Write Ebooks in Any Niche in Just Minutes Using AI

how to write an ebook to sell

How To Write Ebooks To Sell Online Using AI

One of the best & easy way to create passive income is to publish a ebook or a course.

It is a one-time effort & you can enjoy royalties as long as you want…but let me tell you a fact.

Not every ebook sells! Not every document that you create either by yourself or by copy pasting would be selling or earn you royalties just because you publish it on amazon.

There are so many ebooks on Websites like Amazon, GumRoad etc that are just sitting there, not earning even a penny.

Your ebook sells only when it offers something, when it provides value.

Just beacuse chatgpt is free, people are creating ebooks in bulk but honestly speaking those ebooks are a below average.

I have nothing aganist using AI to write ebooks but atleast put in the effort to edit & validate it before publishing…

And I know some real genuine authors are actually doing it – even though the content is AI generated they are doing a fab job – editing it, formatting it & most importanatly validating it.

They are confirming the facts, elaborating the data, giving out relevant sources, including real time examples etc & this is exactly how one can make money with ebook.

This is a perfect way but it is time consuming…that is why today I’m gonna share with you a ai tool that does all this.

Yes! a ai tool creates premium quality, highly researched ebook with valid facts & real life examples for you in any niche you want & it creates those ebooks in minutes.

With this tool you can create unlimited ebooks in any niche like – finance, health, ai, spirituality, personal growth, cryptocurreny, stock market, diet…pretty much anything.

Of course again – I highly recommend you read the book before publishing but with this tool the amount of work you might have to do after generating content is bare minimum.

Now Let’s See

How Exactly You Can Create Ebook Using AI Tools – Create Unlimited Ebooks For Free

Step 1

Login to this website & select your niche/keyword

Step 2

The GPT ebook pack has more than 10,000 ready to use Ebooks in 250+ niches, select the one you want, add your name to it & hit donwload

this is readable content that’s better than paid writers! And no rehashed rewritten content, and no article spinner involved!

Step 3

Use this ebook to make money online

Best Ways To Make Money With Ebooks

Use Ebooks for Affiliate Marketing

The ebooks generated can be edited, use it to your adavantage.

Edit the ebook & add relevant affiliate links.

So even if you give away your ebook for free, you can still make money with affiliate marketing.

Giveaway Ebooks as a Free Lead Magnet

One of the best marketing stratergy to get leads is to giveaway free lead magnet & one the best converting free lead magnet is ebooks.

Use the GPT ebook pack generated ebook & use it to get more leads.

And this can be done by giving away your ebook for free – the ebook created using this tool is a premium qulaity ebook & when you give it away for free.

People will love your content & once they love your content they’ll be ready to learn more from you even if they have to pay for it.

And as a upsell to this free ebook, you can sell your own courses or any other high ticket affiliate product.

Make Money Selling Ebooks on Amazon KDP

One of the biggest marketplaces for ebooks is Amazon Kindle – You can put your ebook for sale on Amazon KDP for free.

Once your book is live either you can drive traffic to it by using your social media, emial list or even your webiste or the amazon will drive traffic to your ebook if you have done amazon SEO right.

And whenever someone buys your book or even reads it for free on Kindle, you’ll earn royalties.

from my experience this is one of the best & quick way to make money with ebooks.


You can offer ebook writing service on freelancing sites like Fiverr Upwork etc.

There are writers who are charging pretty good amount of money for writing a ebook & you can do it too…

And your advantage is

You’ll be able to create professional high quality ebooks in minutes
You’ll deliver the ebook within a day
The number of orders that you can complete is triple than what they can complete in a week.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to get access to this AI Tool

And start making money with ebooks.

And if you wish to learn how to write ebook by yourself in short time like write a ebook within 30 minutes then do check this out.

Learn how to Build A Profitable Business Selling 6 Pages Long Ebooks

It is training from one of my mentors & I love how he makes writing high-quality ebooks a cake walk

The cherry on top is not only he teaches you how to write ebooks quickly but he also shows you exactly how you can build a 6 figures passive income by publishing short ebooks – not more than 6 pages long.

A highly recommend & apprecaite training to learn how to write ebooks to make money online.

Do check it out

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