Using Live Chat How To Get More Leads For Your Business

get more leads for your business


How To Get More Leads For My Business

Getting leads is one of the basic requirements for every business

Whether you are selling your products ( digital or physical), your courses, services or even doing affiliate marketing lead generation is the basic foundation of it

And today I’m gonna share with you a simple yet effective way to generate more leads for your business

and that is adding live chat to your website

When your potential customers visit your website & if they find anything missing if they get any doubts rather than giving them the opportunity to go search on google to clear their doubts & where they might up being the customer to competitors 

Why don’t you resolve their doubts on your website itself?

This might seem a small thing to you but trust me adding live chat to your website will make your business grow

You don’t need to be online 24×7 for this, nor do you need to hire someone for this

Let’s see how you can use live chat to grow your business

Add Live Chat To Your Website

Today I’m sharing with you a way you can enable live chat on your website & the best thing is it will make it simple for your audience to chat to you in all popular messengers at once and without effort. 

They will have an opportunity to start chatting with you when they need, in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber. And you will always stay reachable answering on the go no matter where you are.    

Not only this gives you an opportunity to clear your customer’s doubts but also gives you a chance to nurture your visitors into customers

How To Use Live Chat To Turn Visitors Into Dream Customers

With live chat, you can explain more about your product, share other customers testimonials 

With live chat, there’s a chance to offer more through individual communication on your site. You can make every visitor engaged in a conversation and assure more people to buy on your website

Types of Chat Displays

You can create a chat widget based on chat triggers like opening a chat window for a user based on their spend on the website or page or intend to leave

Create Live Chat Widget For Your Website

How to Embed Chat Box In A Website

Choose the template>> link to the channels like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc>>customize the template>> sign up & then you’ll get a code.>> go to your website >> add the code

Embed Live Chat On Your Website for FREE

Live Chat for Website

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