc

also while writing content I would strongly recommend you to go for Long tail keywords & not short-tail keywords. There are 3 types of keywords – long tail, medium tail & short tail keywords

What are Long-tail Keywords & Short tail keywords?

Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail keywords

Longtails keywords are the keywords/phrases that are targetted, let me give you an example, “smartphones” it is a short tail keyword, where the intent of the customer isn’t clear

they might be looking for the picture of a smartphone or they want to know how to operate a smartphone, they might want to know which is the best smartphone or which is the cheaper smartphone

you don’t know

The disadvantage of Short Tail Keywords – Why You Shouldn’t target Short Tail keywords

when you are targetting this keyword(smartphone), you don’t know who you are targetting & not to forget this is a competative keyword, successful ecommerce stores, popular smartphone brands will be targetting this keyword so the chances of you ranking on this is slim

Why You Should Focus More On Long Tail Keywords

Now coming to long tail keywords, here you have more info about your target audience & your content.

if we take the example of smartphones

Let’s assume you run an amazon affiliate website, then you can use a long tail keyword like top 10 smartphones under 20K

or if you are into apps, you can target keyowrds like best 5 apps for smartphones or must have apps on your phone etc

here you have more clear idea & control over your target audience & to whom you wanna present your content too

How To Pick Right Keywords

Keyword Research involves all these factors the type of keywords, their search volume, their keyword difficulty, their CPC. how many times they were used on Social media, in paid ad campaigns, etc

These things matter – if you are serious about your website, if you wanna build a career out of it. I would recommend you to learn how to do keyword research the right way

Here is a free course that will help you alot & it will clear out all the basics of Keyword Research to you. so do check it out

Learn Keyword Research For FREE

Sign up for the free keyword Research Course

And the best way to learn keyword research is to do it

Go to authentic keyword Research tools like SEMRush or Ahref & check It out

Play around, understand how the tool works

I don’t recommend ubersuggesrt because it kinda acts funny to me, no matter whenever I open the website, even after the month in the incognito mode I get this message you have exceeded your free attempts or something like this

but if it works for you, try it

Keyword Research Tool That I Use

The keyword research tool that I use & recommend to my clients & friends is SEMRush, it is a paid tool. It is by far the best Keyword Research tool I have used. if you don’t want to pay then go to this link

They give a free 7-day trail for our readers

Sign Up & Get 7 Days Free Trial

Go sign up, check out how keyword research tools work,

Use this tool for 7 days, collect awesome targetted keywords & write content on them I’m sure you’ll see the traffic coming in

complete the keyword Research course & work on the keyword research tool & i’m sure you’ll get a clear complete idea

about what keyword research really is & how easily you can do it

How To Optimize Your Website For Search Engine [On Page SEO]

Keyword Research alone is not SEO

There are many other factors like Your Title, Meta description, keyword density, your content readability & difficulty, is it too passive or too transactive because too much of anything isn’t write there has to be a balance.

and you need to consider things like

Does the focus keyword appear in the title, how many subheadings include the focus keyword & its synonym?

Your URL length, outlining & inner linking.

You need to be careful while optimizing your SEO title & meta description, they are a golden opportunity for you to pick the right words & make your content eye catchy & Search Engine catchy

This al isn’t mandatory but doing this will do wonders for your site ranking & which means more traffic as well

so how to do it

How To Do Right On-Page SEO

Manually analyzing all these things regularly is a tough & tiring task & but what if I say there is a plugin that will do all this & more for you

An SEO Plugin that will take care of everything, will even optimize your content for schema, which means you can get featured on the snippet & you can control how your website looks on Google

The SEO Plugin that I’m sharing today is called Rank Math, it has been more than a year I have been using this & I love this

This takes care of almost everything regarding SEO on my website, so I don’t need to put way too much thought into SEO regularly

In fact, I’m using this on my client website as well & the reason I love this the most is as I said it makes sure that all the above factors are taken care of. so my client doesn’t need me for much

Just for installation & monthly checkups. I’m sorted

Rank Math is a Freemium tool that means it has both Free & paid Versions. For beginners, Rank Math Free Version might be enough. but if you have a whole business set up & earning as well. Rank Math Pro is perfect for you

Go ahead & sign up for the free version if you want & try out the plugin

Sign Up for Rank Math

I love it & I’m sure you’ll too

Now if you are using Yoast SEO & wanna switch but are not sure how to do it, here is a tutorial

It also gives you all the important key differences between Yoast SEO & Rank Math

Yoast SEO Vs Rank Math

Switch from Yoast SEO To Rank Math without losing Ranking – Step by Step Guide

Change Your WordPress SEO Plugin from Yoast SEO To Rank Math

How To Do SEO Audit

If you want to do an audit of your website, try this

SEO Audit Online

If you have any more doubts, let me know & i’ll be here to answer all your queries

all the best for your blog/website & please stay safe

Until next time keep blogging, keep growing

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24 Replies to “How To Do SEO For A Website – Complete Beginners Guide + Free SEO Plugin”

  1. Good blog you’ve got here.. Itís hard to find good quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

    1. Create content that is user friendly not just search engine friendly, rather than focusing completely on keywords & doing keyword stuffing make sure your content is what your audience needs.

      Monitor Engagement on your site, and make sure your CTA’s are visible & appealing. Create content that is informative & influences your audience to click on CTA’s not just selling your product (increases CTR, Google loves it)

      Optimize your titles & meta description, also use image tags so that you can get traffic from image searches as well

      Get nice hosting & avoid using unwanted scripts so that your Core web vitals are good

      use relevant images in your article (I don’t do it much but ik it is a really good thing to do) and use space. don’t write a long essay without any break or white space, you’ll lose readers even if your content is great

      Create authority around your niche, post content that is relevant to your niche, and don’t go from posting about finance one day to posting about web series the next.

      Never overlook internal linking, always internal link to relevant content
      If possible do outreach & get backlinks from High DA websites (Optional but helpful)

      Make sure your website is mobile-friendly & your website navigation is as clear as possible, Google loves good UX so focus on that

      Most importantly create content that is aiming to provide value, don’t beat around the bush, focus on the topic & provide genuine valuable content so that your readers don’t have to hunt for what they need in your big essay

      Consistency is another important thing that you should focus on, I understand sometimes when you don’t get the results you expect, it is easy to get dishearted & give up but don’t

      Consistency is the key to success, keep posting valuable content & you’ll get the results
      if You find it hard to be consistent you can use Ai writers to get some help to get your content. never ever rely blindly on ai for content (at least for now) just use it as a writing assistant just to get started, use the content produce by ai & add in your nuggets & make it better

      This is all I can think of right now, if you have any queries please feel free to ask
      have a nice day 🙂

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