Best Black Friday Deals For Digital Marketers Part 2

best black friday deals

List of Best Black Friday Deals for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

As promised, Here I am with a list of the best black Friday deals in Part 2.

If you haven’t read part 1 make sure you do that because there are tons of amazing deals waiting for you.

So without any time pass, let’s get to the juicy & see which are the amazing black Friday deals waiting for you

Best Black Friday For Digital Marketers

In this list, there are some amazing tools & software that would help you to skyrocket your business.

Yes! IK unlike other black Friday offers lists which have tons of items…we have minimum but there is a reason for that.

We are sharing with you products that we personally use & love. these are tools that have been part of my journey & I found them to be extremely helpful for my business…

I’m just not listing any product that offers me commission…hope that is clear who reached out and pointed it out.

let’s start

Groove Digital

I’m one of the early adopters of Groove, I have been with them when they were absolutely free & when we all thought it was just an affordable alternative of click funnels…

Which it is by the way…but it is so much more.

It is basically all-in-one business software, it has pretty much everything that you need to start & scale your business.

Website building to sales funnel building, automation, integration, analysis, e-commerce platforms, apps,…basically everything

I won’t go deep into it because If I start talking about Groove this might turn into Groove’s review & not a black friday sale article.

And the top it off they also have an extremely awesome AI tool.

Basically, this is a must-have tool for any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to start & grow their business online.

Right now they are offering a Groove lifetime deal at a heavily discounted price…If I was you I would upgrade to it in a heartbeat.

I have been a lifetime member of Groove for years now & it was the best decision ever.

With lifetime deals you’ll get access to all the tools & upgrades as long as you live, as long as Groove is available & trust me groove is not going ever.

I can’t stress enough…how helpful this tool is…but again this is extremely helpful for entrepreneurs, agency owners, digital marketers & freelancers that offer digital marketing services.

If you are not one of them…I would suggest you be careful when making the decision…


This is a lifesaver…I have been using Notion for 2 years & I love it.

The notion is basically a project management & productivity tool but for me, I mainly use it for 3 tasks.

One – notion for Journaling

I have built this habit of writing/journaling my whole day on notion before going to bed…this habit has helped me a lot to be clear & satisfied with my work.

Probably the best way to let off your stress & be grateful & thoughtful about your life.

I also use it to plan my next day, so that I document all the tasks that I need to do, this helps me to sleep better knowing that my day is waiting for me

Second – Using Notion to create a to-do-list

I also use Notion to create a to-do list. Ik you might be thinking, you just said you use notion to plan your day…why do you have to make a separate point about creating a to-do list.

Because these are 2 different tasks…when I said I use the notion to plan my day…I just write down all the tasks so that I don’t forget something.

But When I create to-do list with notion…I plan my entire day

I list all the tasks I need to do, break them into small tasks, assign time frames, priority etc.

This makes my life so easy…I love doing this.

Third – Habit Tracking

I’m a lazy person & I procrastinate a lot…like extreme & one thing that helped me to overcome this is my notion habit tracker.

I use it to track my health, work & personal life.

My notion habit tracker helps me to track my meditation, yoga, self-care, dance rehearsals, work, social life everything.

It is basically my well-detailed calendar & tracker all in one.


Notion has a huge user base & many of them are always on the look for notion templates that help them to achieve their goals…

What I’m saying is – that there is a huge market with extremely high demand for notion templates…

So, If you start using notion & love working on it…You can even sell your notion templates & make some really good money with it.

I personally have never sold any notion templates…But I have a friend who does only this for a living & actually makes consistent 5-6 figures.

Don’t believe go & check out Facebook groups…you’ll see the insane demand that notion templates have…

and if this is a side hustle you wanna try…this is the time.

Make Money Creating & Selling Notion Templates – Complete Guide

Grab notion now


Now let’s be honest with ChatGPT being free most people are using it to create probably anything they write online & that includes articles, essays, research papers, theses, articles & so much more.

