How To Create An Affiliate Website For free in Just 15 Minutes



How To Do Affiliate Marketing For Free

Today we will be talking about how to create & use an affiliate website to grow your affiliate marketing business, But before that let’s see why you need a website to do affiliate marketing

There are mainly 3 different ways you can do affiliate marketing

First: Sales Funnel

In the sales funnel, you got to take the readers on a journey. You first need to make them aware of your product, spike their interest, create a desire in them for your product ( the end result your product will provide them) & influence them to take an action

This is an effective way to do affiliate marketing but It requires time, effort, and a bit of knowledge on how to set up a funnel & it needs time/money (traffic paid or free depends upon you)

Second: Email List

Using an email list for affiliate marketing is a really smart move, your email subscribers have trust in you so they will invest in what you recommend

But creating an email list requires time

Third: Affiliate Website

This is one of the best & widely used ways to do affiliate marketing & that is to create an affiliate website

With an affiliate website, you can cash on traffic, build your brand, and offer many products to your readers but when it comes to building an affiliate website many people are hesitant

because either they don’t have money, or they don’t want to invest in domain & hosting,
or they just don’t know how to build an affiliate website

But today I’m gonna share with you a simple technique with which you can build an affiliate website for free without any investment or any technical knowledge

Your website will be up & running in 15 minutes & you don’t need any domain or hosting for this, just google sheets will do

Also if you HAD TO, you can also do it on your phone, yes you heard it right

You can create an affiliate website & do affiliate marketing on phone using this technique

so let’s dive in

Create an Affiliate Website For Free

Step 1

You need affiliate products that you want to sell

To create this affiliate website first you need a set of affiliate products, I would recommend you have at least 8 affiliate products for this affiliate website

Not compulsory but recommend

Pick the affiliate products relevant to your niche, if you don’t know how to pick a niche, read this ebook to get a clear idea

You can use amazon products or any other affiliate product you like

I have given my list of best affiliate products for beginners, do check it out

Step 2

Create a spreadsheet of your affiliate products using google sheets

It could be like

Name- Description -Price- Link

Create affiliate website using spread simple

add your affiliate products name, 1 or 2-line description, your affiliate link & the price of the product

You can customize it the way you want

Important Tip

If you are building an amazon affiliate website don’t mention the price, because the price changes frequently on amazon & also it is part of their amazon associate guidelines

Now your spreadsheet is ready, save it & click on share it

Don’t forget to change the setting to anyone with the link can view the document

Step 3

The final step is to go to this website called spreadsimple

Sign up & then click on create a website

There are many pre-made templates available for you to use, pick the one you like & insert the link to your google sheet & then wait for the magic to happen

In just minutes your affiliate website will be ready

Change the header image, if you have a logo, upload your logo

Go and select the right column so that the right things could be displayed

Best affiliate programs for beginners
Create An Affiliate Website with Spread Simple

As you can see on the left side, you have an option to add new pages, create a checkout page & so much more. just play around & customize it the way you want

I have created this ” Best affiliate programs for beginners” using spreadsimple. It is pretty basic. I anyway had to share the link with you so I thought to use spreadsimple so that you can see how it looks & works

I strongly recommend these affiliate programs, check them out & sign up for the ones you like

Also, I’m not associated/affiliated with spreadsimple. I’m recommending this because I use it

Make More Money With Spread Simple

Don’t think you can use spreadsimple just for affiliate marketing

You can use this to sell your own courses, digital products, handmade products, CPA Marketing, or use to create coupon websites If you have a KDP business or POD business you can use this to drive traffic to your products.

For example: here is one of our POD Websites Gift Of Love

It is still in progress, we have yet to add more products & variations, I just wanted to give you an idea about how you can use spreadsimple for your business.

Hope this article helps, let me know if you have any queries & more stuff is coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe to our email list.

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