Make Money With POD This Mother’s Day – No Designing Required

make money with print on demand

How To Make Money with Print On Demand – Complete Guide

Today I’m sharing with you how you can make nice money with print on demand business this mother’s day

For people who are unaware international mothers day is just around the corner i.e May 8 & demand for unique mothers day gifts is quite high & we are gonna leverage it

But before I show you how, let’s talk about POD Business

What Is POD aka Print On Demand? How Does POD work?

Print On Demand as the name suggests here products will be printed only when they are demanded i.e after the order is placed.

Basically, there are many print on demand websites/platforms, which you can join for free by the way

Just sign up with print on demand platform, upload your designs & the POD website will create many mock-ups of your designs on different types of products, ranging from Tshirts to mugs, pillow covers to phone cases, wall art to shower curtains, etc

These are just mockups, once your design is approved & you are satisfied with the mockup

The next step is to drive traffic to your products, promote them & only when someone places the order the pod websites will print the design on the product & complete the order

You don’t need to worry about the product, inventory, shipping, or delivery. just come up with a nice eye catchy designs & the rest will be handled by the POD websites

And once the product is delivered you’ll get paid minus the base cost & service fees

now let’s get to the important part

How Can You Start a POD (Print On Demand) Business

It is super simple, no investment or experience is required & I’ll walk you through

Step 1 – Get Designs For your POD Business

Usually, I recommend you go to canva & create your own designs but as the title suggests no designing is required here

Today I’m sharing with you not 1 but 2 bundles of premium designs created exclusively for mothers day for free

Ready to Use Print On Demand Designs For Free

Yes I’m sharing with you 2 mothers day print-on-demand design bundles which you can download for absolutely free

Are They Copyright Free?

along with the designs, you’ll also get a commercial license which will allow you to use these designs as you wish

Links to Download for Free

Just create a free account to download

Step 2

These bundles contain many designs pick the one you want to start with

Side note: These designs are not limited to just POD you can use them for your Social Media Posts, Blog/Youtube Graphics, creating templates/digital products

Step 3

Sign up for a Print On Demand website

There are many pod websites to choose from like Printful, Teespring, Redbubble., Printify even Amazon Merch. But for this article, I’m considering RedBubble

Go to Redbubble, and sign up. It is free & hardly takes 2 minutes

Step 4: Upload Your Design

Now click on sell Your Art/Add New Work

Make money with redbubble


sell your art on Redbubble
now select the design from the bundle & upload

Basic SEO – Rank High on Redbubble

Do a bit of research & choose some low competition but in-demand keywords & use them in your title, tags & description


Be careful while picking up titles & tags. stay away from trademarked words, if you use them your design will be suspended

Better use TM Hunt to see if the keywords you are using are trademarked or not

Print on demand websites - POD platforms

Most Important thing About POD aka Print On Demand

Regardless of the pod platforms, you are using. make sure your designs have a transparent background. It is really important. If not your designs will be messy & not compatible with the wide variety of products.

In simple words, you won’t be getting any sales

If you are using the designs that I have shared then there is no issue because all those designs already have transparent backgrounds.

If you are creating your own designs on canva then you can easily remove the background if you have a pro account (get pro account for free) & if not use website to remove the background

Step 5: Editing/Adjusting

There are many products, enable the one you want. edit to set the size, background color, etc

Redbubble Tutorial - best pod platforms

Step 6: publish your design

Click that you have the right to publish this product, select the type of your design, & select no for adult content & then hit publish

Step 7: Promotion

Now you need to promote your products, for that use Instagram & Pinterest. from my POV these two platforms work best for POD

Try it & let me know if you want a much more detailed blog post & different topics on POD

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