Freelancing Gig Idea – Build Professional Landing Pages, Earn $180/Gig

Freelancing Gig Idea

15 Minutes Work – Freelancing Gig Idea To Make Money Without Any Skills [Legit Work – No Magic!]

Hey guys

As you know I have these series where I share different freelancing gigs that you can offer to start making your money online.

The gig ideas I share are profitable & high in demand freelancing gigs which you can do with no experience as well. Do check out other profitable freelancing gig ideas that I have shared which you can use to make money from home. The link will be at the end of the article

Today I’m sharing with you a freelancing Gig Idea that helped me alot when I was starting out

So I know it works & I also have an amazing technique that will help you to complete the gig with ease

You don’t need any experience for this,just understand how it works & once you get it.

You can complete orders in just half an hour & earn good money

I will not only share with you the gig idea but also show you how you can do it easily

The freelancing Gig that I’m sharing with you is creating landing pages for clients

Landing pages are high in demand. People with businesses online or offline, digital mentors, affiliate marketer everyone need landing pages

For those who don’t know what landing page is…

What Is a Landing page?

It is a page build with the intention to generate leads. People use a landing page to get details like email id & name etc in exchange of a lead magnet

It is a minimalist page with simple design & CTA. Trust me these are in high demand

People trying to generate leads are often looking for good landing page designer

Because even though it is a simple page, your business depends on it, it has the potential to make or break your business because it is a page that can grab the leads potentially leading to lead conversion.

So it is important to have a landing page that converts.

 you can offer this as a service – Landing Page Designing Service on Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, etc & get paid. There are people who are making as much as 15K/gig on a freelancing website. Here is the proof

Landing Page Design Services Price – Earning Potential

Landing Page Design Services
Landing Page Design Services

Now you might be wondering how you can create A landing page?

You don’t have experience, you don’t even know how to create it right?

Don’t worry. I’m here for you

Before I tell you how you can do it I will tell you how I used to do it.

I think I used to offer this service in 2019 around may or June

And I used to use WordPress for it. It was a bit time consuming but I used to get paid well so I was happy

In fact I have built some landing pages by using mail chimp as well

So you think I’m going to tell you to do the same??? Nope

Yes you can create landing pages using WordPress or mail chimp as well

But it will take some time & also might need bit of experience so that you know how to create a landing page that converts.(creating landing page is easy, but the one that converts is tricky)

Today I’m sharing with you a simple technique through which you can create a landing page that looks professional & that too for free.

Are you interested?

Professional Landing page builder for free

Today I’m sharing with you a software, a landing page builder which will help you to create a professional landing page with ease

You can literally create beautiful landing pages within 15 minutes

And it is also free… this is exclusive for our readers

You can use this free landing page builder to create up to 3 landing pages for free.

Are you Disappoint it is just 3? Not sure if it is worth it ?

Trust me with these 3 free landing pages you’ll make enough to get upgraded as a paid user.

Isn’t it awesome? You can try the page builder, make money from it & only when you’ll feel like this can lead to a steady passive income. You can invest money in it.if not just forget about it & move on

Personally, I have people working full time using this. And here you are not only getting the page builder but, tons of other software for free as well

I can’t go in-depth to explain it here. But if you want, let me know & I will post a detailed blog post on it as well. For now, if you want watch this webinar. it will give you an idea about the platform

Now Let’s see

How To Create Landing Pages For Free

Easy Step By Step Guide To Create Professional Landing Pages

Best Free landing Page Builder
  • Now Put in your details
  • Once you are signed up, you’ll be redirected to this page.

Here you get the options to create your funnel, landing pages, ecommerce store, membership site, blog etc

  • For now, just click on groovepages/groovefunnels
  • when you click on Groovepages/groovefunnels, you’ll be redirected to this page

as you can see. I already have 2 landing pages built, when you have a new account, you will see that you can create up to 3 pages for free.

How to create landing pages with Groove Funnels
  • When You click on new site button, you’ll see this new page

where you can create a new site using either a blank template or a pre-made landing page template, it is up to you. There are also categories so that you can find the template relevant to your niche

  • Choose the template you want, it is just drag & drop. make the changes account to your product or service. I can’t explain it all here with pics as it won’t be interesting. sign up & test it for yourself

I will be posting a video very soon, how you can create landing page if you want.

Let me know

Sign up to the live webinar to know more about the software

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