How To Create Animated Cartoon Stories Using Free AI Tools

How To Create Animate Cartoon Stories Using Free AI Tools

How to Turn Images into Animations Using AI Video Generator

In this tutorial, we will explore how to create Disney-style animated videos using three simple tools.

Let’s dive in and explore how to create Disney-style animated videos step by step.

Creating Disney-Style Animated Videos

Selecting the photographic style

To generate images in the Disney style, it is essential to select the correct photographic style. The Stable Diffusion 1.0 model offers the best image generation style for achieving the desired Disney look.

When using the Stable Diffusion 1.0 model, make sure to choose the photographic style option. This will ensure that the generated images closely resemble the Disney style.

Generating images using Stable Diffusion 1.0

Using the Stable Diffusion 1.0 model, you can generate stunning Disney-style images in just a few seconds.

Once you have selected the photographic style and provided the necessary prompts, simply click on the “Generate” button. The model will process the prompts and generate multiple images with different styles. Take your time to review these images and select the ones you like the most.

Downloading multiple images

After selecting the images you want to use, you can easily download them for further editing and video creation. Each image will have a download option, allowing you to save them to your computer or preferred storage location.

Make sure to download all the images you plan to use in your Disney-style animated video.

Generating Videos with Gen 2

Using Gen 2 software

Once you have downloaded the Disney-style images, it’s time to turn them into videos using Gen 2 software.

This software provides an AI-powered video generation feature, allowing you to transform your images into animated videos. To access this feature, you need to sign up for a free trial of Gen 2. The link for the software will be provided in the description.

Creating videos from downloaded images

After accessing the Gen 2 software, you can upload the downloaded images and convert them into videos.

Simply select the “Text to Video” option and upload your image files. The software will process the images and generate beautiful videos based on the Disney-style images you provided. Once the videos are generated, you can download them for further editing and customization.

Editing Videos with

Using for video editing

Now that you have your Disney-style videos, you can use for editing and customization. is a user-friendly online platform that offers a wide range of video editing tools and features.

You can access’s video editing capabilities by signing up for a Canva Pro free trial. The link for the free trial will be available in the description.

Arranging videos and adding text

Once you have accessed’s or Movavi’s video editing features, you can arrange your Disney-style videos in the desired order. You can drag and drop the videos onto the timeline and arrange them to create a captivating narrative.

Additionally, you can add text to your videos to provide context or enhance the storytelling. offers various customizable text options to make your Disney-style videos even more engaging.

Adjusting parameters

To further enhance your Disney-style videos, allows you to adjust various parameters.

You can fine-tune the color saturation, warmth, and other visual aspects of your videos using’s editing tools. This ensures that your videos match the Disney style and create a visually stunning final product.

Adding Animated Subtitles

Creating animated subtitles with Veed.IO

To make your Disney-style videos more dynamic, you can add animated subtitles. Veed.IO is a tool that allows you to create animated subtitles easily.

Simply copy the text from each scene of your video and paste it into Veed. IO. The tool will generate animated subtitles that can be added to your Disney-style videos. You can customize the appearance and animation of the subtitles to match your video’s theme.

Joining Slides and Creating a Complete Video

Combining slides for a complete video with subtitles

Now that you have your Disney-style videos and animated subtitles, it’s time to combine them to create a complete video. Using, you can arrange the slides in the desired order and synchronize them with the corresponding videos and subtitles.

This step-by-step process ensures that your Disney-style animated video flows smoothly and tells a cohesive story. Take your time to arrange the slides, adjust the timings, and make any necessary edits to create a captivating final video.

Free Trial and Additional Tools

Canva Pro Free Trial

As mentioned earlier, offers a free trial for Canva Pro. By signing up for this free trial, you can access advanced video editing features and create professional-quality videos. The link for the Canva Pro free trial will be available in the description.


In addition to, Movavi is another tool worth exploring for video editing purposes. Movavi offers a range of video editing software, including PC Video Suite 2023 and PC Video Editor Plus 2023. These software options provide advanced editing capabilities and can enhance your experience in creating Disney-style animated videos.


Creating Disney-style animated videos is an exciting and creative process that can be easily achieved with the right tools. By selecting the photographic style, generating images using Stable Diffusion 1.0, and downloading multiple images, you can lay the foundation for your Disney-style videos.

With the help of Gen 2 software, you can turn these images into captivating videos.

Movavi allows you to edit and customize your videos, add text and subtitles, and adjust various parameters for a polished final product.

By following these steps and utilizing additional tools like Veed.IO, you can join all the slides and create a complete Disney-style animated video

Get ready to unleash your creativity and craft stunning Disney-style animated videos that will captivate your audience!

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