How To Create Video Reviews For Any Product [ Simple & Quick Method]

how to create a product review video

how to create a product review video

Easy Way To Create Video Reviews for Any Product You Want

Video Reviews are getting insanely popular. people love video reviews because they get to know more about the product as well as see it in action.

Also, Most people are also looking for easy ways to create video reviews because it is one of the easy & quick methods to make money online.

Video reviews are videos created to explain a certain product, service, etc.

It is an explanatory video where you can learn everything you need to know about the product before you make the decision to buy that product.

How To Make Money Using Product Review Videos

You can create product review videos and upload them on YouTube. It can be monetized with both YouTube Partner Program as well as Affiliate Marketing

Along with that you can also start a blog & monetize it

Create short review videos & post them on social media platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok & make money with them.

Or you can offer to create product review videos on platforms like Fiverr as a freelancer.

today I’m sharing with you an easy trick – a quick way you can create video reviews for any product you want without having to show your face or own the product.

If you are thinking about making some money online, this is the best side hustle for 2023.

Create Video Reviews For Any Product With Just Some Clicks Using AI

Here I’ll show you how you can leverage the power of AI to create review videos.

It hardly takes 4 steps & you can easily create 3-5 videos every day, so get ready to make money by doing nothing!

Step 1

Go to this website & sign up

Step 2

Enter the URL of the product you want to review

Step 3

Click create…the AI will create a highly detailed product review with real reviews, images, music & real human voiceovers.

Step 4

Upload the video using the express ranking method (you’ll get access to it when you sign up). it will take care of SEO & makes sure that your video is ranking on youtube as well as on Google

Now sit back & see the sales coming in

Who can leverage review videos?


There are tons of review channels on YouTube – You can review products in any niche you want….Electronics, Sports, Beauty & Fashion Etc.

for example: When people see a unique amazon product in a video, they don’t go to amazon & search for it. Nope.

They go to the description & click on the given affiliate link.

E-Commerce Store Owners

Do you have an eCommerce store that you want to drive sales to? use these product reviews & stand out from your competition.

Post these detailed & catchy product reviews & you’ll see traffic coming in.


You can use this review video creator for dropshipping as well…we all know right now Aliexpress is the biggest fish in the dropshipping marketplace & you can easily create video reviews for aliexpress products using this method

Local Business

Struggling to grab more eyeballs for your local business online? then do use these review videos & reach the masses

Important Tip

This method doesn’t limit to the physical product – you can use this product review creator for digital products, software, services, books, training/coaching, etc.

Practically anything…as long as you are trying to sell anything, review videos will be the best way to sell anything

Full Demo of How To Create Product Reviews Video

Want to see how this whole system works? Click on this link

Here you’ll get all the details about the Ai Tool that creates product review videos, along with that you’ll see the testimonials of many marketers who are killing it with this system

And most of all you see the AI Tool in the process – you can see the process of how the AI Tool creates the Video reviews for any product from platforms like Amazon, aliexpress, eBay

It is a 100-second video because that is all it takes to create your product review videos

Watch Demo

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