You Can Coach – Book by Siddharth Rajsekar

You Can Coach

A Must-Read Book That You Shouldn’t Miss

Before we talk about This Book I want to share something with you

Last Sunday we had a Digital Marketing Conference That brought not 1 or 2 but 11 Top Digital Marketers of India Together

The event was hosted by Success Gyan, It was straight-up amazing. The event started at 9:30 am & ended at 4:30 pm. My whole Sunday went in it but Trust me I don’t regret a thing

The event was full-packed with knowledge bombs, the 11 top digital marketers shared amazing insight about their field.

We talked about SEO, Content writing/marketing, Email Marketing, Funnels, Facebook Ads, Automation, Deep Marketing & so much more

If I start talking about the event I might have to post some 5-6 posts, because that is how awesome the event was

Anyway, It was the same event where Siddharth Rajsekar Launched his new book You Can Coach. He is one of my mentors & an amazing guy

I started following him like 1 year ago & I have learned so much from him

That is why I’m Recommending you read his new book You Can Coach

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This book is really a must-read for Everyone Who wants to Become A Coach.

If you want to start your blog, YouTube channel to share your knowledge, or If you want to sell your courses or consulting you shouldn’t miss this book at any cost.

The Traditional education that we used to get in School is honestly no longer working, self-learning & E-Learning is the new & correct way to Learn.

Gone times when you used to learn facts that no longer are useful in our day to day life or even in your career

Today we have to learn the things that will help us to build ourselves a successful & satisfyingly career

And if you are someone who wants to do the same. You have to read this

You Can Coach Book by Siddharth Rajshekar

The book is available in both Kindle Version & paperback. I have ordered a Paperback(It is still in Pre Order)

As I love reading books, curled up on My terrace & I’m waiting on it

I will be uploading the Review Soon but I would strongly recommend you to go check it out now

It is packed with 10+ years of experience & Knowledge, interviews from some of the amazing coaches out there.

It is launched pretty recently so grab it, get the scope & implement it in your career so that you can stay ahead of the crowd

Good Luck with your career & if you wish to share your Feedback or Review on our site. Let us know We Will be more than happy to Feature you

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