How to Create & Sell Puzzle Books on KDP – Step by Step Tutorial

create puzzle books for kdp

Create & Sell Puzzle Books On KDP – Make Money With KDP

KDP is one of the best, easy & interesting ways to make money online

You can create your book & sell it globally & the best thing is it will be a passive income

Create your book once & you can make money from it as long as your book is on amazon

I have talked a lot about creating no content book for KDP like notebooks, journals, etc but today we are going deep

We will be talking about creating activity books for KDP more specifically we will be talking about how to create Puzzle books for KDP

Do Puzzle Books Sells?

Hell Yes! Puzzle books are one of the hottest KDP book niches

Puzzle books sell like crazy because come on, puzzle books are addicting, aren’t they?

I love solving puzzles, it is entertaining, relieves stress, makes you feel like you accomplished something, in short quite fun

There are different types of Puzzle books that you can create like

  • Word Search
  • Number Search
  • Cryptograms
  • Sudoku
  • Word Match
  • Word Scramble etc

These Puzzle books sell like crazy, don’t believe me? go & check amazon

You’ll see how many reviews, and stars these puzzle books have

and the best thing about puzzle books is you can’t get enough

When you complete one puzzle you feel an urge to go for more

if you create puzzle books & if your customers like them there is a sure shot that they will come back for more which means customers’ retention rate will be higher

Today we will see how you can create all the puzzles mentioned above, you can work on all of them or pick the one you love the most & start working

Trust me when you start creating these puzzle books & see sales coming you

You’ll be overjoyed

Puzzle Books To Sell On KDP

If you want to sell puzzle books, it would be best if your puzzle books have at least 35-40 puzzles minimum. But the problem here is creating these puzzles manually is stressful, tiring & honestly kinda impossible especially if you’re a beginner

But there is so much potential in this niche to just give up. so what to do?

to help you out, today I’m sharing with you a software that creates 100 if not thousands of puzzles with just 1 click

It does all the work, all you got to do is select the topic of your puzzle

Create Different Types of Puzzles with Just 1 Click – No Experience or Technical Knowledge Required

I love this software, when I came across this software I was really impressed

Honestly, I wanted to work on puzzle books myself but creating them seem too much work so I gave up on it

But when I saw this software I wanted to give it a shot again

This software is called puzzle book mastery

How to Create Puzzle Books

  • You need a list of words that you want to be included in the puzzle
  • Upload the file
  • Click on the type of puzzle you want to create
  • Select the number of puzzles you want
  • Then click on make puzzle
  • there you have your puzzles ready for you to download & use

What’ll You Get on Sign Up

When you sign up for this software you’ll get

  • complete training on how to use the software,
  • cloud-based software that you can use on any device,
  • a quick start cheatsheet,
  • access to the member area & private Facebook group


Along with that, you’ll get a video course on how to create KDP Book Covers using canva & a pack of 10 Mazes

You can put it in a puzzle book

How To Sell Puzzle Book On Amazon KDP

  • Create Puzzles Using the Software
  • Create a KDP Book Cover Using Canva – Full Step by Step Training will be given
  • Upload to Amazon KDP
  • Start Making Money

How to Make Money with Puzzles Apart from KDP

If you don’t want to sell your puzzles on amazon or if you want to make more money with these puzzles along with KDP

You can sell these puzzles on marketplaces like eBay, ETSY, Creative Fabrica, or your website

You can also offer puzzle creation as a freelance service on Fiverr

it can be given away as a lead magnet for your business. use them in sales funnels as a top of the funnel

Puzzles can also be used to engage with people on social media to increase engagement & get more followers

If you are looking for an easy way to make money online this is worth trying

Software to Create Puzzles with Ease – Sign Up

Concerns – FAQs

Which device is it compatible with?

Works on all devices as long as it has an internet connection

Does software create book covers as well?

No. but they do provide training on how to create book covers using Canva

Is technical knowledge required?

No technical or Puzzle making knowledge required

Cost to Publish a book on Amazon?

It is completely free to publish a book on amazon

Types of puzzles you can create?

Word search, number search, cryptograms, sudoku, word match, word scramble

Any monthly fees?


Size of the Puzzle Books?

The software creates them in 8.5x 11 inches size, they are pdf use can resize them easily according to your linking

You can read more FAQs regarding software here

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