5 Best Automated Business Ideas 2023 [Investment Below $100]

best business ideas 2023

Best Passive Income Business ideas for 2023

if you are someone who wants to build yourself a beautiful successful future then this is the time to take action.

Yes, we lost 11 months & 2022 is about to end but 2023 is about to begin, rather than focusing on the time you wasted, use this time to kick-start your career.

Today I’m gonna share with you 5 best-automated businesses that you can start right now to make money in 2023.

These are the business that anyone can start, it doesn’t require your full attention, you can set it up once & you’ll get passive income through this.

But before we move forward these business ideas require an investment, nope not gonna ask you to invest 6-10 grand not even 1 grand.

You can literally start this business with an investment of less than $100. Yes! It costs you less than your takeout.

from my experience in the digital marketing field for the past 4 years, Ik that if you really want to make good money from any business, you got to invest in it.

Not only does investing some bare minimum amount in a business help you to start but it also creates a sense of accountability that will help you to keep going & give your best.

So, without any out BS let’s get started. but before that

Important Info – Must Read

First Thing -All these automated businesses are Done-For-You i.e means you don’t need to worry about any web hosting, domain names, etc. everything is DONE FOR YOU!

Second & Most Important – These apps are part of the Cyber Monday sale i.e you can get these apps for as cheap as possible, there is almost 90 & 94% off on many of these apps & that is the reason I’m not creating a different blog post for all these business ideas (I’m lazy AF) & I don’t want you to miss out on any of these

So do read the blog post clearly & check out the apps & ONLY if you see the potential, go for it because there is never gonna be a better time.

I might create a separate blog post for the best business idea #5 because I really love it & I see so much potential in it.

So what are you waiting for? start reading

5 Best Online Business Ideas for 2023

Here is the list of 5 best online businesses that you can start in 2023 to create a passive income source

Business Ideas #1 – Create A Self Updating Automated Clickbank Website

This is got to be my favorite best because this is a DFY system that I have recommended before.

In fact, I have a dedicated blog post on this & many of my readers have indeed gone & purchased it.

Create a Clickbank Affiliate Website in 5 Minutes – Affiliate Marketing on Automation

They have started their own Clickbank affiliate website using this tool & by far the feedback is great.

This is one of the best & easy ways to do affiliate marketing using ClickBank

for those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is

You sign up with a product you like as an affiliate & you recommend it to people using your personal unique link & when anyone goes ahead & buys from your link, you’ll make a commission.

Although affiliate marketing is one of the most popular businesses to start online

most people lack the skill, patience & work etiquette required to make affiliate marketing work.

Affiliate marketing is not about just spamming your affiliate link…Nope

You need to find the niche that works for you, find your target audience, build a relationship with them & refer them to the product they badly need…but not many people can follow through with this

And that is why this system works.

Here you don’t need to create content, find the right product, or even worry about the traffic. everything is automated

The only thing you’ll have to do is

  • Become an affiliate with ClickBank
  • Sign Up for this app
  • Enter your niche
  • Add your affiliate id
  • Publish your website.

This tool will create a self-updating automated affiliate website for you.

Using your niche/keyword the tool will find the best products for your audience, and every product will have your affiliate id.

This tool also has access to real buyer traffic, which means you’ll get traffic without having to do anything & mind you the traffic your affiliate website will get is not spammy bolt traffic but real buyer traffic.

all the traffic will be …the people who are genuinely interested in your product.

You can set up this affiliate marketing system once & all you got to do is see commissions coming into your bank account.

Automated Business Ideas #2 – Create a Coupon Website

Tell me something, how many of you have used coupons?

have you ever searched for coupon codes for web hosting, coupon code for particular software, or coupon code for domains? you have…haven’t you?

Create Coupon Site in Minutes – Earn $655/Day on AutoPilot

We all do! because that is how it works, nowadays before we buy any digital assets – it might be domains, hostings, or software. subscription even physical items from online stores we tend to search for coupons & this search is solid proof that there is a massive demand for these coupons

And to be honest there are many websites offering coupons but frankly not good enough.

