Shorten Your Affiliate Links? Link Cloaking Mistakes Most Do

Can You Use Link Shortener For Affiliate Marketing

Can You Use Link Shortener For Your Affiliate Links?

If you are reading this article I guess you’re in Affiliate Marketing & want to know how to get more sales through your affiliate links.

So let’s get started

There are tons of link shorteners available out there, have you ever wondered if I should use link shorteners for my affiliate links?

Because let’s be honest. Even though we love our affiliate links as they bring us our income but still they are quite ugly

The long link filled with numbers & labels, it isn’t appealing. in fact, it makes the link look spammy. So what to do about it?

You need those parameters & your affiliate id in the link because it tracks back the sales to you. so how to make the link look appealing, legit without changing it? that is when link cloaking came in handy

For those who are not familiar with this term

Link Cloaking is the practice of disguising a URL by setting up a URL redirect. This shortens the URL’s length and rebrands it so that it’s easier to track and appears more trustworthy & legit to the user who clicks on it

And there are many ways you can do it. There are link shorteners that you can use, there are also many WordPress plugins you can use to make your affiliate link look short & appealing

I personally use Bitly, it is really easy to use & it is free. they also have a premium plan where you can use a custom domain. Also, I recommend using it is the one, approved by many platforms

Apart from Bitly – Rebrandly, tiny URL, are some online link shorteners that you can use. Also, there are many WordPress plugins that will help with link cloaking like Thirsty Affiliates, Pretty Links, etc 

Now before you go ahead & start link cloaking your every affiliate link. here is something you should know

Why You Should Use Link Shortener For Your Affiliate Links?

  • Link Cloaking aka shortening your affiliate link is one of the best affiliate marketing hacks to get more clicks because it shortens the link, makes it look appealing & most of all if you use a link shortener you’ll be able to track your stats
  • A link shortener will give you details like how many clicks you got, from where (geographic as well as the source where the traffic came from) this will help you to narrow down your target audience
Bitly link cloaking

But when it comes to link cloaking many are skeptical about this because they fear that By Using Link Shortener They Might Lose Their Commissions. Do you also think 

Will I Lose My Commissions If I use Bitly To Shorten My Affiliate Link

If you have this doubt as well, let me make this clear to you. NO, You won’t lose commissions if you shorten your affiliate links

It just gives you a short link that will redirect to your Affiliate link-only, so yes the commissions made using short links will also be traced back to you

But this doesn’t mean you short every affiliate link, or referral link provided to you. Use this only if the link is pretty lengthy

Can you use Link Cloaking for Amazon Affiliate

Is your question Can you use link shorteners for amazon affiliates? Then no

 I would recommend you not to use bitly or any link shortener for amazon affiliate 

2 Reasons why you shouldn’t use Bitly or Any Other Link Shortener For Amazon Affiliate

  • First & most important reason is they have their own link shortener, when you go to amazon to get your affiliate link, when you click on site stripe to get link there you have an option of generating the short link. when you click on short link you’ll get something like this

When amazon themselves provide you with a short link, using a 3rd part link shortener doesn’t make sense

  • Another reason is Amazon doesn’t appreciate you using any 3rd party link shortener. If you still go ahead & use it. They might ban your account 

So use link cloaking only when required

Can You Use Bitly To Shorten Your Blog Post Link – Short Links On Social Media

Link Cloaking is something that will come in handy when you are sharing your link but know where you can use it & where you can’t

When you shorten your blog post link – it is short & looks good & you can be used on Social Media Like Instagram & Twitter but other Social Media Platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Quora Doesn’t allow bitly links

As it is a redirecting link, these social media flag them as spam so don’t use Bitly or any other link shortener when it is not required

Hope this clarifies the things, let me know what you want me to cover next

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