How to Create Online Store for Free [Full Tutorial]

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In this article, we are sharing with you a technique that you can use to start your own online business or offer this skill as a freelancing service. We are also sharing with you an awesome tool so consider this blog post part of our tools Tuesday & freelancing series

Create Online Store Using Google Sheets

Nowadays, Creating an online store & selling products has become a legit business opportunity to make money online.

You can create an online store to sell digital products like courses, templates, ebooks, software, apps, & so much more or you can start an online store to sell physical products.

Money is great in this business & creating an online store is not as difficult as you think

Usually, when it comes to starting an online store you mainly need a domain, hosting & a platform like (woo-commerce, Shopify, or Groove) to launch your online store but that is not what we will be talking about today.

As I have mentioned, today we will learn how you can create an online store free of cost & just using google sheets. are you ready?

This is super simple & your store will be ready in minutes. so let’s get to it

How to Create Online Store Using Google Sheets

as I mentioned above, this is a step-by-step guide on how to set up an online store using Google sheets

Step 1

Create a Google Sheets with all your products Info

Here is a snapshot of one of the Google sheets that we have prepared containing a list of KDP Books.

Best selling amazon KDP Books

Your google sheet doesn’t have to be elaborate, just basic details like Product name, description, usage, price, link to buy, image address, etc

You can literally include anything you want but this is the basic layout that would be really helpful if you want to create a professional-looking online store.

Once you have filled the google sheet will the required data, click on share & get the link

Make sure you select that anyone with the link can view

now let’s move on to the next step

Step 2

Create Online Store

To create an online store we will be using a website called spreadsimple

It is software that helps you to create any type of online store in minutes by extracting data from Google Sheets

Just click on the link & sign up for Spreadsimple by clicking on get started

As you can see I already have 3 websites on Spreadsimple,

now we will see how you can create a brand new online store/website using Spreadsimple & Google Sheets.

To create a store, click on the “+” sign which I have pointed to using the arrow.

When you do, this is the page you are directed to

Here either you can just enter your Google sheets link & let the system select the template for you or you can select the template you particularly want to use

Next, you’ll be redirected to this page

Here on the left side, you have all the settings that you’ll need to make your online store look professional

You can change the appearance of the store using the design tab, You can make changes like color, layout, logo, intro & footer text, etc. in the content tab you can select the things like product name, description, etc that you want to display to your viewers.

Then you can set up the checkout page with a payment gateway.

In the settings tab, you can select the language of your store, you can add & remove widgets, insert codes, & most importantly, here you can do the SEO for your website.

Then comes the pages & links tab, here you can create additional pages like about us, contact us, return policy, privacy policy, etc

In the Add Ons tab – you have tons of apps, and tools integration that you can use like email marketing, live chat, WhatsApp chat, social media, video/live streaming, etc.

You can also use your custom domain or desired SpreadSimple subdomain like

To get a clear idea, refer to this SpreadSimple video tutorial

Creating An Online Store Using SpreadSimple [Video Tutorial]

So what are you waiting for? go ahead & create your online store now.

You can use this to sell your own products, affiliate products, CPA offers, KDP Books or POD products.

SpreadSimple Signup Link

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