Top 3 Best Types Of Content For Affiliate Marketing Blog

Top 3 Best Types Of Content For Affiliate Marketers

Which Type Of Content is Best For An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Hey there, today I’m going to share 3 types of content that work well for conversion, especially for affiliate marketing.

These content types are detailed & full of value so they get easily ranked on google, they get high CPC when it comes to Adsense & these types of content are sure to get you affiliate sales.

So let’s see what they are

3 Types of Content That Ranks Well On Google, Get High CPC for Adsense & Brings in Affiliate Sales

Content Type No.1 – How To Articles

Nowadays if you wanna know something? just google it!

  • want to know how to cook rice in a pressure cooker? google it.
  • How to pay taxes online? google it!
  • How to apply makeup? google it!

From financial decisions to every day to day life. whenever we wanna know something we just google it.

Do you know according to the latest data Google processes over 99,000 searches every single second?

And most of these searches are how-to searches – so this is our top 1 when it comes to the best content type.

Here how to are the tutorial or guide type of articles that take the reader through a journey.

For example –

my article how to content text to video

Here first we acknowledge the problem which is how to convert text to video then we talk about why you need to do it, how you can do it & last but most importantly the tool you need to use to do it.

The chances of you getting high CPC &, as well as affiliate sales through this article, are quite high.

Because a person is searching for the solution & you are providing them exactly that.

now when you give them a solution along with the exact tool that will help them to get the results, they are definitely gonna go for it

And this is one of the best affiliate marketing hacks that I love when it comes to getting affiliate sales.

Here you are not pushing your affiliate product in your reader’s faces & asking them to buy it.

Rather you are providing a solution to their problem & giving them the exact tool they need to get their desired results.

Definitely a win-win situation for both <3

Second Type of Content – x v/s y type of content

This type of content converts well because the customer is already halfway through the journey.

They know their problem and the solution; they are just confused between the options & this is one of the best types of content to work with if you want to get more sales.

like NetFlix vs Disney+ or Crypto VS NFT etc & you can easily make money with this.

Take the two products & do as detailed review as possible, pointing out all the pros & cons, features, variations, pricing, etc.

The more detailed, the better & let your readers decide.

Here the affiliate hack or trick or just plain common sense is you got to sign up as an affiliate for both products.

For example,

if you are doing an in-depth blog post on Clickfunnels vs GrooveFunnels

Then I recommend you sign up as an affiliate to both, & write a fully detailed article on it.

And when your readers go through your blog post regardless of whom they choose, in the end, you’ll make a commission.

This hack works when your blog post is the last thing they read on that topic & that only happens when your blog post is as detailed as possible.

Every query they might have about these products should be addressed in your blog post & only when all their questions are answered in your blog post, they will go ahead & take action through your link.

To know what queries they might have I recommend using Ask The Public or Semrush. So, that you can cover all the basics

Sign up as an affiliate for Clickfunnels

Sign up as an Affilaite for GrooveFunnels

Content Type No. 3 – Top Lists

This is probably one of the best & easy content to create out of all the three.

Here you’ll be just listing the top products in your niche – just explain about the product, pros & cons, some reviews & your affilaite links.

You can easily create 3-4 blog posts like this every day…creating these is super easy

For example :

if you are writing a blog post like Top 10 best laptops for graphic designers

Just go to Amazon Best Sellers >> Electronics >> Laptop

Check out the products, shortlist the ones with more good reviews & then create your list.

If you are just starting out your affiliate blog I would strongly recommend you use the Affiliate Booster theme

But if you already have an active blog with your preferred theme, go ahead & install this affilaite booster plugin for free

Then you can easily create top-list blog posts. there are n number of widgets that would help you to make really clean & fast loading top 10 kinda list blog posts

Just use widgets like these from the affiliate booster plugin

Your Product Title


  • Features



Use Amazon to get all the information needed, use reviews to know if the product is worth sharing & then add your affiliate link @ the bottom of every product.

This way, your readers can easily decide which one they should go for, this becomes super easy if you use a rating system to point out your most recommend product & your least recommend product.

You can again use this widget from the affiliate booster plugin

So go ahead & start your affiliate marketing blog or work on growing your affiliate website.

I hope this article has given you some keep points to use to grow your affiliate marketing business

If you want to get more tips & to know all the hacks that successful affiliate marketers use then check this out

A collection of super affilaite hacks that could 10x your affiliate commissions

Super Affiliate Hacks

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