Create, Sell & Make Money with AI Art [Ai Business Idea #1]

make money with AI Art

Build An Online Business Using AI Tool Series Part 1

Believe it or not, right now we are in an AI era…Artificial Intelligence is ruling the digital space right now.

Until & unless you are living under a rock you know how insane AI is getting.

Right now there are AI tools for almost everything – from creating content to creating art.

From editing videos to creating Voice overs…from writing Essays to building apps on their own…

It is pretty scary, insane & awesome all at the same time😉 & I know for a fact how overwhelming it can be to keep up with all the AI Tools because right now there are way too many tools out there

And that is exactly why I’m starting this new series where I’ll pick one AI Tool & I’ll walk you through the entire process of how to set up an online business using that tool.😊

If you ever wanted to make money online…this is it

There was never a time better than now to launch your own online business because honestly, you have a team of tools to do everything you need to run a successful online business…so let’s get started

Also if you have any tool that you want us to dig deep into & share with you all the earning opportunities, and possibilities there are to make money with it then do let us know

For this article…we have chosen one of the most amazing & insane AI tools that can literally build you a 6-7 figure online business & that too without much effort

So hop on the journey to building your successful online business🤑

Create a Successful Online Business With AI Tool

If you are keeping up with all the insanely amazing things that AI could do then I’m 100% sure that you know about AI-generated AI

It is one of the best features of AI ..These AI tools help you to bring your imagination to life, just write down what you want your image to be & within seconds AI tools generate beautiful AI images created solely based on your words.

This is really insane because the image created is a totally original piece because it is fully dependent on what you ask it to create…the prompts you entered…

So You own it completely & there are a lot of ways you can make money from it

And today I’ll share with you everything you need to do to start an Online Business using AI-Generated Art

In this article, you’ll see

  • How to use AI Tools to Create Beautiful Art 🤔
  • Secret AI Tool That Creates Unlimited Images & Art for Free 🤫
  • 7 Ways to Make Money with This AI Tool 🤑

How To Use AI Tools to Create Art

Now you know there are tons of AI tools that create art/images based on word prompts. simply enter what you want your image to look like & the AI Tool will do it for you

I have mentioned one AI tool here that creates beautiful ART images you can check it out, and along with that I have also shared the best way to sell AI-generated art online you can check it out

but this tool is not what we are referring to today

Today I’m gonna share a secret AI tool that just launched, that not many people know of, which creates unlimited AI Art without needing to pay extra.

As not many people know about this, you have a chance to get the first movers advantage & that is exactly what we’ll be cashing on

Now let’s start

How AI Tool Creates Art

To create Art with basically any AI tool, all you need to do is enter what you want your image to look like.

Be as detailed as you can to get your image as accurate as you want. these words that you enter are called prompts – let me know if you want me to provide you with the best prompts to use to create Ai Art as well as prompts for Chat Gpt.

Once you have entered, click on Create & there you have your AI Art ready to use.

The AI Tool I Recommend To Create Original ART/Images (Ai ART)

Here, we know how AI tools work to generate AI art, let’s move on to the tool we will be using …It is called Graphics KREATOR

It is just launched & it selling like hotcakes.

If you want to know the experience of the beta testers & as well as the new users you can read all about it here

But before that let’s get to know the tool better here

This AI Tool is insane – with this, you can create unlimited graphics, art, and images & not only that to make your life easier it also has 50 Million + copyright-free stock resources that include not only HD images but videos, gifs, animated videos, vector images, etc

All you need to do to use the tool is

Step 1

Sign Up

Step 2

Enter the Prompt or keyword

Step 3

AI will create the image for you…you can easily edit, and modify it using an inbuilt image editor

Step 4

Instant Download or Share directly

You can watch the full process of tool Creating AI ART here – Full Demo

What is so special about this AI Tool

As I said, I have worked with lots of AI tools recently & this particular tool is one of the best text-to-image AI tools I have come across, 2 of my clients are already using it. So, I know the insider review.

Well, the opportunities to make money with AI Art are high right now & this is the exact tool that will help you to make money with AI Art.

Right now it is in the launch period & you can get the tool for as low as $18 one-time payment.

Just pay $18 right now & you can use it forever & the best thing is you’ll get access to all the future updates as well

Also if you get it in the launch period – you’ll get access to 10 Awesome bonuses that you definitely don’t wanna miss

One-Time Payment (Extremely Cheap & Lifetime Access) or A Recurring Monthly Payment

As of now, you can get this tool for just a one-time payment but as soon as the launch period is done…the price will be going $97/per month

You have 3 options

  • take action now & get the tool free for a lifetime for just an $18 one-time payment
  • miss this opportunity & end up paying $97/month when this tool blows up
  • don’t take action & keep hoping to make money online with zero results

It is your call

Or 😞

Best Ways to Make Money With AI Art

Earning Opportunity 1

Sell your art Online – there are many platforms like Etsy, Gumroad, DeviantArt, Creative Fabrica, etc where you can sell your art & make money from it.

You can either print it out & ship it like on a poster or canvas or just let them download & use it as they, please… You’ll make money anyway

Earning Opportunity 2

Use your art to create beautiful products – just sign up to printful & upload your design & publish your designs on any products you like – it can be mugs, pillow covers, phone cases, T-shirts, etc

Earning Opportunity 3

Use platforms like RedBubble & Zazzle – Publish your art as Canvas Art, Wooden Art, Posters, etc & make money…the packaging, shipping, delivery, as well as processing payment, is done by Zazzle & Redbubble so you don’t need to worry.

You can also sign up for Merch by Amazon

Earning Opportunity 4

You can offer freelancing services to create beautiful graphics for your clients

For example, you can offer way many freelancing services like logo designing, book covers, social media posts, banners & thumbnails, ad graphics, etc

Earning Opportunity 5

You can create beautiful graphics for your own blog, social media, ads, etc & grow your own business

Earning Opportunity 6

You can create beautiful art & use it to create appealing KDP book covers & sell them on Amazon

Earning Opportunity 7

If you buy the AI tool in its launch period, you’ll also get the reseller license which means you can make money selling the tool itself.

Earning Opportunity 8

You can also create graphics & then get free sound effects – music like white noise as start a YouTube channel

These are just some of the options that I have in mind right now but there are many endless opportunities here

Hope I made this as clear as possible, if you still have any questions please feel free to get in touch, I would love to help

So what are you waiting for – grab the tool while you can because if you miss the launch you’ll have to pay more & I don’t want that for you

Get access now

Part 2 of This Article will be up – How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business with AI Art

So make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on updates

Author Note

I know I went overboard with the emoji 😜 but I’m really happy & excited about this series. so, just bear with me 😊

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