Well if you are capable of getting the best response from ChatGPT, training it to create premium & humanized content that actually resonates with people then…you probably don’t need this..

But if you are someone who doesn’t know prompt engineering & hasn’t trained their AI then this is something you really need.


Qillbot is a tool that takes plain & boring chatGPT-generated content & turns it into more friendly conversational content that passes AI Detection.

But again…there is nothing problematic about AI Content, it just needs to provide value & not be something that is copied and pasted from other sources…and QuillBit does exactly that.

Ik there are many YouTubers who sell the idea of making easy money with ChatGPT by making ChatGPT write articles for you & then upload them to sites like Listverse, Money Pantry, vocal media

But let me tell you if you upload the exact content that ChatGPT has created, forget making money or getting views…

Your article will be blocked before it even goes live…

So if this is a side hustle you wanna try…make sure you use QuillBot to humanize your content so that it can pass AI detection.

Right now QuillBot is offering 50% Off if you use our link & this coupon code –

Quillbot is a freemium tool – you can use it for free but for better results & more functions the premium is recommended

But make the call based on requirements…But I highly recommend checking out the tool

Book Bolt

Yep! Book Bolt – It is a tool that I absolutely love & trust when it comes to my KDP Business.

This tool helps me with niche research, picking categories, creating interiors & book covers…and not to forget they already have many awesome book interiors for you to use.

I have been a huge fan of this tool & a loyal user for almost a year & half…I just can’t imagine my kdp business success without this tool.

That is why when I got the mail that they are offering a black Friday offer…I got carried away & already did an article on this…

If you haven’t read it…do it NOW

But this list won’t be complete without book bolt…

right now you can get Book Bolt for just $49.99 this usually costs $119.94.

If you sign up today…you’ll get locked for this price…that means you don’t ever have to pay $119.95 for Book Bolt ever again.

And if you sign up through our link & use our special coupon code

then you’ll have to pay only $39.99 for the first 6 months….

This is an incredible deal…and an absolute money saver.

If you are serious about making money with kdp, if you want to launch your profitable self-publishing business…

This is a decision you have to can miss this.

I’ve been paying $119.94 to Book Bolt for years now & I still feel it is worth it.

.just imagine how much you can benefit from Book Bolt & that too for $39…

Here is a coupon code earnrupeesonline

So go ahead & grab the deal before it is gone…

Last but definitely not the least is Amazon


IK you might be thinking what does Amazon have to do on the list of black friday deals for marketers…

You are right but you are not.

As Marketers, we need stuff that makes our life easy & that includes electronic gadgets, nice setups, organizers & comfort.

What I’m talking about is our very own home office.

If you are someone like me who works from home…

then I think you know how extremely important it is to have a nice home office.

that includes a good laptop, table, comfortable chair, office organizers, some good & inspiring decor, etc…

and what is a better place than Amazon to get it?

Actually, my sister’s anniversary is just around the corner & she wanted to gift my BIL a good smartwatch…

when searching Amazon…I came across this best Seller Watch which usually costs 19K INR selling for 1499 INR….that is insane.

I do know that sometimes Amazon lists the price on the higher end so that we feel we are getting a higher discount…

What I Ordered – decor item, some artificial plants, and motivational art

but this is still insane.

and after seeing this offer & I went ahead & check some home office items & I’m impressed…

There are some really good deals – I have ordered a laptop desk & some cute decorations for my home office…

If you are someone who needs a laptop, desk, chair, camera, microphone…, or pretty much anything…

do check out Amazon before buying because they have some insane offers live right now…

So do it use it…also if you are using Amazon to shop

I recommend using an app called CashKaro so that you can get some really good cashback….

this is how much I saved just this November…with Diwali, black Friday sales…I love this.

so I guess this is it…but I promise I will be on the lookout for some other good deals as well..

But make sure you take benefit of these amazing black Friday sales…

also do check out our part 1 of the best black Friday deals series…

Until then, good luck & stay happy.

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