5 Reasons Why You Are Failing at Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing mistakes

Why You Are Not Getting Any Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing is one of the best & effective online business models

It is a most loved online business as 

It doesn’t require you to own the products you are selling, you don’t need to worry about shipping or delivery, you can do it from anywhere in the world

For people who don’t know about affiliate marketing, let’s get the basics right

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business where you recommend the product to people & when someone purchases through your link you’ll get a commission

I have shared a detailed blog post on why you should start affiliate marketing, do check it out

Today more & more companies are leaning towards affiliate marketing, as it is cost-effective & highly profitable

And As affiliate marketing offers flexible work hours, a laptop lifestyle & nice money. 

Many people are getting into affiliate marketing, but are they doing well???

Sadly no!

Let’s see what are the reasons people fail at affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes 

Not treating it like a real business

As I said it is an online business & this is the reason many people see this as a get rich scheme

People want to make nice money from affiliate marketing but they don’t see this as a real business & that is one of the reasons why many people are failing at Affiliate Marketing

They just sign up, scatter their links online & want to make money… this is not how affiliate marketing works

Just like any other business, affiliate marketing requires dedication, hard work 

You need to build your affiliate marketing business, you need to do research on what people need

Understand the market, find the target audience, connect with them  & then promote them that product that helps them

And if you do this, trust me you’ll get affiliate sales without spending any money on paid traffic


This is one of the wrong & time-wasting techniques that many affiliate marketing beginners do

First They’ll sign up to an affiliate program & then they start spamming

They will spam forums, YouTube videos, Facebook pages & group

They will also use blog commenting which is really a waste of time because nowadays every blog has comment moderation activated & when they see you are promoting a product they will just mark you spam & send your comment to the trash

Also, the major blunder that people do why spamming is scrapping the email ids or buying bulk email ids & then sending out cold emails

Don’t get me wrong cold email works, it works when you are trying to reach someone for collaboration or offering any kind of value to others not when you’re email is just about getting sales…, buy…buy…buy

If you send out these cold e-mails & if many people mark you spam your email account could be banned if not the affiliate account

So never do this

Scattering your link on social media & hoping that someone somehow will click on your link & will make a purchase is just happy thinking

This is never gonna work…so if you’re someone who is doing this… STOP right now

Not Selecting Niche

Finding your niche is one of the most important & crucial steps for succeeding in affiliate marketing

Niche is a field that you want to target, having a clear idea about your niche makes all the difference

When you have a clear idea about your niche, you can easily find your target audience and it becomes 10x easier to find ways to promote your product to them

Niche also helps you to find the right platform your target audience like to hang out & then you can use SMM to reach them on their most loved platform

If you don’t know your niche, if you don’t have an idea about how to find your perfect niche then check this out

It is a simple ebook that will help you to find your niche in just 3 steps

Signing Up To Too Many Affiliate Programs 

If you think you’ll make money by promoting more products then I’m sorry to say, you are WRONG!

More the merrier concept doesn’t work here. When you sign up to too many programs you won’t be able to concentrate & promote the products the right way. & finding the right people at the right time is the game-changer for affiliate marketing

And when you have way too many products to sell, you end up with confusion & complication & when you don’t get sales you get depressed & frustrated

I’m not saying stick to a product & put all your energy in just that one product especially if it is a low ticket product that might give you $3-$5. NO.

But it is really important that you be careful while signing up for affiliate programs, especially if you are just starting out I would recommend 2-3 low ticket affiliate products & one high ticket product & concentrate there & when you see sales coming in. move to the next

The thing I love about affiliate marketing is you can automate it

If you do affiliate marketing through  content creation like blog/videos or ebooks then all you got to do is create it once & once it starts to rank, it will bring in sales on autopilot

For ex: I have a blog post promoting an affiliate product that I have written in Sept 2019 which gives me $15 per sale. That blog post alone gives me 16-18 sales /month on autopilot even today

And if you are doing affiliate marketing using funnels this becomes 10x easier ( this is how I promote my high ticket affiliate products) create a funnel >> automate it using email marketing & trust me you’ll get sales even if you forget you had that product

IMP: you need to promote it initially to get the momentum

If you want to know how to set up a funnel then check this out

A 30 days challenge where you’ll be guided step by step to create your first sales funnel

High Expectations

When you start affiliate marketing, chances are high that you’ll get into many affiliate marketing groups on Facebook

For ex:  affiliate programs like groove, click funnels, etc. have their dedicated Facebook groups for their affiliate

Although it is really great, you’ll get a chance to connect to like-minded people, to grow more but it also has a drawback

Many times in these groups, they are people who are making 6-7 figures from affiliate marketing

Sometimes the beginners see this & they get frustrated when they couldn’t make it

They get frustrated, irritated & some people even end up giving up…this is wrong on so many levels

When you see someone making 6-7 figures you need to remember 2 things

One – sometimes it is not true (sad reality ) not always but sometimes. There are people in the affiliate marketing space who claim to make big bucks, but they don’t

They are just throwing around numbers so that they can sell their programs or services

Second- the most important thing

Even though they are making 7 figures from affiliate marketing, they didn’t do it overnight

It was not a miracle, it is the result of their hard work, their dedication

I have seen it, 

many affiliate markers who make it big, have a clear idea about their niche, they know who their target audience is. And what their pain points are, and they just provide their audience with the solution to their problem

Remember… provide a solution, not a product

The simple yet powerful mantra of any business

So these are some common reasons why many affiliate marketers fail… if any of this is true for you then please change your way & trust me you’ll make it big in affiliate marketing

Affiliate Programs For Beginners – I Recommend

So this is it for today,

If you need any help, if you have any doubt let me know

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