ChatGPT & Midjourney Prompts To Create Christmas Stories & Visuals

ChatGPT Prompts To Create Christmas Stories - Christmas Stories Empire Review

Create & Sell Christmas Stories Using AI

Recently I shared an article where I talked about creating & selling Christmas stories as the best side hustle this holiday season.

And in that article, I shared with you some chatgpt & midjourney prompts that are used for creating children’s books & customizing them for Christmas…

But guess what….I got you something better.

Here I’m sharing with you 800+ prompts that are specifically designed & structured to captivating Christmas stories

& all these prompts when uploaded to ChatGPT

will also give you midjouney prompts that will create stunning images for your stories.

There are people who are using these prompts & sell books on Draft2Digital, Etsy, shopify, etc & making good money.

If you don’t wanna be left behind, if you want to make money selling Christmas storybooks this holiday season…

You can’t miss this.

Click here to get access to 800+ ChatGPT Prompts to Create Christmas Stories

Check out the story created with one of these Prompts

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