Make Money Creating & Selling Cheat Sheets [ No Experience Required]

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How To Create & Sell Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheet is one of the best low-competitive yet high-in-demand digital product niches.

It has a lot of potential to make money online.

You can create & sell cheat sheets in any niche you want like SEO Cheat Sheet, Weight Loss Cheat Sheet, Cryptocurrency Cheat Sheet, Intra Day Cheat Sheet, Copywriting Cheat Sheet, etc.

All these types of Cheat Sheets are high in demand & it is really easy to create & sell them & today I’ll show you how

First, let’s see

Different Ways To Make Money Selling Cheat Sheets

Sell On Marketplaces

You can create these Cheat sheets on digital marketplaces like Etsy, Creative Fabrica Etc.

These Marketplaces already have the traffic so you can easily cash on it.

Sell On Your Websites

You can create your website – an online store to sell your cheat sheets.

To create these stores you can use Shopify, GrooveSell or Spread Simple both of these platforms are free to use & pretty simple to set up.

Just create your online store, display your cheatsheets & drive traffic to it.

I have shared many simple ways to drive traffic to your website, you can check them out.

Freelancing Service

If you don’t want to sell Cheat sheets on your own, you can create these cheat sheets for someone else.

Yes, you can offer a cheat sheet creation service as a freelancing gig.

People pay anywhere around $15 to $80 for Cheat sheets based on their niche & quality ( I will show how you can create professional cheat sheets without prior experience in this article, so don’t worry).

You can offer your freelancing service on freelancing platforms like Fiverr

Use as a Lead Magnet

If you have your courses, training, or even high-ticket affiliate products that you want to sell then giving away cheat sheets to get more leads can be one of the best ways to make money online.

Yes. You can offer cheat sheets for free in exchange for your audience’s email address.

Build an email list with it & then nurture them into customers.

This process of acquiring leads & then taking them on the journey to convert them into customers is called a sales funnel.

One of the best & important aspects of building a business.

For example

Let’s assume you are promoting Groove as an affiliate. Groove is an all-in-one business software but the majority of people use Groove to build sales funnels & that is what our selling point will be.

Now create a cheat sheet using my technique & then offer this funnel-building Cheat Sheet or Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet as a free lead magnet to get more sales.

People who sign up & download your funnel-building cheat sheet will understand the benefits & merits of using Groove through your free funnel-building cheat sheet & when they sign up, you’ll make a nice commission & that too as a passive income.

Important Tip

If you’re into affiliate marketing & haven’t signed up as an affiliate to Groove then go ahead & do it now.

You are missing out on easy money because with Groove all you got to do is let your audience sign up to Groove for free.

Along with that when you sign up as an affiliate to Groove you’ll also get access to some of their premium affiliate training & that too for free & those training are a bomb.

They’ll help you to learn & grow as not only an affiliate marketer but also as an entrepreneur.

Now let’s move on to the important part

How to Create Cheat Sheets Online

Traditional Way

The traditional way of creating a cheat sheet is to do research.

Get familiar with the topic, learn everything you could, and refer to books, articles, videos even other cheat sheets to prepare your own good cheat sheet.

This might seem like a usual, good & correct way of creating a cheat sheet & it is but there is a certain problem with this.

If you want to make money creating & selling cheat sheets then at least you need to make 4-5 cheat sheets per month. It is a bare minimum for getting started.

But if you follow the traditional way of creating a cheat sheet by researching & investing a lot of time then it is quite not possible. not practical in the least.

You don’t have the luxury of investing so much time in creating just 1 cheat sheet.

also if someone hires you as a freelancer to create a cheat sheet like Youtube SEO Cheatsheet then they would want the cheat sheet in like 2 or a maximum 3 days.

No one is gonna wait for more than that, especially if you are a beginner.

They will just cross over you & move on to someone who will provide them with a cheat sheet asap.

So what to do

Today I’m gonna share a more practical, real & quick way to create Cheat Sheets on any given topic with the bare minimum of work.

Best & Quick Way to Create Cheat Sheets

Here I will share with you a simple way to create cheat sheets within seconds.

It is really simple, no technical knowledge is required & most of all it creates really beautiful professional-looking cheat sheets

And the most important thing is that…cheat sheet is auto-updating.

Your cheat sheet will be evergreen because it keeps updating, adding new links & info regarding the cheat sheet niche. So, It will keep the user hooked.

Now let’s see how you can do it.

How To Create Cheat Sheet Online – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1

Go to this link & Sign up.

It is the link to cheat sheet creating software that can be accessed through PC, Mac, Smartphone, and Tablet.

Step 2

Once you sign up & access the software. this page will pop up.

Now you need to enter the keyword/ niche.

how to create cheat sheet for any niche
how to create cheat sheets

Step 3

Next, you need to enter the name of your company/brand to state your copyright. and then click on next

Step 4

your cheat sheet is ready, just download & use it the way you want.

Do you realize how easy it is to create & sell cheat sheets online?

You can literally create an unlimited number of cheat sheets with just a couple of clicks.

Extra Features & Bonuses – Easy Way to Make More Money with Cheat Sheets

Here you don’t need to create plain textual cheat sheets.

When you sign up for Cheat Sheet Generator you’ll also get unlimited access to

Cheatsheet Generator Deluxe – allows you to add many more content areas to your cheatsheet like links, latest updates, images, videos, tips & tricks, social media links, etc.

I also said that you can use cheat sheets in your sales funnel, but what is a sales funnel & how to create one?

Don’t worry, it’s been taken care of.

Here you’ll also get unlimited access to

  • Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator
  • Cheatsheet Sales Letter Generator Deluxe
  • Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator
  • Cheatsheet Squeeze Page Generator Deluxe
  • Public Domain Finder: Images Edition
  • Public Domain Finder SaaS
  • IntelliSqueeze 
  • Redirection Monetizer SaaS

All these SAAS products make it super easy for you to launch your sales funnel with just a couple of clicks.

Using these SAAS products you can create landing pages, squeeze pages, and thank you pages with bare minimum effort & they come with reseller rights as well. That means you can offer to create these pages as a freelancing service.

You can also find images, videos, ebooks & other copy-right free content using the public domain finder.

use IntelliSqueeze to create converting GDPR-ready squeeze pages with pop up, opt-ins, etc.

Redirection Monetizer helps you to create & monetize traffic from any of your websites.

so what are you waiting for

Sign Up and Start Making Money

Cheat Sheet Generator

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