High Paying Freelancing Gig – Requires Just 1 Click & No Experience

high paying freelancing gig to make money from home - freelancing gig from phone

Easy Freelancing Gig to Make Money Online #FreelancingSeries

As a part of our freelancing series today I’m going to share with you a freelancing gig that is really high in demand now

And the best thing is you have to practically do nothing, probably just 1 click

This is one of the easiest freelancing jobs & the best thing is not many people are aware of this

So it is still a blue ocean that you can use to your advantage

You can do this with your phone, this freelancing gig doesn’t require you to know any technical or designing skill

So are you ready to know what is the special freelancing job that pays you $200/gig

Get Paid to Remove Unwanted Elements from an Image – Freelancing Gig Idea

I have already shared a freelancing gig related to images & that was to remove background from the images

I have shared not 1 but 2 ways you can do that but today we’re gonna talk about a freelancing job where you have to remove elements/things from images

Today people are obsessed with social media, they want to record everything they do digitally

What they wear, eat, or where they are traveling & they want to flaunt it to the world

But many times the photos they want to upload might not be the way they want

Here are scenarios where your freelancing job can come in handy

If someone is photo bombing your image

You liked the background of an image but want to remove the other elements

If you have an amazing photo of yours but it also has mess or other elements you don’t want to share

if you want to remove unwanted things around your product etc

You get the point right?

Here you can offer a freelancing service to do this task. remove things from images has never been this easy

In this article, I’m gonna share with you a tool (Of Course today is Tuesday so here is the tools Tuesday article) that removes unwanted things from photos within seconds


As the gig is altering images the first question you might have is do you need to be a designer for this? do you have to know a certain level of photoshop or familiar with photo editing software

Let me ease your worries you don’t need to know any of these

How to Remove Unwanted Things from the Images for Free – Ai.Software

The software that I’m sharing with you today is free software website that you can use to remove unwanted things from images – works on all devices

All you need to do is – Go to this website

drag & drop the things you want to remove from the image & click

How to Use Magic Eraser – Freelancing Gig Can be on Phone

Magic Eraser Before & After

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Magic Eraser Before
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Using Magic Eraser – Tutorial to remove unwanted elements from an image

book on niche selection
After Using Image Eraser

Just download the image & send it to your client & you’ll get paid

easy money that you can make from freelancing

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