Most of these coupon websites offer coupons that are pretty useless…either they are fake or expired.

People really find it difficult to get coupons that actually work & this is your blue ocean.

You can use this demand to create a coupon site that offers genuine coupons that work…so how to do it?

Because maintaining a coupon site isn’t a cakewalk…coupons expire pretty quickly so you need to keep an eye on them but how?

You can do it by using this tool – here you can create an automatic self-updating coupon site in just minutes.

It is a fully automatic system, it constantly keeps monitoring coupons on your site – it will add any new coupons available & delete the ones that expire.

The whole site is automatic – all you need to do is

  • Sign up
  • enter your affiliate id
  • hit publish

you don’t need to worry about domains, hosting, traffic, etc.

It is a setup & forget type of system, even without your presence the website will keep running & making you money.

Business Ideas #3 Create Automated Sports News Affiliate Website

Are you a sports fan? do you want to start a sports news & affiliate website where you can make money selling sports gear as an affiliate?

If yes! then this is exactly what you need.

Here is a tool that creates a fully automated sports news website just for you.

It keeps updating the site with the latest sports news & events so that the content is always fresh & new. along with that, it will also create an in-built amazon store that will display all the trendy sports gear to your readers.

the amazon store will be constantly updating & adding new trendy products so that your readers will always get what they want.

The store would be built using your affiliate id- so you can pretty much see money rolling in

Currently, they have a special offer, where if you get this tool right now, you’ll also get a reseller license which means you can also make money selling this software to other people who want to create sports news websites.

If you ever wanted to do affiliate marketing in the sports niche, this is exactly what you need

Just sign up >> add your affiliate id & you can see the money coming in.

Automated Business Idea #4 Create Your Own On-Demand Store

Nope, not talking about selling print-on-demand products using printful. No

Instead, I’m talking about creating your own print-on-demand website.

Here you don’t have to worry about designing any products – here your customers will come to your website >> design the product exactly how they want >> then they’ll place an order.

the app is connected to the best reliable print-on-demand services. so the product creation, as well as the delivery, will be handled automatically without adding up to your worries.

Earning Opportunities

as a plus – you can also create your own designs, and your brand & sell them.

If you are a blogger, YouTuber, or influencer, if you have followers, and people invested in you then this is a no-brainer for you.

You can sell your products like crazy…for example MR Beast

But even though you are not a public figure nor have a huge following but if you have an artistic eye, you can easily create your own exclusive line using an on-demand store.

And if you just want to make money with no added work, just let your customers design what they want.

Your customers will come to your store, they will design the product they want, how they want & then they will place an order & you’ll make money.

This is as simple as that.

Automated Business Idea #5 Create Your Own E-Learning Platform like Udemy

Self Education industry is booming right now, after the pandemic people are realizing that they no longer can solely rely on a single job or be dependent on a single skill.

Right now people are investing so much in themselves, they are ready to pay you as much as needed to achieve the skills & this is where you can make money.

Unless you live under a rock, I believe you know about udemy one of the best e-learning platforms out there. do you want to own something like that?

That too without having to worry about the courses, payment management, customer service, etc…do you? if yes!

check this out

Today I’m sharing with you an app that creates your own udemy-like e-learning platform with 1000+ done-for-you courses.

yes! when you use this app to create your e-learning platform, you don’t need to worry about creating or finding courses to sell on your website.

Everything is done for you, there will be inbuilt high-quality courses ready for you to sell.

And these courses cover 30+ niches. So, you are pretty much covered.

These courses also provide certifications and personal rewards, to keep your students motivated.

Also, you don’t need to worry about setting up payments, course delivery, or even customer support. everything is taken care of.

And most importantly you can keep 100% of your earnings to yourself, you don’t need to pay any 3rd party like hosting, autoresponder, payment gateways, or even course creators.

Everything is done for you, just pay once & you can earn passive income forever

So what are you waiting for?

Must Read

Super Important

pick up the app that works best for you & please picks just 1. Ik it being DFY and all might seem too appealing but 1 step at a time, pick the one you find more appealing, go for it, set it up, see money coming in & then go for the next

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