Learn How Publishing A Book Can Help Grow Your Business

Benefits of publishing a book online

Why Publishing A Book Should Be Your Next Step Towards Success

Today we will talk about how publishing a book even an ebook can help you tremendously to grow your business

Of course, this is not mandatory.

There are tons of digital marketers & entrepreneurs who are pretty successful without publishing a book but also there are more who have their own book.

Publishing a book does give you an edge over your competition & today we will see how

Here are the reasons why you need to publish a book asap

Benefits of Writing A Book – Becoming a Published Author


Let’s be real, money is our motivation behind starting any business & publishing a book is a way to do it.

Publishing a book is just one-time work – you need to write, edit & publish the book once & you can cash on the royalties as long as you want.

It can be one of the best & stable passive income sources for you & honestly publishing a book is not as difficult as you might think.

You just need to write the book & design a book cover. You can do it yourself or hire someone from Fiverr

And then you can literally publish your book on Amazon using KDP for free.

I have some ebooks on Amazon & literally I love the feeling of being an author (self-published IK but….. who cares)

Once your book gets the exposure it needs, it might bring in really good sales that mean more royalties for you & that means more money.


Publishing a book helps you to build authority in your field.

It shows that you know & understands the field & people actually end up valuing your opinion which makes it really easy to build a brand & audience for yourself

Leverage – Helps you stand out

As I said publishing a book helps to build authority but along with that it also helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are trying to find clients, brands to collaborate or even a job, if you have a book published & if it actually shows up in the search engine when someone searches for you.

It gives you an edge over other people

People looking to hire you or work with you will definitely give you more attention than the rest of your competition’s resumes or outreach emails.

More Opportunity

When you sell your book you don’t have to make money only through royalties, you can also monetize your book using other methods like – selling your own products, courses, or affiliate marketing.

In your book, you can recommend tools, courses, or even training & you can make money with that

Or you can use your book like a lead magnet to sell your own courses or consultations.

Become a Speaker

If your book manages to make a good amount of sales, chances are there that you might be called to talk at events as a guest speaker.

It could be a physical event or even a virtual summit or even Zoom Call.

Having your book gives you an authority that can open many opportunities for you


Here I’m not just talking about brand collaborations.

You can also get to collab with other content creators in your niche. You both can do joint sessions/training

Being an author opens so many doors for you

People will reach out to you for interviewing you on their YouTube Channels, podcasts, etc.

You can also be invited to talk to other content creators audience, special training students & you’ll get more exposure & the pay is excellent as well

In short, if you really want to create a brand, and add authority & credibility to your name do consider creating a book even a decent ebook will do.

But just because I said you need to write a book doesn’t mean you just write any crap you can think of.

Don’t just go & copy-paste. that is really big no NO.

Not only is creating a worthless book a waste of time but it can also backfire & ruin your brand

So be careful while creating your ebook

How to Create an Ebook

Now after reading all the benefits of publishing your book, do you want to create your own book?

If yes, then keep an eye on our next blog post.

where I’ll share a sure-shot way of writing a selling ebook

It is a really simple technique that has helped many authors to become best sellers.

And the thing is it is pretty easy & requires no prior experience & NO here we are not talking about 200-300+ pages of ebooks

No, all you need to publish is a 6-10 page ebook & in the next blog post I’ll share with you the exact steps that you need to follow to publish your first ebook

So do subscribe so you won’t miss the update

Until then…Keep Growing <3

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