Why Web Hosting Can Make or Break Your Website

best web hosting for bloggers

best web hosting for bloggers

Why You Need To Invest in a Good Web Hosting

Well, recently I had a small zoom session with people who are interested in blogging.

We had a session for almost an hour & we covered all basics. like

what is blogging? how to start blogging in 2023? how you can use blogging to grow in your career or your business? different ways you can leverage blogging & build a passive income.

We discussed from choosing a niche, and domain to WordPress themes, plugins & SEO, etc. but there was one thing that stuck out & that was – most people asked me what is the best cheap web hosting.

Talking to them I realized that they don’t give a dam about the web hosting they get…for them web hosting is something that you just need to get your website live & for that all they are looking for is cheap web hosting or better -a free web hosting.

They really don’t care – what the web hosting offers – the bandwidth, security, uptime…nothing

And that is really alarming because if you are just trying to make some bucks…go ahead & get any cheap web hosting you can find…I don’t care

but if you are in blogging for the long run –

if you want to build a blog that generates passive income for you, which can grow your business, and bring in more sales then you pretty dam HAVE TO give a dam about which web hosting you get.

Because believe it or not.

Web Hosting plays a really important & crucial part in the success of your business.

And that is why today this blog post is completely dedicated to helping you choose the right web hosting for your blog.

I’ll break it out to you as simple as possible. so, that you can understand – what web hosting actually does & why it is really important that you choose the right now.

We’ll discuss in what ways web hosting can affect your blog.

along with that, I’ll also share with you my recommended web hosting providers so that you can choose from the best & start your blog asap possible

(I’m affilaite with them of course, but mind you I won’t be recommending them If I didn’t trust them enough to be associated with them)

So let’s get on to it

How to Choose the Perfect Web Host for Your Website

When it comes to choosing a good web hosting for your website you need to consider certain factors like – how reliable a web hosting is, what is its bandwidth, its performance, how much storage it offers, security, support, backup, price, etc

If you are someone who is about to pick their web hosting, make sure you consider all these things

Now I’ll explain to you how your web hosting is responsible to keep your website up & running.

Essential Factors of Your Website That Depend on Your Web Hosting

Reliability & Availability

Your Web Hosting is responsible to make sure that your website is up & running all the time.
Also if you optin for a decent web hosting it provides a free SSL Certificate to your website that makes it 10 times easier for a visitor to trust your site.

So always go for web hosting that has good uptime & an SSL certificate to offer.


Even though your site is live if is taking forever to load then say goodbye to your visitors because right now, no one has the time to keep staring at the blank web page & waiting for it to load.

Good web hosting makes it possible for your website to load at a light speed. the faster it loads the better.

If you ever want to make money with AdSense or Any other Ad Network, this is crucial for you.

because when you display ads on your website & if your web hosting isn’t fast enough…all your visitors will be seeing is a blank yellow block & that means it is the money you are losing

So it is really important that you buy web hosting with fast loading time & responsive performance.


One of the most important things that many overlook while buying web hosting is security.

Your blog is like your baby – you invest so much time, money, and effort in nurturing & building it but what if someone comes & steals it from you?

That is exactly what will happen if you overlook the security of your website.

There are many scammers out there – who are always looking for websites with weak security to attack…

They might hack your website & get your data, they might direct it to some other controversial website, they might use it for fishing which BTW can land you in legal trouble, they can upload malware that might affect every visitor of your site, or they could do things that may violate google policies & can throw your website off the map. it can even get your AdSense account Banned.

There is an endless list of possibilities of what hackers can do to your site but the worst thing of all…You’ll be left with nothing.

You’ll lose your site, the trust you earned, your audience & your source of income & that is why it is really really important to buy web hosting that offers good security for your website.


No matter how amazing the internet is…it is still a technology & things can always go wrong.

Either you mess something up & or something happens that messes up your website…You’ll always need someone to have your back & that is exactly what your web hosting providers will do.

So choose a web hosting provider that has quick support… customer service with 24/7 service is always appreciated, also make sure that you can reach them in more than 1 way.

Previously I had a client who had a really cheap web hosting & trusts me almost 50-60% of my time on that project went into trying to reach the web hosting company to let them know that the website was down.

A really cheap WordPress web hosting, which was more offline than online. even if there were 15-30 visitors at once..the site used to crash…

I was sick & tired of creating support tickets because they had no other means of reaching them…

So I highly recommend you find someone you can contact through a support ticket, live chat, etc

Scaliblity & Badwidth

The sole reason we are starting a website/blog is that we want to grow it & that is exactly what you need to see in your web hosting.

Your web hosting should be something that will grow with you, it should be capable enough to accommodate the traffic as it grows.

As I said the web hosting of my client has failed to do this & all his efforts went down the drain because his web hosting was literally shutting off traffic to his site.

Luckily we decided to migrate … it was work but definitely worth it.

He was lucky because we were able to identify the fault early but what if you are not?

You’ll end up creating awesome content but still failing because either your web host isn’t giving your website good uptime or it has limited bandwidth that is limiting the exposure of your website.


It is 1 thing that you can never overlook…like seriously don’t even think about it.

When you operate a website there are a million things that could go wrong –
maybe you accidentally deleted something that you want back
you did some changes to your website design & it backfired
maybe you have a malware attack or a hack
or any plugin that you recently updated miss fired & your website is glitching

There are countless possibilities of what could go wrong & one of the easiest ways to make it right is by using your backup.

Just access the backup right before things went south, upload it & you can have your website back as you wanted.

And that could be only possible if your web hosting actually takes back up & keeps a record of it.

Of course, there are many plugins that take backups in regular intervals & send them to the cloud but I strongly recommend you pick a web hosting that does keep a backup.

Because with plugins you need to schedule the backups & if you fail you might end up losing way more than you ever could afford.

SEO & Reputation

It is no secret google loves user experience…as appealing as your website is for your visitor so is it for google.

And by appealing, I didn’t mean the design or the color scheme.

Google tracks how easy & safe it is for the user to access your site, how fast it loads, how less your visitor needs to wait etc.

And if all of the boxes tick in your favor…google will favor your site.

Also if you have good web hosting – which has fewer red flags like spam, hacks, malware, etc.

You are already in the green.

Hope this clears out what you need to consider when you are picking your web hosting…

Just to summarize. Here are the things you need to consider while choosing web hosting for your website.

Best Web Hosting Checklist

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Support
  • Scalability
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Price

Now Here are some of my personal favorite hosting that I actually recommend for my clients

Best Web Hostings For Bloggers

Cloudways – A web Hosting that offers the fastest loading speed at such an affordable price. it is also cloud-based hosting & one of my personal favorites & the best thing you can pay for just what you use.

Blue HostAnother web hosting that is reliable & affordable. Also when you buy hosting from Bluehost you get a custom domain for free…so basically you’ll be getting 2 for the price of 1.

I’m just listing 2 because I don’t want to give many options because it might confuse you & I pretty much believe that these webhostings are more than enough for anyone who wants to start a website/blog.

But if you wish to get the full list of best web hostings for 2023 along with all the features…feel free to let me know

So this is it…I hope you are clear now on which web hosting you should pick…

Let me know if you have any issues also I’m affiliated with both of these hostings which means the discount code is already applied to our readers.

Until the next time…take care & keep growing

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