6 Page eBook for 6 Figures – Learn How To Write eBooks in 30 Minutes

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Learn How To Write A Money-Making Ebook for Kindle

Publishing A ebook is one of the best passive income sources that you can have right now.

People are so invested in developing their skills.

the self-education industry is blooming & you have a chance to cash on it by selling your ebooks.

If you want to know why you need to publish an ebook? benefits of it then read this article

Most people have this misunderstanding that to become a successful author you need to publish a big ebook,

an ebook with a lot of pages but honestly, that is not true.

The bigger the better is not true at all. In fact, it is quite opposite actually.

the attention span of people is getting low day by day so it is really important that you deliver the value in the short sweet way possible.

people nowadays don’t want to read a big book with lots of content probably filled with unwanted theory, beating around the bush kind of thing. people don’t want this anymore.

Today they are looking for books that are short yet filled with value.

they want books that actually help them to learn something, which is to the point & that can be done by creating a book with minimum yet quality content & today you’ll learn how to do it

but before that let me show you what I’m talking about

This is one of my ebooks that is live on amazon & checks the category in which it is ranking

This category is one of the hottest & best-selling categories on kindle because it is a no-nonsense category.

Books in this category are really small, with minimum pages, to the point & action-oriented content.

And if you work on this then you can easily make enough money on royalties to quit your soul-sucking job

Today I’m sharing with you how to create a simple ebook within 30 minutes,

let’s get on to it

Create & Publish an Ebook On Kindle within 30 Minutes

When it comes to publishing ebooks kindle is one of the best platforms out there & it is the platform we’ll be using as well.

When it comes to creating & publishing an ebook on kindle traditionally it is a lot of work.

a lot of brainstorming & research need to be done before you even start writing your ebook.

find the best possible niche, and keywords, outline your ebook, write content for your book or find someone to write it for you, design a cover, format your ebook using kindle create, publish it, promote it, and drive traffic to it.

It takes a lot of time & effort & success isn’t guaranteed.

So what to do right?

well, what if you have someone who has created a simple routine, step-by-step tasks that make this process easy, quick & successproof?

You would be interested right? because hell ya I’m.

And that is exactly what I’m sharing with you today.

Hottest Selling Niche on Kindle

The best-selling book niche on kindle is ebooks that have no more than 6-8 pages. as mentioned above this is one of the most visited & brought categories on kindle.
and today we’ll crack the code on how to write these best-selling short ebooks.

These ebooks are pretty easy to create as the content is quite low (on quantity, not quality).

the exact process to craft & create these ebooks will be shared here & mind you it won’t take more than 30 minutes of your time.

Just skip one episode of your favorite series & have a best-selling ebook to your name.

And the best thing is the ebook creation process shared is not limited to any niche.

whether you want to publish an ebook in niches like make money online, health, finance, self-development, cryptocurrency, trading, spirituality, friction anything.

You can apply the exact same steps to create an ebook in any niche you want.

Along with creating an ebook, this training also helps you to come up with different ways to promote your book using free tools.

so what are you waiting for?

Write 6 pages Ebook within 30 minutes

Today I’m sharing with you a video course that takes you by the hand and guides you through the entire process of creating a profitable 6-Page Ebook from idea to hitting publish in Amazon KDP.

In this course, you’ll learn

Pricing Strategy

what to price, how to price & how much to price so that you get a steady source of income in the way of royalties.

Niche research

How to uncover the best niches with low competition & high demand that will sell your 6-page books like hotcakes.


A secret source of unlimited content ideas for your ebooks.


One simple Google search string you can use to find unlimited content to fill your 6-page books.


How to quickly and easily create your 6-page book in no time using completely free software and tools.

Secret Formula

The exact formula for creating 6-page books that get great reviews and high customer satisfaction

( this boosts your ranking on the Amazon Search Engine bringing in more customers and skyrocketing your income.)

Finishing Touch

the most effective way to go from idea and concept to a finished 6-page book in 30 minutes.

Book Covers –

free tool to use to create stunning good looking covers that drive clicks to your book’s product page on Amazon.

Hack 2:

the #1 place I go to get high-quality book covers made for super cheap!

Book Formatting

The simple and quick method to format your 6-page book for Kindle again using completely free tools that are readily available to anyone with a computer.

Hack 3

an underground little-used secret weapon built into the Amazon KDP platform that lets sneakily sell more books

Book Description

The one powerful shortcut method used to create arresting Amazon book descriptions that have buyers lining up around the block.


free and easy traffic methods that will flood your Kindle Book Product Pages with hordes of wallet-waving visitors all without spending a dime of your own money.


Free & Paid book promotion website resources where you can submit your 6-Page books and have them send a whole heap of customers to your Book Product Pages on Amazon.

and more!

Why create ebooks?

According to Statista.com ( the world’s foremost online resource of statistical data ), ebook sales are projected to grow to $7.78 billion per year by the year 2025.

e-Reader device sales are expected to balloon up to $98.95 million per year by the same time frame.

And the global e-Reader market is projected to reach $23.12 billion by 2026!

So there is going to be a crazy demand for ebook content both now and in the coming years as more and more people buy e-reader devices.

Next Step

What are you still waiting for? this is an opportunity that you can definitely not miss if you want to establish an online business or a steady passive income source.

I have handpicked this opportunity for my readers because Ik most of my readers are desperately trying to build a career online…

They are actively looking for a way to make money online & this is exactly what you need

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