One PLR Product – Build 4 Income Streams Instantly

sell plr product on amazon

sell plr products on amazon

Best PLR Product to Sell Right Now – Earn Passive Income

If you are in the business of selling PLR products then I’m sure you know that PLR products in health, fitness, personal growth, and self-help dominate the industry.

PLR products in these niches sell like cakes & today I’m gonna share with you a brand new, high-quality PLR product that can easily build you a 5-6 figure business online.

Yes! I said business not just another income source because with this PLR product, you can easily build 4 ( not limited to) income sources online & the best thing is you can make money from these products from day 1 itself.

In this article, I’ll share with you exactly how to sell PLR products to make money online. I have also shared an article on 7 ways to make money with PLR products. you can read it here.

That talks about general ways to make money with PLR products. but here I’ll lay out the exact blueprint to make money with this PLR.

Just follow the steps & you can build at least 4 passive income sources with this PLR product

Most Profitable PLR Product to Sell

Today the PLR product I’m gonna share with you is in the health & fitness niche & as we all know after the pandemic health has become a top priority, and one of the health industries that is blooming right now & is gonna skyrocket is yoga.

Yoga is an exercise for not only our body but for our mind & soul as well & not to forget,

it is an overall fitness routine that practically can be done by anyone, anywhere with little to no extra equipment needed.

And this exact PLR product is called Yoga Pack & can single-handedly build you multiple income streams.

PLR Product – Yoga Pack

Yoga Pack is a massive yoga PLR product that gives you high-quality content & that too different variations.

In this Yoga Pack, you’ll get

300 HD Yoga Training Videos which are recorded by top yoga instructors that cover every style and level you could ever imagine. From Hatha to Vinyasa, from Ashtanga to Restorative, we’ve got it all.

Along with that, you’ll get 50 eBooks that include knowledge for beginners to pros, from explaining the glories of Yoga & Ayurveda to finding cures for diseases.

Not only that you’ll also get 1500 quotes images that you can use as you please.

This all concerns the actual yoga content of the PLR product but we are not stopping here

As you know I share only PLR Products that are premium quality & are new to the market.

And most of these PLR products are either taken off the market after a good number of sales & the creators upgrade the content & release the new one.

So, that the people who bought the product can be able to make maximum sales with the product and not make the market too saturated.

just a limited period of time, as the product is right now in its launching state.

If you sign up now – along with the product you’ll also get the reseller rights.

That means you’ll be able to sell this product as a PLR on any site you want.

Well, if you are wondering- how the hell will I be able to sell this product & If I knew how to sell Why the heck would I be selling a PLR product?

The answer here is super simple

this product sells itself.

I know you have heard this before in many sales pages but this holds true here.

Because not only is the product high quality & something that will really appeal to the masses but in this PLR product you’ll have everything that you would need to sell this product.

With this PLR Product along with the reseller rights, you’ll also get – a fully done-for-you sales page, sales copy, and sales video along with that you’ll also get customers’ testimonials.

And not only that you’ll get graphics, animated banners, social media marketing content, 50 professionally designed ebook covers, mockups & mini-sites created for every product.

The landing pages, follow-up automation everything & you’ll also get access to all the legal pages you’ll need to sell this PLR product.

And as you’ll also get all the legal documents, selling this PLR product on Amazon shouldn’t be a problem

( this is one of the major concerns & problems that many people face when it comes to selling PLR products on Amazon. because as every other person sells the same product, chances are high that you might end up losing your amazon kdp account )

So are you convinced? should we move ahead on the main topic of how you can build the 4 most amazing & profitable income sources with this PLR product or do you need more convincing?

because if you are still skeptical about this? do hit back because I don’t think you really want to make money online because this right here is a goldmine of the online money that can be made.

So, if this doesn’t do it for you, then I don’t know what does.

How to Build 4 Passive Income Sources with this One PLR Product?

As you know Yoga Day is coming & if you go ahead & check the topics related to yoga, you can see the search blooming & wait… that doesn’t mean you can only make money with this PLR in June.

Nope! This will just give you a head start because from the start you’ll see traffic coming in & we all know in the digital world – Traffic = Money.

First Passive Income Source

Cashing on the video content

As I said in this PLR product you’ll get 300 High-quality training videos…do you know how insanely valuable that content is???

If you still haven’t gone ahead & brought the PLR…I don’t think you do.

But I’m here for you…will this content itself there are multiple ways you can make money.

Let dive in

First, the most basic & simplest way to make money with this yoga video tutorials or yoga training is…to upload the videos on YouTube.

Do I really need to tell you how easy & awesome it is to make money on YouTube especially when you have the right & high-quality content, which to your advantage you have here

Now some might say…that I said you’ll be able to make money right from the start but it takes time to get monetized on YouTube & you won’t be seeing any money for some time…hold your horses.

First I didn’t say – you’ll make money from YouTube Partner Program aka ads on YouTube. there are different ways you can make money on YouTube one of the best ways is – Affiliate Marketing.

find the products that are used in the videos – you can also include yoga outfits, yoga mats, etc.

Link them in the video description & you’ll see commissions coming in & the best thing – you’ll driving sales from those links for as long as you want.

Second – Yes! it takes time but not as much as you might think.

There are channels on YouTube that have gone viral & have gotten subscribers, and views & monetized with just 10-18 videos heck, there is a channel that got monetized with just one video

Can anyone name it?

