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Get Paid To Write Ad Copies

Paid Ads industry is thriving like never before, every other business out there whether they are selling products, services, or even themselves (as a coach, or trainer) they are cashing on paid ads

Youtube ads, Instagram ads, google ads, etc, there is not a single platform that doesn’t have ads now

do you know why?

Because business doesn’t want to miss a single chance to sell their product

If you are watching youtube there are youtube ads if you are scrolling Facebook, and Instagram there are ads, even if you are doing research, or reading an article you have display ads grabbing your attention.

So I guess you can understand how much potential paid ads have

now don’t think I’m asking you to run ads, nope. but I’m telling you to do so something better & that is to write those ads

There are many people out there who want to run & leverage ads, who have the money to spend but not the time/talent to write an ad copy that will give them sales & that is when you’ll come to the rescue

You’ll write them the ad copy that will bring them more sales & you’ll get handsomely paid

and you know something interesting?

If you provide an ad copy to someone & if that ends up getting them enough sales, they’ll not let you go

once you find such type of client, you probably don’t have to look for another client. so isn’t that interesting

In this article, I will tell you how you can write an ad copy that sells whether you know writing or if you suck at writing as well

So keep reading

But before that, if you are new, we have a freelancing series going on where we share the most helpful & easy freelancing jobs that even beginners can do

This is the second freelance idea of this freelancing series, you can read the first freelancing idea here

Ad Copy Writing Freelancing Service

Now as I said the freelancing service that we are talking about is a freelance writing gig i.e writing ad copies

there are two ways to do it

If you are good at writing, do this

Nothing matches the human touch, human experience. If you are good at writing go for it,

you don’t need to be exceptional just decent enough to convey what you mean,& you can use Grammarly to correct your spelling & grammar

as I said if you are decent at writing & if you want you can write ad copies on your own but if you are not good at writing, or if you don’t want to write

If you suck at writing

don’t worry I have a free ai writer software that will help you with it

It will not only provide you just an ad copy but the ad copy will be professional & perfect for impressing your client

when you use an ai writer to create content they will create not only 1 but many pieces of content,

If you are not happy with the content created you can easily create more content

Never Do this mistake while using content ai writer

I have seen many people make this mistake & this is a mistake that will cost you

whenever you use ai content writer, don’t just copy & paste the generated content

Never do this

read the content, check everything written is up to your liking, if possible use 2-3 ai generate content, mix it together to make it better

No matter what ai is just a machine it is always great to read it & modify it (if necessary) before using

My experience using ai writer

I do use ai writer but not for blogging. Honestly, I have tried but unfortunately, I’m never satisfied with the result

I read it & get to modify it & end up writing the whole new thing so no ai for blogging for me.

You can definitely try it for yourself, it works really good but I’m kinda set in my form, so I don’t use it to write a full article

BUT I do use ai writer to write Facebook ad copies, amazon product descriptions, social media posts, etc

How to use Ai writer to generate quality content

The Ai writer that I’m recommending today is Writesonic, it is a free ai writer, it does have certain limitations but for this freelance gig this is enough

Go to this link Writesonic, then click on start for free

then you need to sign up using your email id & password,

Once you are signed, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you have different types of ai content generator options

For this particular writing freelance job, click on digital ads

facebook ad copy using writesonic
Writesonic AI Writer Dashboard

As you can see you can generate ad copy for Facebook, Google, and Linkedin ads

Now select the one you want & input the basic details

Create Facebook ad using writesonic
Create Facebook Ad Copy Using writesonic

As you can see, all you need to do is enter your product/service, enter a detailed description, and highlight if you are targeting a particular occasion or if you have a promotional offer going on.

You can also create a Facebook ad in different languages, just click on the drop-down menu & select the language you want & click on generate Facebook ads

Every time you click on generate, the ai writer will generate 4-5 content pieces,

if you don’t like them just click on generate more

Here are some examples

Writesonic Sign up

Scope for Freelance Ad Writing Job?

Now you know the freelance service I’m talking about, and you also know how to do your freelance writing job, but here is the main question, is it worth it?

Get Paid To Write Facebook Ad

now we are gonna see can you make money writing ads, is there a demand for ads writing jobs & if yes then how much can you charge for writing ads as a freelancer?

As usual, we are gonna do the market research on the best freelance site for beginners i.e Fiverr

Let’s See

Create Facebook Ad – Freelance Writing Job Pricing

As you can see people are charging from $20 to $200 & more & you can see they are getting enough orders to make a pretty decent income

And these prices are just their minimum plan price, there are people charging way more

So are you interested in this particular freelance job?

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