FAQs about Blogging – Blogging Facts Revealed

FAQs about Blogging

Most Commonly Asked Questions about Blogging – Blogging Basics

Here are FAQs about blogging I have come across, Got some of them in my DM & some on Social Media & Forums like Quora

I have replied over there but then I thought let me post a collection of these questions so that many people can get their answers easily in one place.

Here are the question that most blog beginners have, this is a quick post but I’m sure it will make many things clear for you

FAQs About Blogging

Is blogging effective in 2021? Or is it too Saturated??

Yes! Blogging is never out of the market if anything its potential is just gonna go up. Nowadays whether people wanna know stuff or buy something, whether they have a question or they are looking for entertainment. People search for it online thus there is more & more demand for blogs…Quality blogs
If you are providing value if you have content that will help others. Blogging is never saturated for you

How much can you make a month from blogging?

Blogging isn’t a money-making scheme, you can’t just start a blog today & expect to make money from it by the end of the month. Blogging is a serious business, treat it like one. Work hard, invest your time, provide solutions & soon you’ll be able to make money from it.
There isn’t a right number like how much can you make, but if you do it right, there is quite a potential to earn good money

Blogging Requirements?

To start blogging you need a PC/laptop & a good wifi connection, and to start your blog you’ll need a domain & hosting, there are companies that are providing both like Bluehost. Choose a plan that is fine according to your budget, install WordPress, select a theme & start blogging.
If you don’t want to invest money you can create a free blog using WordPress.com, Blogger, or Groove

Do Bloggers make money?

Yes! Blogging is no longer just a hobby, successful bloggers are making around 7 figures. Even I earn enough from my blogs. But again, you need to put in hard work & dedication. Don’t just focus on making money. You provide information that is valuable to others & then they will value you. In return you’ll be making good money from your blog

Getting AdSense Approval is hard?

NO. I’m sure you might have seen people complaining they have tried this many times but Adsense keeps rejecting them, so you might be thinking getting AdSense approval is hard. But it is not.
My regular readers might have observed it for the past 1 month. Google AdSense ads are appearing on my site.
Yes this site just got approved, it got approved within a day
I’m working on a detailed blog post on this topic, as soon I publish it, I will post its link here

As you can see, I haven’t done anything special on this site, I just have content that my readers like, it is user-friendly. If you do the basic setup right & have quality content don’t worry about approval you’ll get it
If you feel your site is perfect, still getting rejected. Let me know the URL, I will check it out & will share what might be the issue.

Is Google AdSense is the only way to make money from blog

Absolutely not, There are endless options for you to monetize your blog. You can do affiliate marketing, membership sites, you can host sponsored posts, you can sell your courses etc.

Can I Do Blogging From My Phone?

You can. I mean it is Possible but it is Not Practical.

Blogging isn’t just typing, you need to do keyword research, you will need graphics, infographics & for that, you need to use websites like Canva. You need to use Google Webmaster tools like Google Search Console, Analytics, etc & doing all this on phone isn’t user friendly
You can use the phone for blogging but don’t do blogging on a phone

I use an app called keep notes on my phone & whenever I get an idea. I save them on my phone. In fact, I have written a 1-2k words blogs on keep notes. so, use your phone for the blog but don’t for full blogging

What are Micro Niche blogs?

Micro niche blogs are the blogs which are targeted. They work on a single niche, their customer avatar is fully targeted. for ex: weight loss for mothers 

Here are some of the commonly asked questions/FAQs about Blogging, there are many more but I felt like it will be too long of a post.

If you have any particular Question feel free to drop them & I will try my best clear the things for you

Here are some important resources that will help you with blogging. If you want me to post on any particular topic do let me know. Until then keep blogging, keep growing & stay home

Important Articles

Important Resources

Web Hosting’s

Free Blogging Platforms

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