How To Do Affiliate Marketing With A Blog- Affiliate Marketing Guide + Content Creation Tips

best affiliate marketing guide for beginners

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing Using Website

The right way to do affiliate marketing is to create a base, a foundation, a medium to which you can drive all your traffic to, and through this medium, you can get more leads/sales

And this medium can be anything either your website/blog or a youtube channel.

We’ll talk about how to do affiliate marketing using youtube in upcoming posts but today we will be focusing on building a successful affiliate marketing business using a website/blog.

So let’s get started

How to Create a Blog for Affiliate Marketing

I have already shared many blog posts on how to create a make-money blog, and how to create a self-hosted & free blog, there are many articles on these topics on our website, do check them out

For now

Basically to start a blog to do affiliate marketing, here is what you need to do

Start a Blog for Affiliate Marketing – Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Get Domain & Web Hosting

Step 2

Connect Domain & Web Hosting by Updating DNS Records

Step 3

Install WordPress

Step 4

As we are creating a blog for affiliate marketing, the only WordPress theme that I would recommend is Affiliate Booster

Step 5

Install Basic Plugins

Site Kit – It will connect & maintain google webmaster tools like Google Search Console & Google Analytics,

You can also monitor your ad revenue by connecting the Site kit to Google AdSense

RankMath – SEO Plugin that will optimize your website & help you to structure an SEO optimized articles

Cache Plugins– I won’t be mentioning particular Cache plugins because some servers are compatible with particular cache plugins so you need to ask your web hosting provider for this.

But the ones I have used are Wp Cache & LiteSpeed Cache

Email Subscribers – Again select the one that is fit for you, doesn’t matter which one but make sure you use one to collect emails from your readers

Other Plugins depend upon your need

Step 6

Content Creation

We will be going deep about this in just a moment

How to Create Content to Promote Affiliate Products That Bring Sales

Now this is the most important part, which is creating content to promote your affiliate products

This is the part where you have to put your main focus, remember as they say “Content is the King”

Your content is the deciding factor, in whether you will fail or succeed in converting your readers into customers

The quality of the content you create to promote affiliate products is responsible to make sales & bring in money

so never neglect this, content is the king & it is not gonna change anytime soon

And today I’m gonna share the best type of content that you can create which will make getting sales easy

Best Types of Content to Get More Affiliate Sales

These are the types of content that work like charm, they are easy to create & convert like crazy

If you understand this content creation technique & if you learn to create this type of content, trust me making money with affiliate marketing, and getting more sales is really achievable

3 Best Types of Content for Affiliate Marketing – Get More Sales

Content Type 1

Create Tutorials – Write How-to Articles

Remember people, don’t buy products, they buy solutions.

If someone has a problem & they are looking for a solution & if you provide a solution that actually solves their problem, why the hell will they look somewhere else

This is exactly what you are gonna do

Write how-to articles for your blog, these articles should be targetting a problem & providing a solution

For ex: how to create a landing page to get more sales
how to create puzzles books to sell on KDP

Basically, how-to articles are like a tutorial, a step-by-step guide. acknowledge a problem & provide a solution

This is one of the best & converting forms of content for affiliate marketing,

when people find a way to solve their problem they don’t mind spending some bucks to enjoy the end result

You can see a lot of content on my website is how-to articles

In fact, forget me & check out your favorite blogger/digital marketer’s website, I bet almost 60% of content on their blog will be how-to articles

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing then you got to start producing how-to articles

Content Type 2

That is review articles

This is one of the best & high converting forms of content for affiliate marketing because here half work is already done for you

Your audience is already familiar with the product, they are interested in it but they need just a bit of push to make the choice & you can do it from your review

In review basically, you review a product, it can be a physical product, saas product, digital product, anything

You can create review articles on software, courses, physical things anything you want

But make sure your article has answers to every question regarding that product, whatever doubts your readers might have about that product needs to answer in your article

If by the end of the article your readers get everything they need to know, they will definitely go ahead & get the product & that is how you make a commission

This is also a reason why most affiliate programs have last click credit i.e the sale will be tracked to the last affiliate link clicked (only if the cookie is still valid)

So yes, do consider writing a full-fledged review article on the product you want to promote

Ex: Best Software for Self Publishing Books on KDP [Book Bolt Review]
Is the best ai. writer in the market [WriteSonic Review]

Content Type 3

Comparison Articles

This is the content where you can have the best of both worlds, let me explain how

Here you’ll take two products you are affiliated with, make sure the products are in similar niches & then write a comparison article.

