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How To Create No/Low Content KDP Interior Using Canva – Latest Update

Recently I posted an article on KDP & I’m happy that it really inspired many of you to try KDP Business

KDP Update – No More Free ISBN for No/Low Content Books

Lots of important stuff about KDP is coming up so make sure you keep an eye on this blog

Anyway, this is a spontaneous article, just a small but really helpful update for KDP publishers

which I’m sure will make a lot of KDP NO/Low book creators quite happy

so let’s start

Designing KDP Interior On Canva – Problem & Solution

Most if not all KDP No/Low content book creators prefer Canva to design their book

Whether it is designing a KDP book cover or KDP interior, canva is the easiest possible solution BUT we had a small hiccup & that is until recently we were only allowed to create at most 100 pages on Canva

That means regardless of whether your book is a KDP no/low content book or even eBooks you were allowed to create up to 100 pages on Canva which was a problem for no/low content book creators

because the most popular KDP notebook size is usually 6×9 & almost all best selling notebooks on KDP have 120 pages

due to which we had to create two separate PDFs (KDP Interior) of 100 pages & 20 Pages & then merge them together using free pdf merger online

Although It wasn’t such a big problem but it was a problem &due to this many people did upload their books with just 100 pages & most of them never got any sales

But you don’t need to worry anymore – Canva’s new Feature

Canva has released a new feature & that is now Canva allows you to create up to 150 pages at once

whether you have a free account or a Canva Pro account you can create up to 150 pages which is more than enough for us

Get Canva Pro for Free

So let me know how many of you are happy with this & how many of you don’t care at all

Anyway as you know our freelanicng series is live & I’m working on a new blog post

Best Freelancing Gigs To Make Money As A Beginner – Freelancing Series

I’m really excited to share this freelancing service with you, also I’ll sharing with you email swipes which you can use to get more orders

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