Yes! It is rare but it does happen. It might or might not happen to you but as I said there are more than one ways to make money with YouTube.


You can use YouTube Traffic to get more affiliate sales, build your list, monetize the written content, or my next way to make money with these training videos…

And that is to – bundle up the video training & sell them as courses.

With this PLR Product, you’ll get access to more than 300 yoga training videos- you’ll be a fool not to use them to their max.

It is not a secret that out of all these 300 videos, many would be co-related – for example, there might be 8-10 video tutorials on how to reduce stress & anxiety with yoga & meditation.

You can bundle it up & sell it as a separate course & like this, you can build as many courses as you want & sell them.

People love video content & if it’s actually capable of solving their problem they are more than happy to pay for it.

You can upload these videos to Groove to sell as courses.

3rd Way to monetize the video content

This is again – using YouTube but this is quick & easy …which is creating a youtube Shorts Channel.

As you already know – the short form content is the new mayor of the town.

People are loving the short-form content & you can use this to your advantage.

As you know the YouTube Monetization for Shorts has begun & you can easily start a youtube shorts channel & from the quality of these PLR videos you can create more than 20-30 youtube shorts from one video ( the bare minimum)

Also, you can upload these short-form content on other social media like TikTok videos, Instagram/Facebook reels, Pinterest idea pins, etc & monetize the audience on those platforms as well.

Second Way to Build a Passive Income Source with This PLR Product

After the video content next comes the textual content – in this PLR Product you’ll get 50 high-quality professionally written ebooks.

Now the first way to make money with the ebooks is to sell them. duh!

Yes, You can sell these ebooks on Amazon, Ingramspark, Gumroad, etc as you’ll have legal pages as well as documents, you can sell the PLR products on Amazon without worrying about getting in trouble.

The second way to use these ebooks is to sell the content – yes! heard me write.

Using the content of the ebooks you can create blogs, courses, membership sites, or even sell them as articles for websites or clients.

The Secret Way – My Game Changer that Not Many PLR Product Sellers Know About

The third way is the one that not many people know about & that is to sell these ebooks as audiobooks & podcasts.

Of Course, some really smart PLR ebook sellers might sell their ebooks as audiobooks or podcasts but either they will record themselves, or hire someone to do & that requires work & time.

But today I’m gonna share with you how we will be using AI to create audiobooks & podcasts for us within seconds.

A detailed article will be coming this, subscribe to stay updated

But for now – here is an AI tool that will convert your ebook into an audiobook or podcast within seconds.

It has more than 600 human-like voices you can choose from.

Just sign up- upload your ebook, select the voice & your audiobook is ready.

You can sell these audiobooks & podcasts on Amazon Audible, Spotify, YouTube, or a special audiobook marketplace that has more than 2.3 Million active users right now.

At the end of the article I’ll be sharing all the tools, platforms & resources you’ll need to make money with this PLR product so make sure to check it out.

3rd Passive Income Source To Build Using This PLR Product

Third is probably the easiest of them all & that is leveraging social media.

I’m sure you all know that in this age we can pretty much build a blooming career with social media. we have already covered YouTube, but Youtube is not the only social media you can make money from.

Platforms like TikTok & Instagram make – earning money online super easy.

And here we’ll be focusing more on Instagram…do you know the potential earning of an Instagram Theme page with a decent following?

Do you know there are Instagram theme pages out there that make 5-6 figures in income that too without showing their faces or recording/editing videos themselves?

Yes! there are & with the PLR product, you can pretty much add your name to this list.

In this PLR product, you will get 1500 Images with quotes & content related to Yoga & Mediation.

You can easily create an Instagram theme page regarding yoga & start posting this content.

You can also use the videos that you create for youtube shorts, you can also use the content of the ebook to create more content.

not only you’ll be able to make money selling affiliate products & shoutouts. but you can also use this social media following to drive more sales to your courses, training programs, membership sites, blogs, etc.

Thus increasing sales & Ad revenue.

4th Passive Income Source.

This is the easiest of all because this is…just one step & set & forget…and which is to sell the PLR product itself.

Yes! Sell the PLR product as it is…and you can charge it as much as you want.

Either offer it on Warriorplus, JVZoo, Clickbank, Digistore…anywhere. sell the product as it is & you can make back way more than what you paid for…from the first sale itself.

So…what are you waiting?

Get the PLR (while it is still available)

If you go and check the overall value of this PLR product is roughly around $40K. So all you have to pay is $20K

Just kidding….right now. for our readers, you can get this PLR product for less than $20.


Out of shock yet? but as I said this is for now.

The PLR Products that I usually recommend are in the market for a really limited period of time because they want to keep the product premium & don’t want it to end up as a PLR product that everyone is selling…

So, I highly recommend you go ahead & buy it right now when it is still available & that too for this cheap price.

And from experience, I can say that it won’t be for long.

Grab yours as soon as possible.

Tools You’ll Need

To Start YouTube Channel

Canva for creating a logo, banners & thumbnails

Tubebuddy for YouTube SEO

To Start Blog


Web Hostings

Themes – Affiliate Booster

Extra Tools

Vox AI – Create Audiobooks

CapCut – Cut Videos into YouTube Shorts + add Captions

Groove – Sell Courses

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