This is another top converting type of content for affiliate marketing

sometimes people know what type of product they want but they tend to get confused between two similar products & your article should be written in such a way that it can help them out

Take 2 products, list everything about them, pros and cons, what are the differences between the two & which one is better

In this scenario no matter which one your readers love, you’ll get a commission

For ex: you write an article like vs Groove Funnels which is the better sales funnel builder

Here you are an affiliate to both the funnel builders & no matter which one your readers choose to sign up for, you’ll get a commission

And the best thing is creating these types are articles are super fun & easy

Just go through their website make a list of things they offer, and their features & then compare them both & wallah you have your article

You can also use reviews from websites like Trustpilot & g2 to give your readers a more clear idea about the product

So what are you waiting for, the kick start your affiliate marketing journey

Driving Trafic to Affiliate Website

Once you have content on your website, the next step is driving traffic to your website

You can do that using social media, sales funnels, paid ads, forums, etc

We’ll be talking about different strategies to drive traffic to your affiliate website in the upcoming posts because this post is more about content creation

but if you want to get started with affiliate marketing then I recommend reading this book, There are different & action-oriented tips shared in this book

There are strategies targetted to each social media platform & some bonus tips regarding forums & emails do give this book a read

Find Affiliate Products To Promote

Now we have covered the types of content that you can create to promote affiliate products, now comes the interesting part, where to find the affiliate products?

There are tons of affiliate programs & marketplaces you can check out but to help you out,

here are some of my favorite affiliate programs for beginners, & the best affiliate marketplaces that you can sign up as affiliates which are perfect for beginners

Just pick the products according to your niche & you are good to go

If you haven’t figured out your niche, I recommend reading this book,

it is a simple workbook that will help you to find your niche in 3 steps

Now let’s get on with the List

Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Amazon Associate Programs

This is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners because of its brand value

People already know & trust Amazon, you just have to find the right product for the right audience & you can easily get sales but heads up commission rates on amazon products are really low but it is still a great place to start

You can start instantly, i.e as soon as you sign up as an affiliate you can start promoting but there is a rule

you need to make at least 3 sales in the period of 6 months from your registration, or else your account will be suspended. so consider that

Grooove Funnels

This is one of my favorite affiliate programs, where you don’t need to sell anything.

Groove is an all-in-one business software that offers lots of features for free, just get your target audience to sign up for a free account & whenever they upgrade you’ll make a commission.

Getting people to sign up for groove is pretty easy & from my experience, almost 55% of my referrals have upgraded

so I strongly recommend becoming a groove affiliate to make some really good money as an affiliate

Just to go to this link & sign up & you’ll be approved as a Groove affiliate instantly

Fiverr Affiliate

I’m sure you are familiar with Fiverr if not, it is a freelancing platform where anyone can hire freelancers for particular jobs

When you sign up as an affiliate, all you got to do is find the people looking for freelancers & then you recommend them to Fiverr Services & whenever someone hires a freelancer you’ll get a commission

Honestly, this is pretty easy as people are always in need of something, you can get referrals by adding a search for freelancers widget on your website or embedding particular gigs on your website

I personally recommended it to a lot of affiliate marketing beginners & they have got some success with it, so definitely check it out

Sign Up here to become a Fiverr affiliate

This is another sales funnel builder & the best thing is along with the sales funnel you can also do email marketing, A/B testing & so much more using & it is free

So getting people to sign up for isn’t that difficult & the commissions are great

along with the software, they also have some irresistible offers that you can promote to your audience to make money as an affiliate

Just go to this link & get instant approval as an affiliate

These affiliate programs are perfect for beginners, you can go ahead & do your research to find more

I don’t want to overwhelm you with lots of options & get you confused So this is it, but yes I will be posting a detailed blog post on the best affiliate program for beginners soon

Now let’s move on to the best affiliate marketplaces for beginners

Best Affiliate Marketplaces for Beginners


I’m currently with impact & I love it, getting started is pretty easy & there are lots of brands for you to choose


I’m sure you have seen Clickbank tons of times in many youtube videos on affiliate marketing, tbh it is kinda first place many affiliate beginners start as affiliate marketers, even I started with it

And here is the bonus tip

If you want to start affiliate marketing using Clickbank then I’m gonna share with you a way to can make money on autopilot

I have explained it in full detail here, you can read about it here

Now here I’m gonna share with you how you can get a readymade affiliate website to promote Clickbank products

Here you don’t need a domain, hosting, SEO, etc. all of this will be taken care of for you & can be done by using a software

all you need to do is sign up >> select a website template >> enter your niche/keyword >> enter your ClickBank id >> hit publish

That is it

The system will create a beautiful SEO-optimized affiliate website with content for you, it will regularly be updated & optimized so that it can rank high on google

You can check out the software here

Groove Marketplace

Yes groove is an all-in-one business software but along with that Groove also has its own dedicated groove affiliate marketplace

Here the offers available are from other groove members so not many people have access to it, so that means let’s competition & the commissions are quite good

Currently, I’m promoting one of their beauty product as an affiliate & I’m getting nice commissions so yes, you can check it out

Action Required

Here are the next action steps for you

Books Mentioned

This is it for this article, let me know if you have any queries. I will be happy to help.

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