Earn $15/Song With Your Spotify Account – Best Side Hustle

Earn $15/Song With Your Spotify Account - Best Side Hustle

Turn Spotify Account Into Money Making Money

Do you love listening to music? Do you have a Spotify account?

If yes! then here is an amazing side hustle to make money with a Spotify account.

This is really easy, simple & fun way to make money with Spotify.

Here is what you have to do to

Make Money With Spotify Account – Get Paid To Listen to Music


Before we move ahead, here is what you need to start this side hustle.

First, you need to have an active Spotify account with an engaging playlist and you need to have at least 1000 followers.

If you meet this requirement…then making money with shopify is a piece of cake for you

How Does It Work

Here you have to go to this website and sign up as a curator…then you have to fill up a form with the basic requirements.

Once you go through the application process and you are accepted…

Then you’ll be presented with new songs…this could be by individual/unsigned artists or upcoming artists.

All you have to do is…listen to the song and review it.

Make sure your review is genuine and detailed…and for every song you review you’ll earn $15…isn’t that great?

You are practically getting paid to listen to music…so, if you have a Spotify account…go ahead and sign up here

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