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Ink Buddy AI Honest Review

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So yesterday one of my students sent me this link to a Warrior Plus product called Ink Buddy AI & asked me if she should buy this….so, here is what I told her

Ink Buddy AI is an AI tool that helps you create ebooks using AI.

Now, contrary to what the sales page says…you need to do a bit more than just enter the keyword…

I would also ask you to not get snooped by the sales page…it is overly hyped…there is no way you are gonna make millions with this that too within such a short time..

Ink Buddy AI Review

But it is not all bad.

You have to remember Ink Buddy AI is a tool – this will just make your work simpler & faster…but you still need to put in the effort.

Once you sign up

this is how the backend looks – here you’ll get different ready-to-use e-book cover templates…once you select the one you want.

Ink Buddy AI Member Area

click on it.

Then it will take you to the editor…where you can edit it to your liking.

it also has an AI agent that will help you to create art as well as content for your ebook.

Ink Buddy AI Demo

The real success of the ebook doesn’t necessarily lay on the tool but it is based on what you ask it to write

make the prompt as detailed as possible…I recommend even uploading an outline of your book that you can create using chatgpt..and then the AI tool does its work.

And within minutes you’ll have your ebook

Can you Publish a written e-book on KDP

Theoretically YES! But unless you are gonna go through the entire book, edit it & make it worth the money then I Highly Recommend not to do it.

Yes! Amazon has no problem with AI content as long as it provides value & that can be done only by going to the content, and editing it so that it can provide value..

But I know most of you are just gonna change some commas and might make some tense changes & are gonna think you did it & publish it on Amazon KDP.

I’m highly against it because it might make you lose your account & trust me it is not worth it.

But of course, there are different other ways you can make more with it.

Here are some ways to money with AI-written ebooks

Give it away for free as a lead magnet in exchange for the email address…

Here is a ready-to-use lead magnet template – that you can use to sell your ebook online

Sell it on Other Marketplaces

I don’t recommend amazon kdp but you can very much sell the ebook on marketplaces like Draft2Digital, Instaspark, etc

Again I recommend going through ai written ebook & making sure it is worth your reader’s money…trust me just some bucks aren’t worth your reputation

Sell it on Your Website

You can create your own website using Shopify, WordPress, GrooveKart, etc & sell your ebook over there.

Sell it on Gumroad

You can also list it on Gumroad & make money selling it

Final Verdict

Ink Buddy AI is it worth it?

If you want to use Ink Buddy AI for instant money without any work then NO…But if you wanna use it as a tool to help you write ebooks then sure yes!

Just remember it is a tool not a money-making machine…

If you wanna check out Ink Buddy AI here is the link

Also to help you out we are sharing with you a list of 376 most in-demand topics that you can use to write your next e-book.It is a valuable resource, make use of it 🙂

Valuable Resource

List of 376 Most in Demand Topics for E-Book

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