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make money selling PLR Product

Best Way To Make Money on Auto-Pilot

Right now Self Development is one of the insanely growing niches, after the pandemic, the pov of people is changing.

People are invested in self-help, self-development, and self-growth, anything related to these niches is high in demand, given it actually provides value & helps someone.

And that is exactly what we will be doing today to make money online.

Here today we will see how you can make money in this high in demand niche i.e self-development.

And this is not affiliate marketing nor do you need to create any self-development product. Nope

Here we will be making money by selling a high-quality Self Development PLR product that has the potential to change people’s lives

Yes, here you’ll be making money by helping others. let’s see how

Why making money with PLR Products is one of the best & worst ways to make money online?

let me explain…Selling PLR Products is the best to way make money online because you don’t need to worry about creating a product.

It is created for you & all you got to do is find the right people to sell it for.

So, it is easy quick money but let’s talk about why it is a bad way to make money online

Because let’s be real, most PLR products are dam low quality…the content is poorly written & outdated.

So, investing a lot of time trying to sell something that people won’t even read for free is just a time waste & in our industry, it is opportunity cost.

Every second we invest in trying to promote crappy PLR products, we are missing out on making money from real high-quality products.

That is why when it comes to PLR products, I would be picky. It is one of the reasons why you won’t find much about regular PLR sites on my blog.

Now let’s get back to our PLR Product

High-Quality PLR Product That is Selling Like Crazy

The PLR product we are talking about today is Think Big…Secrets To Achieving Wildy Ambitious Goals

If you go to any popular PLR sites & pick a product. just search for it on Google you’ll find tons of websites promoting the same stuff.

Same heading, same cover, and same content. when so many sites are offering the same thing the chances of you landing a sale is quite slim but that is not the case here.

This PLR product is pretty new, it is launched in October itself & not many people are aware of this product.

Yes, some smart marketers are promoting this offer so why not add yourself to their list?

Self Development is a Billion Dollar Industry & with its premium content, you are sure to make some really good money promoting this product.

Before we move forward let’s talk about what is this PLR Product, How to make money with this PLR product, who are the target audience & some awesome bonuses you’ll get with this PLR Product

What is Think Big PLR Product? What is Included?

Think Big is an ultimate guide, a solution for people who want to break free from the life of mediocrity, who want to follow their passion & pursue their ambitious dreams.

Some of the points discussed in this PLR product are how to set SMART goals, how ambition separates winners from losers, why you should get out of your comfort zone, the surprising power of daily goals, how to practice healthy competition, 5 reasons why you must think big to succeed in anything you do… etc

This PLR product is an eye-opener to many people & has the potential to influence people to break free & achieve their goals.

With this PLR product, you’ll be making money while helping people achieve their dreams. it’s a win-win situation

When you claim this PLR Product you’ll get Private Label Rights along with a complete Done For You Sales funnel!

To know more about the content & modules of the PLR product, I recommend checking out this page.

Everything that is included in this PLR Product is explained here

What’ll You Get – Resources to Make Money with this PLR Product

When you claim this PLR product here are the resources you’ll get to start making money with this PLR Product

  • Premium Quality eBook
  • Complete Checklist
  • Comprehensive Mind Map
  • High Converting Sales Page & Thank You Page
  • Engaging Video Sales Letter
  • Exclusive Lead Magnet
  • Professional Landing Page
  • Follow-up Email Swipes
  • Stunning Graphics Pack
  • Commercial Licenses

As a bonus, you’ll get PLR Powerhouse & Smart Funnel hacks

but that is not all.

5 Exclusive Bonuses for FREE

For the time being, you’ll also get Bonuses like

Bonus 1 worth $147 Value

Mastering Self Confidence

Bonus 2 Worth $177 Value

Believe in Your Vision

Bonus 3 worth $177 Value

Greatness Through Gratitude

Bonus 4 worth $197 Value

Less is More

Bonus 5 worth $197 Value

Boosting Self Esteem

Get This PLR Product

9 Ways to Make Money with This PLR Product

There are different ways you can make money with this PLR Product, I’ll be listing the 9 best ways to make money online with PLR

Sell It

When you get a PLR product, you get its reseller rights as well. so you can sell this product as your own & keep 100% for yourself.

Publish It on KDP

Publish this PLR as your own on Amazon Kindle, you can publish it as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover.

Create YouTube Videos

Use the premium content in this PLR to create engaging YouTube videos.

As you know self-help, self-development, and motivational content are one of the top-viewed content on YouTube & you can create these self-development videos using this PLR.

Just go to this website > select text to video > copy the content > click on create> your professionally edited YouTube Video is really to go live.

You don’t need to show your face or do the voiceover.

Giveaway as Bonus

Selling high-ticket products as an affiliate is tricky, but you can sweeten the deal when you offer quality content as a bonus when someone buys through your link & this PLR could be that quality content.

Suppose you are offering a high-ticket product, when you are promoting that product let your readers know that if they sign up through your link, they’ll get this bonus.

Use this PLR as a Lead Magnet

Giveaway this PLR, if not as a bonus then as a lead magnet.

Either offer it for free or at minimum cost in exchange for your potential leads emails, then follow up & make sales

Use it for Membership Sites

You can use this content for your paid membership site, if you don’t have one you can easily create one using groove for free or you can post this premium content on Quora Space as monetized content.

Just join a popular self-development space on quora & post this content, make sure you post it as monetized content.

Blog Posts

You can split the content into small portions & use it for your blog posts.


You can also use this content for podcasts, self development podcasts are quite popular.

You can post it on amazon audible as well

Paid Webinars

You can host webinars on this topic you can host one live & then sell the pre-recorded sessions. launch it as a video course if you want.

This could be a great passive income source.

Who is Your Target Audience?

You can sell this PLR product to business owners or marketers who want to/are in a self-development niche,

Also, you can sell this to Self Development coaches, life coaches, etc

You can sell this to individuals who are working on making their life better. you can easily find them on Facebook, just join Facebook groups on self-development niches & find people who are looking for ways to change their life for the better.

Remember don’t just forward them the link & ask them to buy, rather build a relationship, understand what they are struggling with & then off this PLR as a solution

Last but not least. use this for yourself.

This PLR is capable of helping you to achieve your dreams, if you’re at a point in life where you feel stuck, lost & don’t know how to achieve the life you desire then this is something you should definitely use for yourself.

This is it for this article.

will be back soon & until then stay focussed & never stop following your passion

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